October 11, 2015

Working In A Suburb

The last company that I've worked with at Cambodia gave me a lot of reasons to celebrate and lose my sanity.  I was assigned to work at the company branch located in the outskirts of Cambodia.  I was clueless actually as to what the place looks like or what is in store for me there.  I applied in that company because of it's good name and reputation in the gaming industry, that's all I can remember. When I get into the place, I was shocked to know that it's actually a suburb and mind you, I could not even find a decent bread elsewhere, what more if I want to find computer and gadget shops.  It was a nightmare but I've learned to get used to the place later on.  As a matter of fact, I've worked there for nearly two years.

I've learned my lessons though when I got a bad experience when I discovered one day that my laptop cannot be opened.  I kept on pressing the "power on" button but to no avail.  I am  not sure whether it's the laptop's motherboard or battery that's giving me the problem.  Since I was staying in a suburb, I have to wait for my scheduled day off from work so I could go to a nearby city where there are computer shops.  Imagine the hassle that I had experienced during that period of time where I have lost some of my writing gigs because of that battery problem.  Should I known earlier that batteries for dell laptops at LaptopBatteryexpress.com can be ordered online and shipped wherever you are, probably I could have saved a lot of money and prevent all the hassles waiting for my day off and travel quite a long distance just to get new batteries for my DELL laptop.

Ordering any model of batteries can be done in just a click of finger and ships free for 3 to 7 days delivery.  That will surely save all the trouble and prevents you from losing some important tasks online which could also translate to a loss of income.  I think I just have to be smarter next time. Internet is everybody's best friend, I should have just used my tablet to place my order online and voila...problem solved.  The best part is you could be assured of quality laptop batteries that could work longer and last longer.


September 29, 2015

Dinner "Ala Korean"

Since the time I was introduced by my son to Korean foods, I have developed a great love for Korean dishes.  I love raw veggies and spicy sauces so you will feast on these side dishes when you dine in and order for a "shabu-shabu" type of meal at a Korean resto.

You will grill the meats by yourself and you will have a great deal of time talking and catching up with your family members while feasting on these foods.  My son who had a lot of Korean friends obviously enjoy this type of foods.  I usually rely on him in choosing what kind of meat we have to order that will go best with all those side dishes.

Since it was quite pricey to dine at a Korean resto, I thought of having it at home.  I just bought the meat which is similar to what was served to us and I've prepared all the raw veggies to go with it. However, there are certain sauces which I cannot prepare at home since I do not really explore yet the different Korean spices.  I don't even know yet how to make my own "kimchi", so the one we have prepared at home is not really perfect but the same fun was experienced as we get to grill the meats by ourselves while on the dinner table.  I used to copy the dishes that we've tried on some restos that we've been and try to cook these at home.  Eating outside is fun but not friendly on the budget so sometimes, we have to find ways to explore and enjoy the same kind of foods without hurting our pockets. :)

September 18, 2015

For Your Teens

I couldn't imagine how lucky teens are now a days.  The advent of technology has certainly made life a lot easier for them.  Gadgets are being manufactured and developed here and there, and all have the same promise, and that is making life easier and automated.  Aside from that, teens now a days, are very entertained with these new gadgets.  They can watch latest movies online, play computer games, use Apps and play music just wherever and whenever they want just like this jbl micro ii which is built for the long haul.  

There is certainly a big difference using the conventional transistor radio before and the so called ipod and MP3 now a days. Even when you are doing an exercise or doing a morning walk, you could still afford to listen to your favorite music as these gadgets are so mobile and handy. I for one has benefited a lot from the advancement in technology but I still miss those days where the form of entertainment is just so plain and simple, and best of all...free. :)

 Now, I could see that you really have to work too hard to afford buying these gadgets for your kids especially that they never get contented unless they get the latest model.  This, I think is the only downside of all these modernization.  Kids are being slaves of consumerism even at an early age.  As a parent, it is indeed very important to strike a balance and guide our children so they would understand that advancement and technology has it's own pros and cons.

August 13, 2015

Choosing The Best Commercial Contractors

If you are going to be doing some renovations to a commercial structure, you need to make sure that you hire a skilled commercial contractor to do the job right. With so many contractors out there, how do you sift through all of them to find the right one for your job? While finding a great contractor is easier said than done, it is not impossible. It will just require some research and patience on your part. If you are willing to put in the time required to find a good contractor, you will have your job done right the first time. Here is how to hire a commercial contractor.

Ask other companies that have recently used a contractor

If there are any other companies in your area that have recently performed a renovation project to one of their properties, approach them and find out who the contractor was. While you are at it, ask them why they decided to hire that specific contractor in the first place. Were there any problems with the project? Did the contractor need to come back and fix anything later? How much did the contractor charge for their services? Are they satisfied with the overall quality of the contractor's work? The answers that the company rep gives to these questions will provide you with some valuable insight into whether or not you should hire that particular contractor. If you want to get a quote today for a commercial contractor, Renovation Experts can help you. 
Visit them at http://renovationexperts.com/commercial/.

Read reviews of commercial contractors online

The Internet is chock full of reviews for just about everything. Reviews of contractors are readily available for your perusal. These reviews can be found on review sites that specifically focus on the construction industry. They are written by people who have hired the contractors in the past. They will be very detailed and honest assessments of the contractor's ability and professionalism. The reviews will point out all of the positive and negative aspects of the contractor, helping the reader make a determination to hire the contractor or pass them by.

