April 9, 2014

How Can I Get the Most Money When I Sell My Car?

People often ask, “I want to sell my car in Florida, but how can I make sure I get the most money possible?” In this article, we’ll cover some of the ways you can increase the asking price for your car so that people will be happy to pay for it.

Finding the Right Price

The first thing you need to do is find out what your car is reasonably worth. Consider its condition, including how many miles are on the odometer, how recently you’ve had any work done on it, and if there is rust or denting on the body. One way to put a number to it is to look online at the Kelly Blue Book site, which is one of the most credible and popular methods of valuating your vehicle. You might be tempted to upgrade the condition of your car once you see how much more you could ask for a vehicle in excellent condition rather than something in fair or poor condition, but resist the temptation. Be honest with yourself or get an objective third party to rate what condition they consider your car to be in. If you try to ask too much, you’ll have a difficult time selling; you could also end up getting someone angry enough with you for the deception to come after you legally.

It’s All in the Presentation

You wouldn’t pay top dollar for a house that looked messy and trashed, so spend some time thoroughly cleaning the car. Even if it’s only in fair condition, a clean car will sell faster – and more likely it will sell at the top end of your blue book value. Remove trash, vacuum everywhere, and clean and polish the interior so it shines. Do the same for the outside, sanding away rust spots and retouching the paint as necessary. You can also hose down the engine and use a scrub brush to rub away dirt and grime.

Advertise in the Right Places

Now it’s time to get the word out. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to sell a car; it seems someone’s nephew or cousin or brother is always on the lookout for a vehicle they can afford. You can also place a sale sign in the window, making sure that the lettering is clear and legible (be sure to include an asking price. Most people won’t take the time to call you if they think you expect them to make the first offer). You also have the option of advertising in free online classifieds, both locally and nationally. If you have a great car to sell that is a classic or has very desirable features, you can find niche sites that will be thrilled to list your car for their customers, either for free or at a nominal price. And finally, if you have a junker that doesn’t run and that no one wants, there are always the used part lots that will buy it from you. There’s no excuse for you now when you wonder, “How can I sell my car in Florida?” You’ve got the information you need and you can start working on getting the best payout possible.

March 23, 2014

Dog Bed

I wanted to make a bed for our pet shih-tzu.  He's our little darling and he deserves something better than lying on a piece of rag.  I saw this DIY dog bed made from a broken wooden chair.  See how elegant it is now? :)

It was made possible by adding few adjustments to the feet of the chair and adding a cushion which serves as the mattress for the bed.  Really awesome!

I wonder what our pet Marcus would feel after we are able to make one for him. :)


March 17, 2014

It's a Reunion!

One more month to go and we will be complete again as a family.  Hubby is taking his home leave soon and we are all excited to see him again.  This time, it will be more fun as we don;t have limited time to spend together.  As you may all know, I've already resigned from my job and now staying at home for good.  I know it's still too early for a retirement but I've decided  to stay and work from home.  I've never been in this situation for so many years. In fact, this is my first time to stop working as I'm gainfully employed since I was single and just a year after I graduated from college.  I'm not totally idle though as I am still working from home.  The only difference is that I can now attend to the needs of every member of the family.  

Hubby is also excited to be home once again.  He told me that he had already bought a lot of "pasalubong's" for us and he's a bit worried that he may exceed his baggage allowance.  I was lucky to have a husband who loves to bring home "pasalubongs".  He never brings home lee oskar diatonic harmonica from guitar center though, usually it's more of foods and personal stuff.  It semed like a fiesta every time he's home that's why everyone in the family is so excited to see him again. Aside form the fact that he loves to cook and eat, he is a person with a positive disposition, too. 

We are looking forward to summer as this will be a great opportunity for us to bond and be together as a family.

March 14, 2014

Summer Hair Styles

I'm getting bored with my hair now and I am thinking of getting a new hair style!  On our way to spa this afternoon, I told my daughter that I wanted to have a new look this summer.  I am sporting the same hair style for more than a year now and I suddenly felt that I want something new this time.  So here I am, looking for some hair styles that would suit the shape of my face.  I often have a layered cut ever since except when I was a teen as I used to have a long straight hair then.  Since it's going to be summer, I am thinking of getting a shorter cut but not too short as I am having a round face and I just don't want to look fat.  I am having a slim figure but my face is big and I don't want to emphasize it.

Below are some of the hair cuts that caught my attention.  I find these cuts kind of cute and modern. perhaps, easy to manage, too.

