January 17, 2012

In Search For A Healthy Lifestyle

I've made a post on my main blog, Life's Tips And Tricks about what's in my list for 2012 and my number one item on the list is to focus on my health. I've mentioned there that I want to stick with my routine check up either once or twice this year, get a regular exercise and appropriate vaccines.

Well...in my quest to successfully implement item number one in my list, I wanted to begin by being conscious with the foods that I eat on a daily basis. I'm not staying in my house so I have to limit myself on some quick and healthy meals. For a start, I never get away with a daily serving of fruits and green salads. I must make sure that I am getting an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables each day. If I have to skip on a vegetable meal or salad, I have to make sure that I take more fruits for that day.

I also stocked up my pantry cabinet with instant oatmeal, non fat powdered milk and herbal teas.

When I was fixing my cabinet the other day, I found this very simple skipping rope that I always use before, so I decided to clean it and make it available for my daily 30 mins exercise. (lol)

Well...this is only for a start. I still have other health practices like taking the right kind of vitamins that my body needs. Currently, I am taking ENAT Vitamin E and Fish Oil capsules. My doctors says, fish oil is really good for the heart while vitamin E is good for the skin and rich in anti oxidants.

Hmmm...we'll see how far could I go with this goal. I know it takes a lot of discipline and determination and there's no better time than to start NOW!


  1. Inggit naman ako sa iyo sis...

    Same here... I am really planning to start a healthy lifestyle para may ma i share naman ako sa blog ko and praying na sana nga magawa ko eh...

    Go for it! Hugs!

  2. Hi Sis! A wonderful morning to u! Aga natin ngayon ah. Yes sis, it really pays to be healthy and we have to be conscious sa foods at sa life style natin in general to achieve a better health. Sometimes, it's not only about looking good but feeling healthy, as well. (*winkz*)

  3. Hello ate Krizza! Daily servings of green salad talaga? I used to have the same diet plan every day pero nawala ako sa "passing" LOL Sana, like you, maging super healthy na rin ang lifestyle ko. :D


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