December 13, 2014

When Infertility Affects Men

I considered myself lucky having borne two healthy kids.  They do not only have normal physical attributes but they have grown up to be intelligent and smart.  I feel so blessed in this aspect and perhaps I can attribute this to me and my hubby's healthy life style. I am equally blessed to have a husband who doesn't smoke at all and he only drinks beer on certain occasions.  He also adopt a healthy life style by eating the right kinds of foods and going to the gym regularly.  You see, some couples are not lucky to have a child due to infertility problems.

Infertility doesn't only affect women.  Today, more and more men are also experiencing male infertility.  The most common cause of infertility is varicocele.  Varicocele is enlarged varicose veins that occur in the scrotum.  According to the experts at Pregnancy, other causes of male infertility are semen disorder and testicular failure.  Another chunk of percentage is unexplained or unknown.  As a woman, what you can do if you and your partner are having difficulty trying to conceive is to show that you support your partner.  Take care and change your lifestyle together, avoid eating junk foods and get rid of smoking and drinking alcohol if you are. Staying healthy is one of the keys to boost your chances of conceiving.

As parents, our role is to ensure that we are not only aiming to have a family but a healthy family and these healthy habits should start right now if we are aiming to conceive a baby safely.  Having a baby at home is every couple's dream and there surely ways to make this thing come in to a reality.

December 12, 2014

Let's be Happy For Aiza and Liza!

It seems that 2014 is a year for tying knots especially for showbiz couples.  This time, its Aiza Seguerra and long time partner, Liza Dino.  I used to watch Aiza at a noon time show "√čat Bulaga" and I never imagined that she will grow up to be a lesbian but what is admirable about Aiza is that she was able to make a name for herself through her own efforts and being a well known Acoustic singer is the last thing that I expect her to be. But she was indeed successful and her music is one of a kind.  I really love Aiza's voice and her every fantastic performance on stage with her ibanez gb10 is something that you will always look forward to.  She also starred in several movies and TV shows and remained active until now.  Her love story is indeed a revelation.  Marrying the love of her life is the greatest gift she can give to herself.  She did find a way to marry Liza even to the point of having it done in US.  That's true love perhaps!

Well, let's wish Aiza and Liza the best of luck to their new life as a married couple. Everybody deserves to be happy.  Aiza and Liza prove that love really conquers all.

November 27, 2014

My Christmas Wish List

I was super duper busy the past weeks that drawing out my plans for the holiday season was taken into back seat.  The 40 days of my mother who just passed away last October 16 has just been concluded last November 24.  I was actually waiting for my Mom's 40 days to be completed before I move on to my plans.  I also took that opportunity to look after the things that were left undone at home.  I was very busy almost the whole month of October until mid November catching up with so many things.  In fact, I was on hiatus on my blogs for quite sometime now.  I am also not as active as before online.  

Well... this Christmas, I also have few things in my list.  Here it goes:

  1. I want to have a simple Christmas dinner with some members of the extended family.  Perhaps, just a simple but a meaningful one.   
  2. I was burdened financially when my mother was hospitalized and passed away.  I did not anticipate that she will be undergoing serious medical treatments and the hospital bill was quite alarming.  I used up my savings to support her needs but despite of this experience, I still wish to be able to buy simple gifts for Christmas.  After all, it's one of the symbols of Christmas.
  3. I want to relax and watch some movies with my son and daughter during the Christmas season.  Actually this ha been a tradition for years. :)
  4. I want to pamper myself with spa treatments, perhaps that will be my Christmas gift to myself. I do everything at home and usually tired on a day to day basis.  I think I deserved a break.
  5. I want to send donation in kind to a foundation caring for the elders, that will be in memory of my Mom.
  6. I want to strenghten my faith and share the goodness of the Lord through my own personal life experiences.  I want others to experience God's love as much as I did.
  7. Given a chance, I want to complete the "simbang gabi", if not at least 50% of it.

