April 21, 2015

Crafts And Styles

We just recently launched our new business and just like the other one (cup cakes) that we've started over a year ago, this came out as a result of a passion for designing. Our event styling business which we named Crafts and Styles is our newest baby  One thing good about this business is that we don't really feel like working as doing craft projects has already been a passion for the whole family.  I am just so happy that my son and daughter both inherited my love for crafts and decors.  In fact, they are now much into DIY projects especially on their own respective bedrooms.

Our passion for arts and crafts enabled us to save a lot in styling the recently concluded debut party of my daughter Mika.  Instead of hiring an outside designer, we did it ourselves and the result is very satisfying.  We did not only win the admiration of our visitors but we were able to come up with a unique party theme idea that we conceptualized on our own and the result is so fulfilling!

Projects have been coming one after the other and there are times we need to say no because we are still half hearted whether we need to continue or not.  There are some personal reasons which unfortunately cannot be divulged yet at the moment that's why we are a bit hesitant to accept all possible projects coming in.

The last party we've styled was a big success basing from the feedback we've received from our client.  Aside from the complete set up and decors of the venue, we also provided the entertainment part as we brought along a clown who has provided hosting and a little magic show.  A complete sound system was also set up to the delight of the visitors.  I guess, we should start completing our equipment and to order one must be the first option.  A good sound system for a party is a must and we have to rely on the companies selling the best musical instruments and sound system.

It's always a pleasure to do something that you love and also earn on the process, this way you are not only productive but super productive plus the fun and fulfillment that you are experiencing each time you complete a successful event is worth remembering. :)  

April 16, 2015

The Many Joys of Having Pets At Home

If you are a pet lover, then I'm pretty sure that just like me, you've already discovered the many benefits of being a pet owner.  Actually, my love for dogs happened as a result of an influence from my kids who are certified dog lovers, and because they are my kids and I love them, I adjusted myself to a life of having pets at home.  In our home, the number of dogs outshined the humans.  Currently, we are only three at home as hubby currently stays overseas due to his work and we have now a total of 5 dogs including a new born puppy.

The sight of my dog with his body wiggling with happiness every time he sees me always brings smile to my face no matter how difficult a day may seem.  The fact that they give me a company when my kids aren't home is really a big relief. :)

We maybe aware of a number of illnesses that can be brought to us by emotional and mental stress and the fact that pets, dogs in particular are a great stress reliever can already give you a clue that having pets at home has a health benefit, too.

Not only that, having dogs at home also gives you that sense of security as they are known to be a good "watcher" in the house, just like our shih-tzu'z who are not only adorable but always keep us awake whenever a stranger keeps walking in front of the house anytime of the day.

The list of benefits will definitely go on and on and I am just happy that I've learned to love our pet dogs through the help and influence of my kids and I guess, I will continue to love them more! :)

April 6, 2015

Mika's Storage Bench

When my daughter Mika asked me if she can have a "little make over" in her bedroom, I rightfully said yes.  Why not?  She's a darling and she just turned 18 and so, I guess she deserved a fresh start.  I could relate to her as I was like that as well when I was about her age.  I always wanted to decorate my bedroom even with just simple and inexpensive things.  I am the youngest in a family of six but I was never a spoiled brat.  I couldn't get what I want in an instant! Having said that, I get easily contented with simple and basic things.  I knew that my Mom would not spend a fortune buying me stuff in my room.

This is precisely the reason why I want it to be different with my only daughter.  If I could afford it and it's not really expensive, I would rather buy things for her especially if I knew that it would serve her well.  When she showed me the design of the storage bench that she would like for her room, I agreed right away.  I find it nice and cute and not only that, it's functional too, so I said, why not?

The storage bench comes with 3 drawers and every size is uniform.  It's equipped with drawer slides which even made these drawers user friendly.  Mika has more rooms now for her stuff.  Not only that, she also requested to have shelves over her corner table and the color combination of everything in her room matches accordingly.

It's really nice to work on the design for your own room and I would always see my daughter surfing online for more unique designs and decors.  I love the fact that she is now deciding for herself and showing a great deal of creativity and love for arts.

