August 14, 2014

The Power of Music

Music has always been a part of my life from the day that I began to see life to the day that I began to understand things on my own, music has always been my faithful companion.  What would life be without music? For me, music is a direct reflection of my life.  Apart from being a source of entertainment, music for me is an expression of one's thought and feelings. Music is a kind of art that progresses over time but it is a perfect form of art which never restricts us the way the other form of entertainment does. It's positive effects on one's growth and development is beyond question.  It brings out the creative side of every individual and doesn't choose any specific age or gender. It forms part of every cultural and social activity and a perfect expression of joys and triumph as well as mourning and failures.  

Even during my young age, I am always fascinated with people who can play guitar or any other forms of musical instruments.  For me, they are such a genius!  I once thought that the quality of the musical instrument being played has something to do with a great music but how about those great people in history who played great music even with just a set of bamboo organs?

I had a chance to visit and found a great collection of musical instruments there. It would be great to have one from their guitar collection and start playing guitar though I think it's already quite late for me (lol).  

I just wish that my daughter would pursue her interest in music and just continue my dream as a frustrated guitarist.  I think that would be more fun. What we can't do as parents now can always be passed on to our children, anyway.  What do you think? :)


August 2, 2014

Hubby's Specialties!

Grilled Fish with his signature dressing 

Creamy Carbonara 


When hubby is home and he does not have much projects to do in the house, he would always go to the market ( his favorite thing to do) and buy some food items and ingredients for his special recipes either for our lunch, dinner or "merienda".  He loves to cook (that's for sure) and he is very good in "presentation".  

Whenever we throw a party in the house, our guests, especially our kids friends and classmates would always compliment the foods and the way these were presented.  Normally, they would think that we have the foods catered in our house but the truth is, it was just a "labor of love" from all the family members headed by hubby.  That's the benefit of a family who shared the same passion. As my kids grew up, I've noticed that they would love to do what we normally do, thus I believe that what you normally show to your kids will influence them greatly in the future. 

My son (my eldest) also loves to cook now and he's also quite good in designing.  He is in fact, my partner in our cup cake business.      


July 21, 2014

A Special Night For Mika - Her JS Prom

I wasn't here last year when my daughter Mika attended her JS Prom. I was still working abroad that time and it's quite impossible for me to be here in the Philippines to witness every important milestone in the life of my kids.  What I do is, I normally choose the most important ones like the recognition days and graduation. It was kind of hard for an OFW like me to fulfill my obligation as a Mom since I have a career to look after. Nonetheless, I tried my best to assist them where possible like helping them in their school projects and research works which I could do online.  I also remembered to have written a declamation piece for my son when he was chosen to represent their school for a competition.  He won second place that time and I was just so proud being able to fulfill my role as a Mom assisting them in every way I can even we're miles apart.

I was truly sad that I was not here to witness Mika's prom in school last year but I took part in choosing the gown that she had worn that night, which I'm glad  to have fitted her well.

Mika at Ambyanz salon for her hairdo and make up. She looks quite excited!

I think she still looks like a baby even with her make up on 

Mika with her shih-tzu pet, Lucio

with her newly adopted babies (lol)

all set for the party 

 checking her eye lashes :)

I'm glad that my son was able to compile his little sister's photos, at least I could still witness how did she look that evening.  I think everything was perfectly alright for her. Her dad and "kuya" were both beside her from the time that she had her make up until the time that she had worn her gown down to the party venue, but oopps, they did not join her there of course.  I'm very happy though that even when I'm not here that evening, everything works well with her.

I love her dearly and she knows that so well.  

July 5, 2014

Sunday Lunch To Remember

For the nth time, we had our special Sunday lunch at home a.k.a. "Boodle Fight".  I requested hubby to have a repeat of the "boodle fight" experience we had during his last year's vacation. This is actually the kind of dishes that we truly love, everything grilled to perfection (lol).

Me and my son have one thing in common and that's our lope for sauces and dips.  Our meal at home or even at restaurants will never be complete without a number of sauces and dips lined on our table.  This just make our dining experience more pleasant and satisfying.  Hubby and daughter though don't share the same interest, they could have their meals even without dips at all and it's quite surprising especially for us who love sauces and dips that much. 

Hubby prepared everything from marinating, grilling, cutting the veggies and mangoes and even preparing the dips and sauces.  Everything on the table is yummy!

We actually had this kind of dishes from a restaurant at Harbor Point and mind you, a "boodle fight" package is not really cheap there.  You could really save a lot if you will just have these prepared at home and "one to sawa" pa. :)

This is one of those memorable Sunday lunches that we had at home last summer and hopefully, we could have it on a regular basis, why not?   Have you tried "boodle fight" at home, too?  How was the experience?

