January 21, 2016

Musical Plays

If there's one thing that I truly miss at the moment...that is watching a musical play or a live concert. I used to do this when I was in college. The Metropolitan Theater was just a few blocks away from our campus and tickets for musical plays were always available at the school.  I have a great fascination for the arts.  Although, I was never an actor or a musician, I used to write scripts and direct for school plays and that is something that I truly enjoyed.  During those years, musical instruments and equipment were not that sophisticated but we were still able to come up with a good show.  I am wondering how plays were being done now a days.  With the presence of sophisticated technology, I'm sure they could come up with far better musical plays than before.  Even live concerts now are such a joy to watch.  Using state of the art technology gives them an edge coming up with a great show. There are lots of great musical instruments and equipment that you can purchase now even online and some great deals are even available for the regular buyers such as rane mixer, amps and effects, keyboards, electric guitars, drums, lighting accessories and everything that could give you a great sound system.

I hope I would be able to watch musical plays again very soon.  I should be adding this to my bucket list for this year. :) 

December 26, 2015

My Very Special Pet

We are a family who loves dogs.  It was a long journey before I finally agreed to have a shih-tzu pet inside the house.  My kids knew for a fact that I love to stay in a clean, neat and organized home and at first, I was thinking that this is not possible to achieve having a pet dog inside the house.  They promised to look after him and that they won't let the house gets messy because of him, but still I was reluctant.  My daughter was begging to have one actually.  This was her dream.  Because I love her, I finally agreed on one condition.... that she will keep the promise of not letting the house becomes messy.

Those were the days, now this shih-tzu became my own baby.  I love him a lot and I am personally taking care of him.  I couldn't explain everything he does for me in this post but one thing is for sure, I adore him and he is my stress reliever.  There are numerous times that I have proven this to myself. I am very easy to get annoyed and irritated but every time I see him staring at me as if telling me to cheer up, I would instantly go back to my cheerful state and would later find out that I am already playing with him.

This doll gives me company when I'm alone in the house and entertains me with all his sweet little gestures.  Pets are gifts from above.  I believe they were created by God to let us feel unconditional love. 

I remember my daughter always telling me... "Mom, you can always buy a dog but you can never buy the wag of it's tail".

What's New This Christmas?

We celebrate Christmas almost the same way every year. Exchanging of gifts on Christmas Eve, eating a simple and yet special dishes that we prepare for our Noche Buena, attending mass, receiving relatives at home, giving cash gift to kids and of course, watching movie right on Christmas Day followed by a simple dinner in a restaurant of our choice.  This has been a routine every year. However this time around, there is something new and that is celebrating the holidays with hubby. He wasn't home at Christmas every year because of his job overseas and this is the only time that we are able to be with him on most occasions including our wedding anniversary which happens to be on December as well.

Excited as he was, he was very busy preparing his gifts for the traditional exchange gifts at home and it was really fun especially when we revealed to him hat he needs to buy some gifts for our pets.

He also prepared a simple dinner all by himself.  He doesn't want us to assist him actually, he said it would be his pleasure to do this for us.

Overall, it was really fun to have him around.  My daughter Mika was laughing non stop.  Too sad that our son Edmar wasn't able to celebrate with us as he is currently out of the country but we are all looking forward to see him in flesh very soon.

Aside from the fact that we are very happy with all our construction projects going on right now for the home improvement, what makes us happier is the fact that we had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with him. Such is in itself...a gift.

Merry Christmas!

December 17, 2015

Neighborhood Noise

Dealing with noise in the neighborhood seems to be alarming especially for people like me who works at home.  Aside from occasional writing tasks, I also have online classes at night and it is during this time of the day that neighbors are having parties at home, thus the noise.  Just the other day, one of the neighbors had their office Christmas party held at their house and as expected, they use a sound system with all those speakers and amplifiers.  Aside from that, they hired a party host who uses shotgun mics and as a result, the entire neighborhood is super noisy.  I'm having online classes at that time and I canceled all my classes as I find it to be not conducive to learning.  As a result, I lost my income for that day.

Well, I couldn't do anything but to bear with the situation.  I am not sure whether there is a law that prohibits company parties to be held at residential areas so I just have to live with it.  It seems that my neighbors love to hold parties at home.  I remembered the same neighbor to have held her daughter's debut party at home too.  Well, I didn't give them the same problem as my daughter's 18th birthday party was held in a hotel.  That was my personal choice though and we couldn't expect everyone to do the same.  Nonetheless, dealing with neighborhood noise is a common problem now a days, I remembered seeing a post on FB of one person complaining about the excessive use of videoke in their neighborhood almost everyday.  Luckily that I don't have to face the same problem daily. Hopefully, these issues can be resolved amicably to avoid further complications.

Have you experienced the same too?


November 16, 2015

Shirts For Marcus

I just recently purchased a new portable sewing machine and I intend to use it for my craft projects. My daughter Mika also long wanted for me to buy one as she is another person who loves crafts. Blame it to the genes! :)

My first project were shirts for our furry baby, Marcus.  I am actually new to sewing.  This is one thing that I dream to be good at but since I am so busy working over the years, this was just put aside. Now, that I finally stopped working, I think it is high time for me to start doing what I love to do, so the sudden impulse to buy a sewing machine happened this month of November.

