September 15, 2016

For The Love Of Baking

I had been very busy in the kitchen for the past couple of months and I was very happy that even though I did not get a formal training in baking, my hard work paid off.  I am slowly improving my baking skills and getting more customers than before. I never really promote my home based business but I do get orders from time to time.  I also do not want to go big time as I am very much worried that I wouldn't have enough hands to attend to all my part time jobs.  I am also teaching and providing seminars to some employees in some companies, so could I say that I'm a "Jack of All Trades"?  Well, just kidding but it's true, I'm into a lot of things now apart from managing our house and a rental property.  Even though I am usually tired at the end of each day, I still feel blessed and happy that I could do a lot of things. Designing cakes and cup cakes is giving me a sense of happiness.  It's very  time consuming but after you see the finished product, you will have that sense of fulfillment. I may not have any talent in music though playing ak15 would be a dream come true for me, I am still thankful that I do have other skills which in a way provide me with a source of income now that I am already separated from my corporate job.

Here are some of my baked goodies for the past two months:


I hope to be baking more goodies especially these "ber" months. Wish me luck guys!

June 30, 2016

Cake In A Jar

I had a couple of orders for fondant cake and cup cakes this month and since I am already in the "baking mood", I've decided to try this cake in a jar which I've been planning to do since few months ago. I had a Red Velvet flavor base for my fondant cake order this month, so I took the chance to bake an extra for my red velvet cake in a jar. Red Velvet has always been one of my favorite flavors for cake especially when it comes with it's signature cream cheese frosting.

For this cake in a jar though, I've purposely concocted my frosting with less sugar as I don't like it to be too sweet as it comes in layers. I've added more heavy cream instead and the result is really satisfying.  My Red Velvet Cake is super moist and really yummy.  Well...that's according to some people who have tasted it. :)

I have added some white and chocolate chips as toppings for this cake in a jar and this made it look even more appealing.  I am now looking into making more of this but I would like to try other flavors, as well. Any suggestions?

May 13, 2016

Red Velvet Cup Cakes

I would admit, I had been really busy for the past couple of weeks.  What occupied most of my time though was baking.  I am testing new cake recipes and accepted several orders for birthday parties so if I am free from maintaining/cleaning the house and teaching, you would normally find me in the kitchen mixing my ingredients for cake or cup cakes.  I really wanted to go into baking but my corporate life had taken me away from this passion.  Now that I am a WAHM, I was able to have this opportunity.  I started this hobby with my son then we later decided to make this into business.

I was baking cupcakes on the height of the election period and this enable me to be away from stress for even for a while.  Baking is a good therapy huh? 

I baked these Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting which was ordered by my client for her grandson's birthday.

I am now working on my new line of products which would be good as presents on any occasion. 

Meanwhile, My daughter was insisting of having a new guitar and eyeing one from guitarcenter, but I told her to hold that desire for a while until we get back on track again.  You see, we have spend quite a lot for our home improvement projects late last year and we have to save again for our future projects.  My daughter was very kind to oblige though and I just console her by baking her favorite cake.

More of my baking journey on my next posts.. Ciao!

April 17, 2016

Turmeric Tea To Fight Inflammation Naturally

I think, I have mentioned in one of my previous posts that I am dealing with Sciatic pains for more than 3 months now.  There is a burning pain on my right buttocks down to the back of my right leg. Although the pain is on and off, I still consider it very uncomfortable especially when I have to go for my house errands, I don't know when will the pain attacks me.  I was in medication for 3 months now, though I am doing my best not to take it on a daily basis. I take pain meds as needed.  I know pain medicines especially those NSAID drugs could eventually damage your liver if taken for a long time and on maximum doses.  Because of this growing fear, I am always on a look out for alternative cure for my Sciatic pains.  I have tried all possible remedies such as massage therapy, stretching exercises, pain gels and lately, turmeric tea. I have read online that turmeric tea has anti inflammatory properties  which is a good remedy for muscle pains and other muscle related problems.  It also has Curcumin which is good for treating heart disease.  I bought one small bottle from the mall selling herbal products and I personally picked this Yamang Bukid 10 in 1 instant Turmeric Herbal Tea.

Aside from Turmeric, it also has 9 other herbs and it is infused with honey, so you don't need to add sugar or sweetener.  I love it's taste and it's very relaxing.  I haven't finished that small bottle yet but I could see some improvements on my Sciatic pains.  I know it's too early to say if the product is really good to fight inflammation but a little improvement is better than none at all.  I will continue to have this herbal tea until I get to see a major improvement in my current condition.