So that's my Christmas wish list! I hope that I would be able to do it all.

What's yours? 

October 23, 2014

Live Bands

We were on our way to Harbor Point Ayala Mall when we were caught by the traffic.  It's not really that bad though, but it's enough to cause a little delay arriving on our destination.  I almost forgot, it's "Mardigras" month in Olongapo and as usual, there will be a huge party on the street along Magsaysay Drive.  I saw them installing the stage, the lights and the sound system.  I suppose there will be a big crowd.  Who doesn't to watch and hear live band presentations for free?  I saw them installing monster cable as well, so expect the unexpected.

I am missing my brother who used to be the emcee during "Mardi Gras", unfortunately he passed away this month, so I'm sure Octoberfest celebration will be a lot different this year without him. Anyway, I hope I could have the time to be there which is near to impossible as I got really exhausted with all the misfortunes our family experienced this month.  

Anyway, life has to go on.  

October 2, 2014

Exploring My Kitchen

Long after I decided to stay home for good, I began to explore in the kitchen for a variety of reasons. I want to make up for the lost times with my kids.  I wanted to cook for them all their favorite foods and given the opportunity, more dishes and snacks that I haven't prepared before.  It's been 7 years that I was away from home and it is for this reason that I missed up on a lot of happenings in the kitchen.  The truth is, I love to cook and bake and I love to explore every possible way to discover new staples from my kitchen.

Chicken salad for sandwiches

Atchara and Ampalaya Salad

Home Made Beef Tacos

Hotdog Sandwiches and Fried Vegetable Lumpia

I also love to prepare meals and present them artistically on the table.  Not only will this delight my kids but it will also make our lunch or dinner more interesting.  In fact, my kids are always excited what I am up to present for their dinner.

Here are few of the examples of what I've prepared:


I will continue to explore my kitchen as serving delicious foods to my family has always been a pleasure for me.

September 18, 2014

Home Made Pizza

It's not a secret that my daughter loves pizza and this is the reason why you can always chance upon us at Greenwhich and Sam's Pizza Hauz. (lol) But ordering a pizza every now and then will really kill your pocket. Why not? Pizzas are expensive especially when you order it from high end stores.  So my frugal spirit has guided me to find ways to satisfy our craving without being too harsh on my budget.  The end result? tadah....home made pizza!

If you could notice from the photos, I made several with different flavors.  For the ingredients, I choose what my kids prefer.  They love ground beef so this became the primary ingredient in all the pizza flavors I made.  I just add some of this and that to other servings and voila! we have a hearty pizza dinner.

The best consolation by the way is that I only spend about Php80 per pan and for us, that's a great savings!

Happiness indeed!

August 30, 2014

Remembering Saigon

Every time I walk along a busy street in the city, I can't help but remember Saigon.  My first time in Saigon was truly amazing.  I was amazed with how they could use motorcycles as their primary means of transportation. Some of my Vietnamese friends told me that owning a car in Saigon is only possible for very rich families as cars are really expensive there.  No wonder every time I want to cross the street, it feels like it will take me forever to wait, as the street is really really full of motorcycles. Motorcycles are quite cheap in Saigon and shops selling motorcycle accessories can be seen almost everywhere.  Students and office workers usually use motorcycle as their means of transportation and I could even see high school students driving their own motorcycles which I think wouldn't be allowed in the Philippines unless you're 18.

I once thought of buying one there and bring home to the Philippines together with some motorcycle accessories but where to find motorcycle shipping quotes

Oh well, that plan together with a plan of buying shih tzu pups which are also really cheap in Vietnam did not materialize at all until I left Vietnam in 2012.  I am glad though that I was able to witness Vietnam's culture and how it differs in many aspects with Philippine culture.  The next time I visit Saigon, perhaps I will still find tons of motorcycles on the streets but this certainly make Vietnam unique in that aspect.

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