February 22, 2012

The Long Wait Is Over!

I am both equally sad and excited as I am now on my last day of work here in this company. Yesterday, I was busy fixing my room, making sure that I've already get rid of all my clutter. I've also distributed some of my personal things to friends. Today, I only have 4 hours of sleep. It's almost past midnight when I finished packing my things. I can't figure out what should I remove from my luggage as it looks like I've already exceeded 30 kilos. It's hard to let go of some personal stuff especially for someone like me who really adores "memorabillas".

Tomorrow will be another day for me as I step out of NAIA. I will be back to Philippines once again and that only means that I'm going to see my family again and of course, "my home sweet home". I have a shorter vacation this time as this is only a short break before I finally join the new company who just hired me. I will try to make the most of my vacation as I'm planning to have a complete health check up when I arrived. I wanted to make sure that I'm perfectly okay. Working away from home is not so easy, thus I want to make sure that I'm in perfect health and in perfect shape. I was not eating much these past few days, probably because I got bored with the foods that I normally take. How I missed the Filipino foods and I'll be having two weeks to indulge on my favorite Filipino foods.

Well...I am hoping to enjoy my short break and I think I badly needed some rest as I was really exhausted these past few days.

Well...until here, I hope to have a safe trip back home.



  1. Have a fun two weeks in Pinas, Kriz. Bon voyage! :)

    1. Thanks KM! Thanks din sa palaging pag silip dito. Hugs! :)

  2. Enjoy your vacation dito sa Pinas sis... Hopefully makapag pa check up...

    Sorry medyo busy din lately dahil sa papa ko...

  3. Unlike you sis, I only have happiness in my heart for you! Super saya ng mga binibigay na blessing sayo ni Lord. And hey, enjoy your 2-week vacay!

    And sis I have an award for you here sa blog na to. http://www.womenschoice.info/2012/02/enchanted-award-received.html

    Just claim it anytime pag ok na ang lahat sayo.

  4. there's no place like home....welcome back!


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