January 11, 2012

Praybeyt Benjamin

Does this video looks familiar to you? This is the top grosser film Praybeyt Benjamin with no other than Vice Ganda on the lead role.  He plays opposite to Derek Ramsey who is an equally talented actor.  When I got back home for vacation last December, my kids kept on pushing me to buy a DVD of  Praybeyt Benjamin.  My son would always tell me that this is a block buster film and a top grosser even outshining the film of Anne Curtis and Christine Reyes, "My Other Wife".  So out of curiosity, we waited for a DVD copy to be released in the market and  there we go, one fine night at home, we watched Praybeyt Benjamin.

The film was really all fun.  No doubt, it is the undisputed comedy film of the year.  Well, it's not really a very special movie and the story itself  is not really that special or unique. You will be entertained not by the story itself but by the usual antics of Vice Ganda which made her way to the top. You will be laughing on most scenes and on most dialogues and for this, I find this comedy film really entertaining.

This film by Vice Ganda was successful in making the movie goers really entertained although it's not a film for those who are looking for quality and depth. Nonetheless, the fact that it made us really laugh is enough to say that it's all worth it.  After all, we watch films to get away from stress and forget about our problems even for a couple of hours.

Have you watched it? It's worth a try!


1 comment:

  1. I did watch that movie too for "palipas oras" with my bf, my sister, sister's bf, and our friends. It's a movie one doesn't need to expect much from rather it's a movie we can all sit back, relax, watch and laugh out loud. It wasn't even the funniest movie.. but I guess I have the best companion that made myself laugh really hard kahit sa mga corny scenes haha.. don't be KJ when watching this movie.. weee love the movie and friends :D


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