January 9, 2012

Beating Stress By Getting Organized

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Over the past years, I was able to sort out that one of the top reasons contributing to my stress is lack of organization.  I easily get irritated whenever I see clutter whether at home or in the office.  This made me lose my focus and motivation to work.  It is indeed very true that a clean and organized place can bring forth positive energies and therefore create a working environment that is less stressful. In my home blog, I have one category dedicated to organizing and I especially love it whenever I feature some organization tips in the bedroom, kitchen, living room or even in the bath room.  While it is often said that stress is normal, too much of it can interfere with one's productivity.  I guess the first step to being stress free is to be organized.  Believe it or not, when you have a clearer picture of where you want to go, how you want things to be done, what you want to accomplish and what is your timetable for every task at hand, you feel more at ease going through with your tasks and later, you could notice that you can be productive without stressing out too much.

The key to being stress free is to get organized! So how do we begin?  In my case, I always keep a journal at hand and I would always jot down my tasks and numbered them according to it's priority.  This way, I would have a clear picture of where to begin with.  Sometimes, we love to have those thoughts of accomplishing so many things and whenever we failed to fulfill that goal, we are often left stressed out.

At home, I have my own filing system.  I have a drawer specifically for important documents like birth certificates, marriage contract, employment certificates and other pertinent documents filed and properly labeled in an expanded plastic envelope.  I also maintain another file for lot documents like lot titles, property taxes, etc.

When it comes to budgeting, I also have some envelopes where I used to put and segregate the bills and the corresponding budget allotted for each bill.  I also printed out a copy of the monthly bills with their corresponding due dates so this would be a one quick reference for me to be reminded of deadlines and due dates.

In my laptop, I took advantage of one feature in Windows 7 which is the sticky note where I can jot down some reminders or urgent appointments that I have for the day or for the week and it is always being shown at the desktop every time I open my laptop.

It really pays to be organized.  Getting rid of the clutters in your home or office could do a lot of wonders for you.  Uncover your space by removing unnecessary supplies or gadgets and make your desk clear at all times and this will help you concentrate on your work.

Beating up stress is quite easy.  All it takes is a little bit of patience and a great amount of discipline.       

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  1. what you said is true, sometimes whenever i see my children's clutters it gets me stressed out.


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