Which one will I choose?  Well, that needs to be decided, soon!

Below photos courtesy of  shorthairstylescuts.com

How about you? Would dare to get a short hair cut this summer?

March 5, 2014

What Hotels in Your Vacationing Spot Offer

If you are traveling far and need a great place to rest or enjoy your vacation, hotels in Houston, MO, can provide you with all of the amenities that you are looking for, especially ones to help you relax and to enjoy your stay.

Take a Load Off

Making sure that your hotel has everything that you desire while you are vacationing is very important and a must. You do not want to be stuck somewhere that doesn’t have a shoe-buffing service or a spa when you need it most. It is critical that you determine what accommodations are vital before your trip and then choose a hotel based on your needs. Most cities around the world are equipped to accommodate your needs and will provide more than one hotel as an option for you. If you are traveling with family, swimming, spa, and child-friendly services are probably on the very top of your list. These activities will give your family something to do, especially if you are stuck in a business meeting or work-related venture.

A Friendly Atmosphere

If you know that during your visit you will be busy, but will end the day feeling tired and sleepy, a comfortable room equipped with a nice bathtub or a fluffy bed is just what you need. If entertainment is also a priority to you and your family, a large television with several channels for everyone can come in handy on a night that everyone just wants to relax and take a break. Housekeeping services and laundering your clothing may be something that you must do while on your visit. Some hotels do not give you this option, so remember to make sure that the one you choose is fully stocked with washers and dryers. Choose a hotel that will be convenient to where you will be during the day or night. If you are in town for a meeting and flew in and do not want to rent a car, walking to your destination can be a great way to enjoy the sights, as long as your hotel is close by.

Choose a Hotel

You can plan your vacation and prepare for it well by conducting research on hotels in Houston, MO, before you arrive. This will ensure you have a great visit, whether you are in town for business or pleasure with your family or by yourself. 

February 27, 2014

Making Plans For Summer

As hubby will be home in time for summer, I am now in the midst of drawing up some activities that could keep us occupied during the most awaited time of the year.  I knew that some people do not really enjoy summer because of the heat and to some, it brings a bit of discomfort especially when you stay in the heart of the city.  But it is during summer that we could do a lot of bonding activities and traveling is one of our favorite activity. Apart from this, we also take the opportunity to look over the house and try to fix what needs to be fixed.  Obviously we couldn't have constructions on going during the rainy season so anything that relates to home repairs should be done during this time.

For our teen kids, it is the best time for them to bond and engage themselves with their hobbies.  Biking would be a great outdoor activity and so with jogging, strolling in the park and swimming.  Indoors, they normally watch movies and play guitar.  My daughter normally loves to add up to what she already have and going a bit advance in terms of her musical whims and caprices would sometimes go into the scene.  I hope that she would not think of buying a tc electronic flashback delay.  Not only would it be too costly but I think this cannot really be of great use as they just normally get busy with their hobbies during summer.   

But on top of all those summer activities, I think that being united as a family and having fun together is the most important thing that we often look up to during summer.  This is the time that we can be complete and free from our personal commitments.  So for me, making plans for summer this early is a thing that shouldn't be neglected.

February 21, 2014

Did You Know SEO?

I think it is very common for website owners to be relatively interested in understanding how SEO works. For one, SEO can be of great help in improving your page ranking and this is what most web masters are aiming for.  As  SEO is a simple technique to increase traffic, a large number of internet users rely on SEO in marketing their business.

SEO is a complex thing to learn but you will reap the benefits once you are already there.   There are many sources of traffic to your sites but the ones from search engines are the best ones as it helps you build community.  Traffic driven from search engines are trusted and are considered credible sources of information, thus it is more likely for a reader to follow your site or subscribe to your feeds.  This in turn, can assure you of regular traffic, thus increasing the probability of increasing your page ranking.   Of course articles should be meaty and informative, otherwise no one will be interested to read it.  The quality of your content is very important as it will greatly affect your Google standing.  Many website owners however are not fully aware of how SEO works and for this reason, SEO advice is often sought from reliable and reputable companies.  As this is a very delicate job and requires a considerable amount of time and knowledge, most website owners just rely on the expertise of those qualified personnel through outsourcing.  

Conducting keywords research, optimizing pages and building inbound links are only some of the things that webmasters need to  master to increase the visibility of their websites to the search engines.  As online marketing is getting more and more attractive and competitive, many companies are now lured to using SEO as an effective strategy so understanding how SEO works is as important as learning your ABC's.

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