February 29, 2012

Coco Lime At Subic

Coco Lime inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone has always been a favorite place to dine. Whenever I'm having my vacation in the Philippines and I asked the kids where do they like to dine, my son would immediately answer, "Coco Lime". Sometimes, I'm having a difficulty deciding what place to choose as my two kids had different preference on foods. My daughter likes western foods a lot while my son adores a mixture of Asian cuisine. For me, both is acceptable. Sometimes, I just try to chose the one with a nicer ambiance. For me,dining out is not only to satisfy my palate. It is also my way to relax, to bond with family and friends and to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings especially when we go to those restos having a very beautiful interior decorations. But I still prefer the "al fresco" dining experience.

Just recently, we had our dinner at Coco Lime. We ordered 3 main courses. Beef Pochero, Basil Chicken and mixed grilled seafoods consisting of shrimps, milk fish and squids. I noticed that this is the second time that we failed to take some pictures of the foods served on the table. Maybe because we were all excited to dine together and feast with the good foods as I was away from quite sometime.

In the end, we managed to take photos of some sweets that we had after that satisfying dinner.

Overall, it was fun and we have really enjoyed our scrumptious dinner....only at Coco Lime.

February 27, 2012

A Tiring Trip!

Hi friends! I'm home now! Actually I was home for few days already but I was really very tired since I came home last February 24. I must say that this is the most tiring of all my trips. Probably because I was a bit exhausted for more than a week since I filed my resignation from work. Packing my things really ate up much of my time. Until now, I could still feel the pain in my lower legs. I immediately went for a therapheutic massage the day after I arrived in the Philippines but it only relieves me temporarily. I can still feel the pains all over my body. I'm planning to go for sauna and another session of whole body massage in the coming days as I really wanted to feel better. I can't concentrate much now but at least I was able to do some of my errands at home despite feeling very sick. I am very seldom to online now thus, can't blog walk much same like what I used to do. But I promise to visit everyone once I'm fully recovered!

I'll be posting some of my happenings in the next few days so I hope you can take time out to visit me.

Still feeling very sleepy. Will try to catch up with all of you, soon.


February 22, 2012

The Long Wait Is Over!

I am both equally sad and excited as I am now on my last day of work here in this company. Yesterday, I was busy fixing my room, making sure that I've already get rid of all my clutter. I've also distributed some of my personal things to friends. Today, I only have 4 hours of sleep. It's almost past midnight when I finished packing my things. I can't figure out what should I remove from my luggage as it looks like I've already exceeded 30 kilos. It's hard to let go of some personal stuff especially for someone like me who really adores "memorabillas".

Tomorrow will be another day for me as I step out of NAIA. I will be back to Philippines once again and that only means that I'm going to see my family again and of course, "my home sweet home". I have a shorter vacation this time as this is only a short break before I finally join the new company who just hired me. I will try to make the most of my vacation as I'm planning to have a complete health check up when I arrived. I wanted to make sure that I'm perfectly okay. Working away from home is not so easy, thus I want to make sure that I'm in perfect health and in perfect shape. I was not eating much these past few days, probably because I got bored with the foods that I normally take. How I missed the Filipino foods and I'll be having two weeks to indulge on my favorite Filipino foods.

Well...I am hoping to enjoy my short break and I think I badly needed some rest as I was really exhausted these past few days.

Well...until here, I hope to have a safe trip back home.


February 21, 2012


“The word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

By: Carl Gustav Jung

Good bye friends! Hope to see you all again....someday!

“Smile, even if it's a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not knowing how to smile.”

February 20, 2012

Wrapping Up!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last post here and I feel that I have to do a lot of catching up whenever I go back online full swing. As of the moment, I am still terribly busy. Packing things like clothes and other personal stuff which had accumulated for years is not that easy. I only pre booked my baggage allowance to a maximum of 30 kilos and with this amount, I could only afford to pack 70% of my clothes, shoes and other personal things. Most of my other stuff will be left behind. I've decided to just distribute these to friends. Also, even if I can increase the baggage allowance, it would no longer be convenient for me to handle extra luggage. How I wish I have more than two hands to carry everything back.