Here are the new shirts I've sewn for my baby Marcus:

And here is my model (lol):

I am planning to saw few pieces more and that includes his shirt for Christmas. Also, I bought  burlap material for some arts and crafts projects at home.

Wish me luck!

November 14, 2015

October 2015 Summing Up

The month of October has ended up really quite well.  There was no major event but every occasion was celebrated in the simplest manner possible.  We commemorated the first death anniversary of my brother and mother who passed away last year.  There was no grand reunion, just a simple mass offered for their souls, sincere prayers and just a simple dinner.  My daughter Mika and I went to the Memorial Park to visit their tomb, offered prayers and flowers and lighted up some candles.  A simple dinner in a restaurant followed afterwards.

Four days after Mom's first death anniversary, my first born Edmar celebrated his birthday in China for the the very first time.  This was his first time to celebrate away from home but I'm so glad that he had a nice celebration with his new found friends at work.  They had an "ëat all you can" dinner at one of their favorite restos and he was surprised by his friends with a birthday cake.  I guess, he really had fun that night.

A week after my son's birthday, their Boss announced the creation of 2 new managerial positions for the company and encouraged those who think that they are qualified for the positions to apply.  My son sought my advise and I said, yes you have to try, you have to believe in yourself and in your capabilities.  So he did submit his application for the Planning and Development manager position. Guess what? After few days he received a message from the Boss and he was asked to conceptualize a halloween celebration at one of their affiliated schools.  It turned out that this task which was assigned to him would be a strong basis for the confirmation of his promotion.  He had a nice concept and the management like it, however, they want to see how best he could execute the concept submitted.  Well, the event turned out to be a huge success, in fact it was televised in China.

Back home, we did not go out on the day of the Halloween as we are busy preparing for All Saint's Day.  My daughter Mika went to Memorial Park to clean and paint the gravestone of Mom and Dad. On the same day, I went to the market to buy some fresh flowers and food items to brought to the memorial Park the following day.

Our month of October ended up well and with high hopes that everything will turn out good for the days to come as we anticipate brighter and bigger things to happen in November.

October 28, 2015

Preparing For A Stress Free Holiday

We are already on the last week of October and probably before we knew it, we are already celebrating the holiday season.  But there's one thing that we ought to do if we want to ensure a stress free holiday and that is plan....plan....plan.  Yes, there's no better way to celebrate the holidays but to have proper planning and of course, a ton of preparations.  Stress always comes to us when we rush on things and this is exactly what I hate.  I hate cramming even when I was still a student. More often than not, it always leads to unsuccessful events, if not disaster.  So how do I prepare for a stress free holidays?  Here are the ways:
  1. Beginning of this year, I've already started to set aside new bills that I've received as change from supermarkets and shops.  Next, I've already bought some red packets and put specific amount for each envelope to be given to those boys and girls (my relatives) who constantly visit me and the family during Christmas day.  This way, I wouldn't feel the "pain" in my pocket come Christmas Day. :)
  2. I do visit my favorite online shops every now and then and started to browse on their gift items on sale which could be the probable gifts to my son, daughter and hubby during our traditional exchange of gifts on Christmas eve.  The items I choose were placed on my "wish list" under my online account.  Then, I would do another round of browsing during one of my free time and after I finalized my decision on what I really want to give, then I will start to order these items one at a time.  This saved me a lot of time and I could very well plan my budget for each gift.
  3. I'm starting to add more materials on my "craft box" which I would be using to wrap my gifts. Wrappers, boxes and ribbons of various colors and sizes are beginning to fill my box.
  4. For extended family members, I plan to give some personalized home made goodies direct from my kitchen and as early as this month, I've started to try new recipes and collect the required ingredients little by little.  I've also started to prepare the boxes/containers for these home made goodies which I plan to adorn with cute ribbons and personalized messages.
  5. I'm not really into buying personal stuff for myself like clothes, shoes and fashion accessories as I think that I had enough of these things in my closet. Besides, hubby used to bring back some personal stuff for me as "pasalubong", so I guess, that would already be good for me.
  6. I bought a cute sewing machine which I plan to use for my arts and crafts projects and most of the initial projects would be something to decorate the house for the holiday season.
  7. This month also, I've encouraged my daughter to help me do the "clean up operation" around the house and at the yard.  We've already repainted some garden accessories and hired someone to trim all the plants and get rid of the grasses.
  8. I've already talked to our carpenter and handyman for the possible projects that we are planning to do starting next month, asked for the list of materials and started to canvass the prices so I could start preparing the budget.
  9. I've already set aside some amount in the envelope for Christmas carolers (adult and kids) and also for the community garbage collectors.
So far, that's all for the meantime but I maybe adding some more on this list.  If you notice, all the preparations I've made will spare me from spending "one time big time" during the holidays and it won't make me feel the pain in my pocket. 

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