January 23, 2012

My Own Version Of Pancit Malabon

This is the simple version of Pancit Malabon minus the squids, shrimps and oyters. This is just good for a daily "merienda" in the house.

One of my favorite "merienda" during "high tea" at home is the traditional "pancit Malabon". This type of pancit originated from malabon City Metro Manila, Philippines. I used to buy this from a nearby food shop specializing in "pancit Malabon" and you can order from them for take outs in the native "bilao" of various sizes. Believe me, it's so yummy. It comes with so many toppings like pork chicharong(cracklings) , tinapa flakes, squid, meat and "taba ng alimango". Because of this, I tried my best to learn how to cook my favorite dish. I did asked a recipe from a friend and voila! I was able to cook it by myself. Although mine was just a simplier version. If this is just for a normal "merienda" in the house, I just put the basics like ground pork, tinapa flakes, pork chicharon, boiled eggs and onion leeks. Just squeeze some calamansi on your own serving when you are ready to eat it, and it's perfect!

My ingredients :

Pancit luglug noodles
ground pork
pork chicharon
tinapa flakes (smoked fish)
hard boiled eggs
onion leeks
Magic sarap mix
atsuete (for coloring)
fish sauce (patis)
ground pepper


Boil water and add luglug noodles. Pour magic magic sarap mix. Set aside. Saute garlic, onions and ground pork. Pour some atsuete in water, drain the seeds and pour the said water on the pan. Allow it to boil. Add the luglug noodles and mixed thoroughly. Season with fish sauce and ground pepper. Add some tinapa flakes. Mix well. Add some pounded pork chicharon. Set aside some for toppings. Mix all the ingredients well. Add fish sauce according to your taste. Place the cooked noodles in a platter. Topped with sliced hard boiled eggs, the remaining pork chicharon and onion leeks. Serve hot. Best served with puto.


You may want to add fried shrimps, adobong pusit ot taba ng alimango as toppings. It's all up to you. Anyway, these can be cooked separately and just add as toppings or you can saute it together with ground pork.


  1. hindi ako ganong mahilig sa pansit, pero every once in a while nag-c-crave din, lalo na si Vince :) salamat sa pag share ng iyong recipe, kriz, and sana meron lahat ng ingredients dito para ma-try ko din lutuin sometime ;)

    1. Tingin ko mukang di kumpleto ingredients dyan. May tinapa ba dyan? Hehehe. Pero sana nga ma try mo minsan. Thanks sa dalaw. :)

  2. Kagutom ah? At salamat sa procedures! Di pa ako nakakapgluto nito eh so I will try cooking this.

    1. Ah ganun ba? Mukang ako lang ang may hilig dito ah! But promise, love ko talaga to. Especially pag pinigaan ng kalamansi. Yummy!

  3. Hello ate Kirzza. Malapit na defense namin so after this weekend, makakadalaw na ako sa blog mo :)

    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing the recipe for us. Try ko to some time. Hehehe. What's the difference po ba between a pancit malabon and ordinary pancit? :P

    1. Uyy....good luck sa defense mo ha. Galingan mo! I want to hear good stories from you when you get back to blogging full swing.

      About your question, etong pancit malabon eh parang another version ng pancit palabok. Siguro naman aware ka sa panci palabok :) Kasi siguro you are from Mindanao, famous kasi eto sa mga taga Luzon coz Malabon is in Metro Manila.

      Hugz to u! See u around soon! :)

  4. I miss this kind of pancit. my mom always cook pancit dati. :)

    para nga rin di maxado mahal ang ingredients. can i cook this using a rice cooker? :)

    by the way, added ur link and followed you too. :)


    1. Hi dear, hindi sya pwede lutuin sa rice cooker kasi need u igisa yung mga ingredients kaya dapat a pan talaga. Yeah, ur right, mura lang ang budget para dito.

      Thanks for the follow and adding of my link. Will do the same. Will visit u later. Thanks.

  5. yummy....pwede kita tanong ano yang pancit luglug???i love pancit at bihon...i always crave...visiting from:http://www.travelentz.com/2012/01/first-stop-newportkentucky.html
    appreciate if u can visit too.

  6. Hello! Pancit luglu kasi has a special kind of noodles na different from the ordinary bihon noodles. Medyo malalaki at mataba yung sa luglug. Have u not tried eating pancit malabon yet?

    Yup, will take time to visit u later. Thanks for being here. :)

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  9. Wow! Sarap nyan sis...

    Thanks for sharing. Gagayahin ko to.. Hehehe

    Sorry sis ha medyo na busy ako lately eh.. Bawi lang ako ha...

    Salamat sa suporta...

  10. We just had our dinner but seeing this makes my tummy growl lol. Yummy!

  11. I really love to cook. I cooked my version of this pancit during my father's birthday and I am going to do this on saturday on my son's birthday.
    One twist that can be done is to add milk on the sauce. It really tastes good. Try it.

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