I am equally excited to see the final outcome of her room. :)

March 31, 2015

Our New Buddy

Oh yes, you've heard it right!  We just acquired a new pet at home and we named him Alonzo Nicolo. He is a pure breed Golden Retriever and we've purchased him form a dog breeder in our city. We actually saw the ads on FB and since my son's ultimate dream is to own a Golden Retriever, he persuaded me to buy Alonzo, but of course since this dog is a pure breed, it's also quite expensive so what we have done is to chip in (lol).  Hubby, my son and me chip in to complete the amount needed to purchase this Golden Retriever. On the second thought, I think it's also timely for us to own a large breed of dog since our 3 dogs at home are so cute and small, one being a pure breed shih-tzu, the other a cross breed of Shih-tzu and Japanese Spitz and the last one, a native dog but also half breed.  I must admit, we need a dog who's big and strong to watch over the house, as we find it not so safe now a days as we've been hearing some theft issues in the neighborhood. 


I guess, my son was right when he mentioned to me before that Golden Retrievers are so warm and pleasant and they love to get attention every time.  My son's love for a Golden Retriever initially started when he was teaching Korea students in an English Academy. The school owner owns a Golden Retriever and this dog usually visits my son's classroom from the back and usually peeps on the window.  

Alonzo is just 3 months old now but he's already big and heavy.  I wonder how would it be when he turns one, maybe he will grow even bigger.  As expected, he's doing all those crazy things at home like all puppies do and I would admit that this sometimes irritates me.  My kids though always remind me that this "playfullness" of Alonzo will soon vanish as he grows older.

Well, I hope that Alonzo will be here to stay as we are beginning to love him despite of his being naughty and playful.

Ohh...dogs are really man's best friend!

March 5, 2015

Mika's 18 Frames

During her recently concluded debut party, me, my son and the celebrant herself came up with an idea on what would be the 18's in her debut program. Obviously, we do like to get away from the traditional way of holding debut parties...you know the kind of parties which require wearing formal attires for the guest and the traditional 18's like 18 roses, 18 candles and 18 treasures.  We just want something different, something special and something unforgettable.   This is the reason why we came up with requiring the guests to wear white slippers and shorts for the boys and white beach dress for the girls.  Even the invitation was made in such a manner that would create excitement among the guests.  Imagine getting one from a pair of white slipper inside the invitation bag? That's definitely cool!

So what we had instead during her debut were 18 dances, 18 frames and 18 keepsakes.

What most of the guests loved is the 18 frames.  I remembered my nephew and his wife commenting that this 18 frames is really cute and nice and very unique too.  They said that they had never attended a debut party with 18 frames before and this is their first time to learn about this concept.  They even asked me to explain the concept behind it.  Actually this is how it goes....

Mika had chosen 18 from her friends who would be assigned on her 18 frames.  They were requested to submit to my son the digital copy of a photo of Mika with them  which they consider very memorable to them (of course, Mika didn't have any idea about the photo).  Then on the day of the party, her friends will bring the framed printed copy of the photograph they have personally chosen to be given to Mika.

On the night of the party, we had shown an introductory video to her 18 frames, after which, each of the friends who brought the framed photograph were asked to come up on stage and say something about the photo, specifically on why they have chosen the photo to be the most memorable for them. 
Thereafter, the framed photo will be handed to Mika and put on display on the stage.

Now Mika will have lots of frames to be hung on her bedroom wall.  Just in time since she just had given her room a make over.

Here are her 18 frames:

February 9, 2015

Marcus Turns Two!

Our little Marcus just turned two last January 23 and we are indeed very grateful that he's been a part of the family for two years now.  We don't actually treat him like a pet, we treat him like a real member of the family.  He is very sweet, loving and adorable puppy and I am just so happy to spend daily afternoons with him when I'm done with the household chores and just curling myself up in bed watching my favorite TV program.  When I'm in room, he stays in the room...when I'm in the dining area, he stays there with me too.  No doubt he's a great everyday companion!

Because I treat him like my own child, I used to feed him with what suits him best.  he got a snack time with me too, that is why I buy a lot of cookies whenever I do grocery shopping as he loves to eat cookies a lot.

