February 21, 2017

My Daughter and My Choco Fudge Brownies

For the past few months, I've been experimenting with my baked cakes and pastries as I wanted to offer more new things to my existing clients, majority of my customers are students and young professionals who used to buy these pastries to be given as gifts to their friends and loved ones.  it is for this reason that I'm always keen to develop more products and add some personal touches to make it different from the rest.

A lot of my daughter's friends love brownies and young people usually love anything sweet, so make my brownies appear to be more exciting, I have incorporated more designs to make these more appealing.

Here are samples of what I have baked just few days ago and they all loved these.

My daughter's friends were also at the house to do some shoots and I have prepared extra brownies for them, as well. My daughter has been doing a great job doing video editing tasks and I am just so proud of her.  She doesn't have a complete set of equipment yet and is urging me to buy one but since it comes with a hefty price, I told her to wait for a while until my major projects had been completed and we're not hard with the finances.  I also wanted her to have a nord lead, as music is also one of her passions.  As a Mom, I've always wanted to support my kids in whatever things they want to pursue.  After all, we only wanted the best for our children.  Same thing is true for my daughter, she's one of my best critics when it comes to baking and supports my passion, too.  Next to brownies, I'll be moving to cookies. 

Wish me luck. :)

December 6, 2016

Holiday Gifts

It's few weeks more before Christmas, and to avoid the Christmas rush preparing for holiday gifts as early as now is a must.  I have thought of this some few days back and since I am the person who loves baking and cooking, I have thought of giving foods as gifts.  I might be giving cakes, cup cakes, cakes in a jar, breads and cookies for friends and relatives and for my immediate family, I would buy something else.  Maybe something related to their passion.  You see, they get to taste my sweets and dishes regularly, so giving the same to them won't be a great surprise anymore. Here are some examples of the baked goods I could give as holiday gifts.

But for the others who love to buy quality gifts conveniently at reasonable prices, they could also shop online. One good site that I know is musician and friends, that is if you have friends who are into music.  I'm sure they will be delighted receiving musical instruments and accessories from this online shop. If not, they could visit a lot of online shops for other consumer goods like electronics, fashion, jewelry and other kinds of stuff. It is more convenient than to fall in line on physical stores.

It is better to shop early to avoid the rush and to ensure that your goods will be delivered just in time for the holidays. 

November 1, 2016

Birthday Theme

My daughter will soon be celebrating her birthday and we are thinking of having a pajama theme party on that day, just an intimate one with only her closest friends.  Needless to say, it would be an all girls night. We have never done this kind of celebration before and being a family who loves surprises, I would definitely love to have a simple but a very meaningful celebration for her.  She had actually hinted me that she wants to have an overnight party with her selected friends.  After hearing that, the idea of a pajama theme party which I had been long wanting to do suddenly came out from my mind.  Then I am thinking of how are we going to do this just in case, we really want to push through with the idea. Having loud music is definitely a NO, even using brass and woodwind instruments.   So, I am thinking that probably, having parlor games and a movie night with all those popcorn and pica pica will surely be a great idea. That will be loads of fun, I guess. 

Can't actually wait to conceptualize the whole thing.  I'm sure my daughter is going to be really happy  on her forthcoming birthday.

October 30, 2016

Thoughts on Being A Work At Home Mom

Geezz... it's been 3 years now since I've decided to leave the rat race and be a work at home mom. I was in the corporate world for almost 20 years and during those years, I have experienced both the best and the worst, being in the corporate world.  You get to meet a lot of people, make so many friends, experience the fun, the thrill and the challenges of competition, discovering your strength as well as your weaknesses, experiencing office politics and overcoming them, getting promoted, getting an increase, receiving bonuses...to name a few.  Needless to say, my corporate life has been so colorful.  I may have both ups and downs, but in the end, there's no regrets.  I was able to provide well for the family, helping my husband earn enough to give our kids a decent and comfortable life. well, that's certainly a blessing.  However, I would not deny that experiencing freelance works for the past 3 years had enabled me to do everything that I want, my hobbies...my passions and everything that I haven't done regularly for the past 20 years just because I'm committed to my work and profession.  I must say, I couldn't be happier experiencing both worlds.  I think I have just made a perfect decision to leave corporate world long before my retirement age as this has enabled me to do things that I love to do while I'm still physically capable of.

Doing things that I love and at the same time earn extra to support my passion is such a blessing.  I do get financial support from my husband and son who are both working abroad which I spend for the house's monthly expenses, including maintenance and for the school expenses of my daughter, so what I earn  from my freelance jobs is technically mine. :)  This means that I have something extra to spend for my hobbies, my leisure activities and a little bit more for savings.  Well and good...right?

Working at home also helps me have a variation from my regular routine doing the household chores and keeps me sane (kidding).  On a final note, I would say that the best part of being a WAHM is being able to spend time with my daughter, to look after her...guiding her, and preparing her to become a more responsible young lady.  It's pretty obvious that now a days, temptations are great. Girls her age need to be guided perfectly to ensure their safety and safeguard their well being.   

 Ahh...the many perks of being a stay at home mom...

October 28, 2016

Korean Restaurant At Subic

My son and I love to eat Korean foods and we are glad that there are a number of Korean restaurants around Subic Bay.  My son used to work in an English school catering to Korean students, so from there he has developed a love for Korean dishes.  He had that opportunity to explore and dine out with his Korean students and friends and he seemed to be enjoying it.  Those who didn’t have a place to stay found that it wasn’t a problem too, as there are so many budget-friendly hotels in Subic. As for me, I began my love for Korean dishes when I started to work abroad and got the chance to taste different South East Asian cuisines.  I would say that my son and I had a lot in common when it comes to foods.  We both love spicy foods and we cannot eat well without a variety of dips and spices around our table.