June 15, 2014

My Carrot Cup Cakes

One weekend, I decided to bake some carrot cakes for hubby and kids.  It's one special day that we're complete at home, so I just thought that having some special snack served on the table is a must.  Besides, I'm in the mood to bake that day!

Well, it's been a while that we ceased to get cup cake orders from our customers.  Since hubby arrived home last April 23, we've been very busy with our home projects and we're practically going to our other house that's under repair and improvement for almost a month so attending to our cup cake business would be tough under this situation.

However, for the love of my family, I took a day off from my busy schedule to bake some carrot cup cakes.  hubby has been complaining that he didn't had that chance to taste yet our home made cup cakes but instead of baking our signature chocolate moist cup cakes, I've chosen to bake carrot cup cakes para healthy!   

My son Edmar, who was also in the mood that day volunteered to make some sugar icing which he used to decorate the cup cakes.  I wanted to put some cheese cream for toppings but I wasn't able to get it from the super market so I just made use of what we have at home.

I baked 24 pcs of carrot cup cakes and it lasted until the following day.  The presence of a house help who did the laundry and ironing also contribute to the fast consumption of my baked goodies. lol

It was one of those sweet moments that I get to do what inspire me most....baking!!  

June 10, 2014

Condo Unit or House and Lot?

During our recent visit to Baguio, we were billeted in a hotel which is actually situated inside a commercial building.  Aside from the hotel, you can also find some condo units.  I think the owner of the hotel and condos is only one. There is an office beside the hotel lobby where you could inquire about owning condo units.

I wish we have one condo unit in Baguio where we could stay for vacations.  Oh well, that's a big dream! Kidding aside, I was actually thinking if it's better to own a condo unit than a single detached residential house.  We've actually invested on 3 properties but owning a condo never crossed my mind.  I am actually curious if owning condo unit would be far better than a residential house and lot.  Some friends said it's more practical as condominium is more secured and comes with a complete package.  Most have swimming pools, park, club houses, etc but the only downside is that you have to pay monthly dues.  Aside from that, there is no opportunity for expansion as you just practically own one fixed space   Also, if you want to have your own garden, it's not quite possible as you don't actually own a yard.

However, living in a condo also have it's own advantages.  I guess a condominium unit is easier to manage and maintain and you can easily go on an out of town or out of the country vacation without worrying much on who would look after your home as the entire building is secured and well guarded.  Because of these points, I am also tempted to own a condo, if given the opportunity and resources, of course.

For most company workers, owning a condo is much easier than building their own homes as there are so many real estate developers who are selling out condo units at a much affordable price with greater options and easy payment schemes.  I am not sure though for miami condos for sale.   

As a property owner myself, I also see the advantages of having single detached houses as we could do what we want with the property.  Having projects for improvements each year also make us inspired and fulfilled.  Anyway, whether you want to own a house or a condo, what is important is we know our goals and we know exactly what we want so there will be no regrets in the end.  After all, owning our own home sweet home is always everyone's dream.

June 3, 2014

OMF Lit's Incredibulk Sale

Oh yes, it's back to school once again and for book lovers out there, this is indeed a great news...

Here’s the solution for those who want to buy a lot of books on a tight budget. OMF Lit Bookshop brings back THE INCREDI-BULK SALE! For as low as P500, customers can already take home 5 books! Other bulk deals include 10 books for Php 800, 20 books for Php 1500 and 50 books for Php 3000.

Gladys Doronila, product manager of OMF Literature, explains, “It’s not a fixed bundle so customers are free to choose what to include in their set of books. It will surely be fun as they build a stack of books with new finds as well as titles which they’ve been wanting to have.” Customers will find international best-selling books written by Max Lucado, Gary Chapman, John Eldredge and best-selling local works by Grace Chong and Harold Sala.

Kids can also make a bulk-bundle of their own with the Hiyas Kiddie Mix, where they can select any 10 titles from Hiyas for only Php 400. The kid’s pile includes books by Palanca winners Grace Chong and Dr. Luis “Tito Dok” Gatmaitan and National Children’s Book Awardee Robert Magnuson.

Book shoppers will enjoy 20% off on regular-priced imported titles, including Bibles and multi-media materials. Gladys Doronila shares, “It’s a great way to invest in books that will help them grow spiritually. It’s a terrific opportunity to pick up that inspirational gift for a friend or loved one. It’s a can’t-miss deal.”

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