January 13, 2012

Memories Of Our Zoobic Zafari Adventure!

It has always been my practice to take my kids to one tourist destination every time I go back home in the Philippines for my vacation. Since, we are staying in Subic, it is just proper that we begin exploring our very own attractions in Subic. It's always the three of us on most trips since their Dad works overseas. Nonetheless, the kids are already used with this kind of arrangement so this never kills the fun.

Photos below were taken almost 3 years ago and I can't believe how my daughter Mikz had grown taller in just a matter of 3 years. Our Zoobic Zafari Adventure can be considered as one of our best. We've stayed in the area for almost 4 hrs and had gone through so many adventures. You can get the chance to feed the tigers and crocodiles. We were also able to watch an animal parade and show and this had brought so much fun to everyone.

For those who wish to visit Zoobic Zafari, it's just nearly 2 hrs drive from Manila to Subic via SCTEX. Entrance fees varies depending on whether it's peak season or not. However, promo packages are being offered from time to time such as one here below :

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  1. Wow, there's a lot of attraction there that we never knew when we visited. Nice pics! Thanks for joining CC.

  2. Hello ate Krizza! Congratulations po sa new blog mo :) Palink naman ng Chic Foodies blog ko kahit idelete mo nalang ang I Heart Giveaway sa roll :P Anyway, nalink ko na ang new blog mo ate. Just inform me if nakakuha ka na ng new domain :)

  3. That is pretty cool! Like to visit this kind of place. ^_^

    Color Connection

  4. Ganda ng place at ang daming ninyong pics dito... Hehehe

    Salamat sa links sis... Will add this pag may new domain kana...

    Congrats sa new baby mo...

  5. nice photos, hope we can visit this place too =) Visiting via Color connection.Hope you can visit
    my entry

  6. wow, subic is such a nice place... i would love to back there :)

    new follower and reader here:)


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