There was this Korean restaurant inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone which my son used to go together with his Korean friends and he brought me there one day. It was near to Harbor Point and despite the fact that the place is plain and simple, it is cozy and inviting.  We actually ordered two kinds of meat viands and I was surprised that these came with a number of side dishes and a soup, plenty enough to fill the entire table.  My daughter Mika was with us and she really enjoyed grilling her own food.  It was such a nice experience for all of us and as expected, I couldn’t stop them from taking photos one after another.  The rice they served to us was not a part of the package, this was charged extra and a bit pricey too, but the taste is really good and it seemed to be really different from the usual servings of rice from other restaurants. Drinks were also not a part of the package, so you need to pay extra for this. Nonetheless, this was still a great experience and I was very pleased that we could also ask for refill of the side dishes.

Now, let’s go to the other aspects of the restaurant like the service and the price of the foods. The service was considered good as the food servers were attentive, very friendly and were checking on our needs from time to time. Our orders were served reasonably on time and even faster than we really expected.

I think, it would be an added factor if they could have some instrumental music playing on the background, soft enough to still let the customers engage in a conversation. As regards to the price of the foods, I guess these are priced reasonably and within the standard range.  Meat viands are charged from 300 to 700 per order depending on the kind of meat you want.  This comes with all the side dishes like kimchi, salads, soups, appetizers, green veggies and a number of dips and sauces.  The sour soup tasted heavenly and was an instant favorite.

This Korean Restaurant is located just across Harbor Point Ayala Mall.  You wouldn’t expect a lot when you look at it from the outside but the moment you enter the place, you will be surprised. It’s simple but looks clean and nice.  The restaurant’s name was written in Korean so it’s very hard for me to mention it here but this is very easy to find as this is the nearest Korean restaurant to Harbor Point Ayala Mall.

Trying different restaurants around Subic has always been our favorite bonding experience aside from spending time on those wonderful beaches around the area .  You may want to check Lonely Planet if you wish to go for the same fun and adventure. We don’t always have the time to go out together as we are all busy within the weekdays and sometimes tight schedule would even extend until the weekend so having had the opportunity to go for a food adventure like this has always been special for all of us.  We had done the same thing during our trips abroad and it has always been a nice and memorable experience.

My family is also considering to explore other nearby cities and provinces and I guess each destination has it’s own stories to tell when it comes to foods.  I am looking forward for more food trips and adventures with my family and I hope that we could do it more often.



September 26, 2016

BER months are here!

Since beginning of September, I can't help but to think of how are we going to celebrate Christmas. It's only me and my daughter now so celebrating the season in a joyful manner with just the two of us will not be that easy.  I'm thinking of buying some new Christmas CD's or just download if we can find some online.  I think if we always hear Christmas songs every morning while doing household chores will be a big help to feel the Christmas spirit.  My daughter knows how to play guitar but her guitar is no longer in good condition now and in as much as she wanted to have allparts from guitar center, that would be next to impossible now.  So the best option really is to buy new CD's.  I never really had the chance to spend Christmas in a good way last year since we are very busy with the home renovation projects which were not completed in time for Christmas.  We did not even afford to have much decors as it was a bit messy around the yard and garage until 24th of December. This time around, I hope I could put up some decors at least and make some plans 2 months before Christmas time. I  am certain that if everything falls back into place, I would be able to experience Christmas the way I wanted it. :)

Good luck to me!

September 25, 2016

Goodbye Dodie!

We have finally decided to release Dodie, our half GS, half ASPIN pet, he is already 1 and a half years old and the daughter of our oldest dog Luca.  We have decided to gave her for adoption due to a number of reasons. First, we can no longer look after her as we still have other 3 dogs in the house.  Our Shih-Tzu dog Marcus needed a full attention because he is sick, he got skin infection that occurs from time to time. It is very costly and very time consuming to look after him, so definitely we could not release him to anyone for adoption as only us who took care of him since birth will be the one to understand his needs.  Our other dog Luca, is the oldest dog in the house and releasing her for adoption wouldn't be fair for her, since she had served us well. The last one, Alonzo is a pure breed Golden Retriever and my youngest adores him so much due to his sweetness and playful ways.  I also couldn't afford to lose him somehow because he is the biggest dog in the house and our supposedly "protector".  The only choice left for us is to release Dodie because she is the newest and he is not a high maintenance dog since she is half ASPIN. Besides, he could eat anything and she is not so attached to the people in the house.  Also, we had been neglecting her as we couldn't really find enough time for everyone.  So we have decided to post her picture for possible adoption.  We were surprised with the overwhelming response.  Too many dog lovers wanted to adopt him, we got a number of queries but we have given her to the first caller who happened to be my tenant in the rental property.  They are just a couple and a kid so I thought that she would be taken care of by her new "parents" who happened to be dog lovers, as well. So we bid goodbye to Dodie about two weeks ago.

My daughter in a way felt sad with her sudden departure but our consolation was that we knew that she is now properly taken care of by her new "parents".  I was sent few photos of her in her new home by the new owner and they made sure she is well and fine. We did this for her own good and we are very happy for her.

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