January 7, 2012

My New Blog For 2012

 Photo credit : fotosearch.com

Hi friends! I am writing this post to welcome my new blog site for 2012,  "HIGH TEA".

Why HIGH TEA? Well, I wanted a personal blog where I can freely discuss anything and everything under the sun.  The phrase High Tea first originated from England.  This pertains to a meal usually eaten after sunset.  It is an English meal that gained popularity in 1600's.  Originally, cakes, cooked meats ans stews are being served during high tea.  However, in today's modern times, a high tea becomes synonymous with a coffee break.  Now, it refers to traditional teas served with light meal, cakes and pastries.

Now, why I have chosen this for my new blog?  It's because it is during high tea that discussions usually take place.  Normally, we would invite friends for a high tea and it is during this time that you and your friends would engage in a friendly discussion on various topics.  That means, I would like to share here my views, opinions and thoughts on anything and everything and i hope that you could share yours, too. :)

So please join me in my journey for another year of blogging and I hope that through this, I can gain more friends in the blogosphere.

Happy 2012 to all!!

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