January 8, 2012

Why Do We Serve Fruits On New Year's Eve?

It is a common practice in the Philippines and perhaps in other countries as well, that dining tables shall be filled with different kinds of fruits as we welcome the new year.  Why is that so? Is there anything that fruit symbolizes for new year?  Well, I've read from several feng shui books and magazines that fruit at your table during the new year celebration symbolizes new life and new beginning.  If you had been to other countries in Asia especially those Buddhist countries, you will notice that fruits are used as temple offerings.  They also made use of fruits as an offering in the prayer altars in their homes.  For the others, fruits symbolized abundance and prosperity.

I noticed that orange is the most common fruit on display on every table during new year's eve.  This is because orange is a symbol of good fortune.  Mandarins in Chinese means gold, thus to them this clearly stand for prosperity. Other fruits have special meanings, too. Apples for peace, bananas for brilliance and melons for family unity.

Whether these things are true or not, I admit that I am also following these traditions.  For me, there's no harm done, so why not?  So during the last new year's eve, I also made sure that we have some fruits on display at our dining table.  Apart from fruits, it has also been my habit to have candies or chocolates on a serving tray to be placed on the dining table together with the assorted fruits that we've prepared.  I was just thinking that candies are sweet so it symbolizes my simple wish or prayer for a sweeter year. :)

How about you guys? Did you also serve fruits on your tables last new year's eve?

1 comment:

  1. My mom used to do that but we ended up eating the fruits before New Year! :) One of the tradition of Pinoys.


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