February 29, 2012

Coco Lime At Subic

Coco Lime inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone has always been a favorite place to dine. Whenever I'm having my vacation in the Philippines and I asked the kids where do they like to dine, my son would immediately answer, "Coco Lime". Sometimes, I'm having a difficulty deciding what place to choose as my two kids had different preference on foods. My daughter likes western foods a lot while my son adores a mixture of Asian cuisine. For me, both is acceptable. Sometimes, I just try to chose the one with a nicer ambiance. For me,dining out is not only to satisfy my palate. It is also my way to relax, to bond with family and friends and to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings especially when we go to those restos having a very beautiful interior decorations. But I still prefer the "al fresco" dining experience.

Just recently, we had our dinner at Coco Lime. We ordered 3 main courses. Beef Pochero, Basil Chicken and mixed grilled seafoods consisting of shrimps, milk fish and squids. I noticed that this is the second time that we failed to take some pictures of the foods served on the table. Maybe because we were all excited to dine together and feast with the good foods as I was away from quite sometime.

In the end, we managed to take photos of some sweets that we had after that satisfying dinner.

Overall, it was fun and we have really enjoyed our scrumptious dinner....only at Coco Lime.


  1. binata na din pala talaga yung son mo, kriz! iyan ba si hubby? ;) ganyan din kami minsan ni vince hindi kami maka decide kung Asian ba or Western ang kakainan, and it's nice kasi may mga restaurants dito na nag-se-serve both :D

    1. Yup KM! OO nga eh, binata na talaga. Seryoso kasi yang batang yan kaya matured tignan. Hahaha. Nung bumili nga kami ng shitzu akala nung tindera ate nila ako. Hahaha.

  2. Mukhang ang saya ng dalawang kiddos mo sis... Kumpleto ang pamilya...

    First time ko atang nakita ang pic ni hubby mo.

    Sorry sa madalang na dalaw ha. Enjoy your vacation sis. Hugs!

    1. Oo nga Sis, masaya talaga sila at lahat kami nasa Pinas. Oo nga, camera shy kasi eh. Hahaha. :) Ayaw ma exposed.


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