Contractor websites

If you want to find out how much experience a commercial contractor has, as well as what their specialties are, you should visit their websites. Contractors always have websites to promote their services. They are good places to go if you are on the fence about hiring a certain contractor. 

July 19, 2015

Simple Ways To Enjoy Life More

Enjoying life need not be expensive, there are lots of things or activities which we could enjoy for just a minimal amount or even for free.  Here are some:

Do Gardening

Gardening is something that you could really enjoy especially if you are a person who loves plants and flowers.  Better yet, if you love to eat vegetables, you may also try vegetable gardening.  It's really therapeutic and a great stress reliever.  Seeing your flowering plants bloom or vegetables garden produce even a little amount of veggies is really rewarding. 

Keep a Gratitude Journal

It's always nice to keep track of good things that happen to you each day and show some gratitude for all these wonderful things that you are grateful for.  No matter how bad your day is, you could always find something that you should be thankful for.  Keeping a list of these things and reviewing them at the end of each week will help you feel more positive and blessed throughout the coming weeks.

Read A Book 

Reading a good book will always give you a certain kind of joy.  Not only it is very entertaining, it is also one way of exploring your world and getting new knowledge that you could apply in your life. Even reading a good novel will also allow you to separate yourself from the world for a time being and learn valuable lessons from all those wonderful stories.

Take A Walk

Walking is not only a good form of exercise, it also allows you to appreciate your environment and nature.  Focusing on a beautiful tree, plant, flower or animal while you walk will somehow ease your anxiety.  It is a great way to relax and get rid of stress or negativity.

 Play With Your Pets

There's nothing more relaxing than playing with your loyal friends. You would certainly feel comfortable and happy being surrounded by cute and active pets.

Do Some Yoga Exercises

Nothing is more relaxing than having some stretches.  Yoga is a very good way to relax those muscles.  Oftentimes, we got so stressed and burn out doing our daily activities at home and it's always best to get rid of those back pains by doing some yoga. There are lots of free yoga exercises that you can download from the internet and you can even do this with your children or spouse.

Listen To  A Good Music

Listening to a good music has always been relaxing.  In fact, playing music while cleaning the house, cooking or doing any other household chores will give you extra energy and put you on a happy mood.  If you know how to play guitar, that would be good too.  You don't have to be a guitar expert nor you need more sophisticated guitar accessories like humbucking.  Just play a simple tune that you know and sing to your heart's content and that's enough to relax for the rest of the day.

Have An Afternoon Tea or Coffee

After that hectic day, don't forget to go for an afternoon tea or coffee.  Smelling the aroma of your flavorful tea or coffee while sitting by the porch is truly relaxing.  You could spend it with a friend or any of your family members while having a good talk.

They always say...the best things in life are free.  :)

July 3, 2015

Combining Two Passions In One

These are the personalized cup cakes we've baked last month.  I use these cup cakes as prizes for the activities that I have prepared for the seminar that I've facilitated to some employees of the company who hired my services.  I was glad that they were happy with the personalized prizes.  Actually, coming up with this is really time consuming especially that there are also materials that I need to prepare for the seminar.  

I want to give them something unique though and with the intention of integrating the topics that we've discussed during the seminar.  So I thought that personally baked chocolate cup cakes with quotes on team building and work values will be a good idea since we're baking cup cakes for a business anyway.  Combining my passions in baking and facilitating seminars is really rewarding as I could explore my creativity and at the same time, motivate and inspire people by sharing to them my personal work and life experiences.

For me that's absolute happiness! :)

April 21, 2015

Crafts And Styles

We just recently launched our new business and just like the other one (cup cakes) that we've started over a year ago, this came out as a result of a passion for designing. Our event styling business which we named Crafts and Styles is our newest baby  One thing good about this business is that we don't really feel like working as doing craft projects has already been a passion for the whole family.  I am just so happy that my son and daughter both inherited my love for crafts and decors.  In fact, they are now much into DIY projects especially on their own respective bedrooms.

Our passion for arts and crafts enabled us to save a lot in styling the recently concluded debut party of my daughter Mika.  Instead of hiring an outside designer, we did it ourselves and the result is very satisfying.  We did not only win the admiration of our visitors but we were able to come up with a unique party theme idea that we conceptualized on our own and the result is so fulfilling!

Projects have been coming one after the other and there are times we need to say no because we are still half hearted whether we need to continue or not.  There are some personal reasons which unfortunately cannot be divulged yet at the moment that's why we are a bit hesitant to accept all possible projects coming in.

The last party we've styled was a big success basing from the feedback we've received from our client.  Aside from the complete set up and decors of the venue, we also provided the entertainment part as we brought along a clown who has provided hosting and a little magic show.  A complete sound system was also set up to the delight of the visitors.  I guess, we should start completing our equipment and to order one must be the first option.  A good sound system for a party is a must and we have to rely on the companies selling the best musical instruments and sound system.

It's always a pleasure to do something that you love and also earn on the process, this way you are not only productive but super productive plus the fun and fulfillment that you are experiencing each time you complete a successful event is worth remembering. :)  

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