Will post about this wonder drink again soon.

April 3, 2016

The Perks of Working At Home

Since I've resigned from my corporate job abroad more than 2 years ago, I find ways to make myself busy and productive even at home. Admittedly, I have chosen to retire much earlier than the usual retiring age because of wanting to experience what my corporate job has taken from me for more than 20 years.  Even though, I am taking good care of a promising career, deep inside my heart, I am still longing to experience what a normal wife and mother could do like cooking, gardening, baking, decorating my home and spending more time with my kids.  My daughter is in her teenage years and I wanted to spend time looking after her, making sure nothing won't go wrong with her.  I also wanted to see my eldest receiving his college diploma and starting to begin a career of his own.  

So in order to fulfill all these wishes and at the same time remain productive, I've decided to use my other skills working at home. Aside from blogging, I do online teaching and this has given me a new perspective.  Currently, I usually spend my week nights teaching and occasionally writing for my blogs.  It is indeed a great thing to still be able to earn while in the comforts of my home.  Now, I get to do what I really want and still earn on the side.  The only thing I face about my online teaching is the undesirable noise around the house like barking of dogs and the likes. I once thought of soundproofing my room with The Best soundproofing foam at Musician's Friend but I'm afraid it would be too costly.  Luckily, my students are so easy to deal with and do not mind these occasional noise, mostly from my dogs.

I am currently enjoying the many perks of working at home. No need to spend for unnecessary things like transportation expenses going to work everyday, buying expensive clothes and make up, and other incidental expenses that you need to experience when you go out of your homes everyday.  The best part for me also is the convenience that you just need to move around, eat home made foods, do your own things around the house and work for just as little as two to three hours on weekdays and earn instantly!

March 31, 2016

Alonso Celebrates His First Birthday's been a year since we've adopted our Golden Retriever Alonso.  I can't believe it's already one year. He was brought to the house when he was just 3 months old and since then, we had a never ending drama having him in the house.  Admittedly, there were times when I almost wanted to give up...gracious goodness, he is so playful and would destroy anything and everything in the yard. Just leave him unattended for 15 mins and that already spells...DISASTER!

However, Alonso had developed into a fun, loving and sweet pet that would delight everyone in the house.  His forever cute looks always warms our heart.  Since he is a darling, we've thought of throwing a simple birthday celebration for him.  We bought a cake and had a simple "merienda" with him at home. It was so fun taking photos of him...never thought, he would be that cooperative.

To our baby boy Alonso...a very happy first birthday from all of us.  You maybe giving us a lot of troubles daily but rest assured that we will always be happy to have you around and we will always love you that much!


March 5, 2016

KTV Night

It was on hubby's birthday that my two kids decided to go for a KTV night.  Admittedly, we haven't done this as a family, although I would admit going to KTV's with family friends and my two kids when they were small.  I think, it's just timely since they have grown up and we could enjoy the night same like we are just "barkadas".  It was my first time to go for KTV  at Olongapo area as I used to got to KTV's inside SBMA.  The place is not as big and grand as what I've previously visited but the fact that I am with my family made it extra special.

As expected we sing...we dance...we went crazy and it was the first time that I actually heard my son sang a full song (lol).  I was also surprised that my daughter can actually sing so well.  Hubby took the opportunity that it's his birthday and went crazy for the entire night.  Looking at him that night, there was no doubt that he indeed had a great night and probably, the happiest birthday ever. 

I was not feeling really well because of my muscle pains which is going on for quite a while now but I've managed not to spoil the night.  It was really fun to be able to sings again.  It's been a long time, huh?

The price for the private videoke room was consumable, so we were able to feast with several dishes and appetizers.  It was quite dark inside the room so we cannot really capture a good shot.  Mika brought a birthday cake for her Dad but the outlet is charging us a corkage fee, so we've decided not to have the cake at the videoke house and brought it home instead.

This is me singing to my heart's content! (lol)  I was glad that I only have my family for an audience, if not, I wouldn't probably sing that much. hehe

This videoke night was one of the highlights of hubby's and my son's home leave as we get to bond and had fun. This was one of the very rare opportunities that we get to become complete as a family, so we really ensure that we will have loads of fun that night.  After all, hubby never spend his birthday with us every year.

My son Edmar was the one who sponsored this treat for his Dad and we are very thankful for his sweet gesture.  because of the great fun, we vowed to have a repeat and we are all looking forward to that! Cheers!

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