Last January 23, my daughter and I decided to bring Marcus for a walk to make his birthday extra special for him as his typical day would just be inside the house or just a short break around the yard. We could see that he was very amazed to see the so called "outside world"...hehe

We brought him to Boardwalk inside SBMA and this reminds me so much of the old times when my kids were still very in their elementary days.  We used to go there during my day off, just walking around, watching the sea and having snack or dinner in one of the restaurants around the area.  Now, we opted to let Marcus had the same experience.  He runs a lot and never wants us to be out of his sight.  

He had a great time running, jumping and walking around Boardwalk.

Afterwards, we had a simple dinner at Gilligans restaurant which is situated few blocks away from Boardwalk.  Of course, Marcus got his own share of the foods (lol) but as usual, he really never get the appetite when he is away from home.

We went home shortly after dinner and we were so happy that we were able to celebrate Marcus second birthday.  We just wish him to stay with us forever...

January 22, 2015

Few Things I would Like to Do In 2015

There are actually tons of things which I would like to do and accomplish in 2015 but I have chosen to write the more important ones or what I considered as my priorities right now.

Let's go through the list:

1.)  Daily Positive Affirmations - Just recently, I was able to download an audio book of positive affirmations.  It runs for about 10 minutes.  I've just started listening to it and I knew that if it would be a habit to listen to positive affirmations daily before you begin your day, it will do a lot to let you stay energized and positive the whole day.

2.)  Do Yoga More - I've started doing yoga with my daughter Mika late last year but wasn't able to complete the challenge successfully due to time constraint. I am prioritizing the household tasks that's why my yoga activity was taken into back seat.  I think I need to change my sleeping pattern so I could start my day early and do the yoga first thing in the morning.  I also need to have a yoga mat so things would be easier for me.

3.)  Bake More -  I'm already into baking and in fact, we are already doing this as a business.  We had catered to a number  of clients last year and we are able to come up with nice designs for our cup cakes.  Unfortunately, we slow down a bit middle of the year due to a number of reasons and circumstances where we have to shift our priority first.  But it doesn't mean that I've changed my mind.  As a matter of fact, I would like to come back with vengeance (lol).

4.)  Explore My Kitchen More -  Lately, I've been collecting books about pickling, foods in a jar, vegan soups, salads, pastas and other recipes and food preparations which would make my life in the kitchen easier and more exciting.  It would also help me somehow to save on the most important item in my budget list....foods and grocery.

5.)  Do Gardening More  -  Aside from cooking and baking, the next thing that I love to do is to tender the garden.  I have a small pocket garden at home and I get delighted every time I work on it. I love nature so much that I would always love to incorporate an element of nature even in my home decors.  I also would love to have an herb garden, a plan that is always being postponed every year.  Hopefully not this year. :)

6.)  Have additional investments, if possible - I am thinking of having additional investment.  I stopped working early, so I am keen on adding up to my savings to have enough for my retirement years.  Since I don't have fixed income now working from home, I have to find ways to make my money grow.

7.)  Pursue some "little projects" in the house -  Even some people and family members are already saying that I have a nice and well maintained home, we are still planning to push through with some of our plans for home improvement.  Not actually a big thing but just small projects that would enhance safety and security at home.

9.)  Manage My Time More Effectively  -  Since I am now the one doing most of the household chores at home, I am now having some difficulty balancing my time between managing our home and blogging.  I would admit having fewer posts last year.  My earnings also decline by 60% in 2014 compared to my earnings in 2013.  This is probably because most sites were slapped by Mr. G, mine included. But it's not totally a bad year after all.  I just want to be back and focus in writing more posts for this year.

10.)  Learn To Forgive and Forget  -  Admittedly, I have so much emotional baggage kept in my heart and in order for me to move on and lead a happy life, I need to accept what cannot be changed and learn to focus in the future rather than the past.

That's it!  I'm finally done writing down the things I wish to do this year.  I'm not really sure if all of the things in the list will be done successfully, but at least I still have a goal and this will surely motivate me to work harder and with much enthusiasm.

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