As of the moment, I still have a couple of days to go to settle everything. I'm done with my two way flight bookings, hotel booking and other personal concerns. I have to move very fast as I am running out of time. I've already prepared and organized my activities upon reaching home. I hope everything will turn out right...as planned and scheduled.

I may not be so visible in the next few days but I will try to be online when time permits to at least check my emails and make a quick visit to my online buddies. I know my blog pals will understand me with this hectic schedule.

I hope to be able to make another post here before I take my flight back to the Philippines. Just had a small dinner with some friends tonight to wish them well and say good bye. I still have other friends that I have to catch up with but I'm not sure if I would still have the time.

Have to pause from here....I had a long day today and I really feel so tired and sleepy.

See you around!

February 15, 2012

It Only Hurts When I Pee

"It Only Hurts When I Pee" is a new book by three times best selling author RJ Ledesma and will be launched on February 20, 2012 at 6:00 PM at Power Books Greenbelt 4. To know more of this book and the author, I am including here the press release for RJ Ledesma's book launch.

Official Press Release:

What does action star Robin Padilla, former president Joseph Estrada, and cosmetic surgeon-turned-celebrity Hayden Kho have in common with Hollywood stars James Dean, Collin Farrel, and Robert Downey, Jr.?

Unless you’re a brooding man who can make women want to drop everything and land in your brawny arms every time something unfriendly comes their way, most men have all went through devastating heartaches at some point in their lives. We’ve seen it a thousand times—nice guys getting dumped and friend-zoned over stoic, devastatingly gorgeous, distressed men reminiscent of Damon Salvatore and Edward Cullen, who can make even blood sucking look sexy. What is it about bad boys that put sparkle in women’s eyes, glow in their cheeks, and blood rushing into their veins and other lovely parts?

No, this is not another story about vampires who sparkle in the midday sun while wearing outrageously pale faces and pouted lips. This is the truth that young boys long to discover, grown ups laugh about, and our grandpas love to revisit. This is the story of every Adam that will never be written in the history of mankind.

Three-time best-selling author and 30th National Book Awards finalist RJ Ledesma unravels how this and other crazy, perplexing phenomena are taking place, as he launches his fourth book “It Only Hurts When I Pee, RJ Ledesma’s Guide on Bodily Gases, Hair Loss and Pink Parts.” The book, distributed by Anvil Publishing, is a compilation of the ridiculously truthful, self-aware and highly comical chronicles of the less hygienic male species based on curious epic research, thorough investigation and, ahem, first-hand experience.

From the freshly squeezed brain juices of RJ Ledesma, the book and all its 167 pages tackles amusing topics and antics, including classic and epic details in the Pinoy dating and mating scenes, and male entertainment created simply by grimy fingers and a lack of good taste.

Wonder why bad guys often become the object of romance by women who, in RJ’s own word, desire “to increase the country’s current voting population”? Let the entrepreneur, multimedia practitioner, yogi and author of Lies My Yaya Should Have Told Me (2008), I Do or I Die (2009), and Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Me? (2010) tickle your funny bone and usher you into testosterone land with his newest masterpiece guaranteed to make you pee to your heart’s content.

February 13, 2012

A Valentine's Day Concert With Billy And Nikki

For those who are seeking a perfect valentine treat, this concert of Nikki and Billy is worth considering.

"Love In The City You Love" might probably be the last concert of the couple, as Billy will be going out of the country soon for a better work opportunity.

This will be at the Ayala Triangle Gardens at Makati on February 14 at 6PM.

February 10, 2012

Happiness Is ..... Being Surrounded By Luscious Greens

For a nature lover like me, nothing can beat the joys brought about by the freshness and beauty of luscious greens. I really enjoyed visiting any garden.

Those bonsai's are so adorable.

Photos above were taken at Saigon Botanical Garden Hoh Chi Min City, Vietnam.

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February 8, 2012

Another Seat Sale From Cebu Pacific

Yayy....I get excited after seeing the 50% OFF seat sale from Cebu Pacific. I've been considering to spend a vacation at Siem Riep Cambodia with the kids to finally see it's famous Angkor Wat. I've been in this country for few years already but I haven't got the chance to visit the magnificent Angkor Wat. So many tourists from Asia and the western part of the world flocked to Siem Riep just to get a sight of the Cambodia's pride. Just recently, Cebu Pacific had entered into an agreement with the government of Cambodia to open a direct flight from Manila to Siem Riep. This has been a good news to Filipinos working in Cambodia as there will be another option to travel to and from Cambodia.

From this seat sale advisory, Cebu Pacific is offering a 50% OFF on a Manila to Siem Riep flight at about Php1,000+. But yeah, this is not inclusive yet of taxes and baggage allowance. But still a good price.

Other destinations available are Manila to Xiamen, Clark to Macau, Clark to Hongkong and kalibo to Hongkong, all at 50% OFF the actual price. Seat sale will be until February 09 or until seats last.

This will be valid for travels from February 15 to March 31, 2012.

Log in to Cebu Pacific website for more details.

February 5, 2012

Starting The Week Right

It's Monday once again. I told myself that I wanted to start the week right. Yesterday, I had the chance to chat with my daughter via YM. It's only the first time that I get to chat with her and see her on webcam since I came back here in Cambodia last January 5. Well...she'd been very busy in school with so many projects to submit and also she just had her periodical exams, so she was really busy reviewing her lessons. I don't want to disturb her thus, I just waited for the right time that I can chat with her. She also had her field trip last January 20. We had a lot more things to talk and discuss but since it's already past 9PM in the Philippines, Cambodia being delayed by 1 hour, I just let her sign out and go to sleep. Apart from updating me about her school activities, she mentioned to me that she always join her Dad to jog after class. Was happy to know that they are all doing okay including my Mom.

I went out to buy some fruits on the nearby market. I'm determined to push through with my number one goal this year which is to prioritize my health. Well, I am perfectly alright with everything but I still believe that we shouldn't only start taking care of ourselves when we feel something wrong with our body already. I am trying to avoid eating much pork and other fatty foods and take more veggies and fruits instead. Thus, after work, I immediately went out to buy variety of fruits. I bought 5 kinds of fruits: strawberries, jack fruit, bananas, oranges and mangosteen. I also bought some turnips which I loved to eat with vinegar and a little bit of salt.

Apart from indulging this week on fruits, I am also planning to start reading a book which I got from OMF Lit. as a gift last year. The book is entitled, "Hope Away From Home" which is an inspirational book intended for OFW's. So, I think it's just perfect for me.

Last month turned out well for me. I got a number of online tasks which allowed me to earn extra. I was able to save some amount from my allowance, meaning I didn't spend that much (*winks*). I'm trying to be frugal this time coz I would like to save for another vacation with the family. I hope I can make it coz this is one of the goals that I have listed down for this year. I hope that I could do the same for this month so I want to start the week right. I am inspired to do all my goals and having a good start is a good indication.

I want to leave this quote for you by now, hope you'll get an inspiration from it.

"All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible."
By: T.E. Lawrence

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February 3, 2012

Happiness Is....Souvenir Shopping!

One thing that really entertains me and gives me simple joys is when I go for souvenir shopping. Something I can put in my house for display or something that I can bring home as "pasalubong" for relatives and friends.

This photo was taken in one of the souvenir shops at the Central Post Office at Hoh Chi Min City when I visited there with my kids. These are just some of the countless memories we had from that trip.

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February 2, 2012

Vietnam Monk

During my kids last visit to Saigon in Vietnam, they have seen a number of things, places and foods that are totally new to them. But what fascinates them most is the Vietnam Monk as seen on the photos above. My daughter Mika didn't let pass off the opportunity to have a shot with some of the Monks that we have seen roaming around inside the Dam Sen theme park. She said, her visit to Saigon wouldn't be complete if she won't get any souvenir picture with them. The funny part was, she was asking me to approach the Monk for the souvenir picture as she can't speak in Vietnamese language. I told her to just give it a try. There's no need to talk much. Action will speak louder than words. I let her speak to the monk and voila! Success! There's she goes with the souvenir pics. (lol)

For educational purposes, according to Wikipedia, A monk (from Greek: μοναχός, monachos, "single, solitary"[1]) is a person who practices religious asceticism, living either alone or with any number of other monks, while always maintaining some degree of physical separation from those not sharing the same purpose. The concept is ancient and can be seen in many religions and in philosophy.

Just sharing!

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