February 27, 2012

A Tiring Trip!

Hi friends! I'm home now! Actually I was home for few days already but I was really very tired since I came home last February 24. I must say that this is the most tiring of all my trips. Probably because I was a bit exhausted for more than a week since I filed my resignation from work. Packing my things really ate up much of my time. Until now, I could still feel the pain in my lower legs. I immediately went for a therapheutic massage the day after I arrived in the Philippines but it only relieves me temporarily. I can still feel the pains all over my body. I'm planning to go for sauna and another session of whole body massage in the coming days as I really wanted to feel better. I can't concentrate much now but at least I was able to do some of my errands at home despite feeling very sick. I am very seldom to online now thus, can't blog walk much same like what I used to do. But I promise to visit everyone once I'm fully recovered!

I'll be posting some of my happenings in the next few days so I hope you can take time out to visit me.

Still feeling very sleepy. Will try to catch up with all of you, soon.



  1. welcome back Krizzy! We missed you! Eto ah? Don't miss the fun sa home blog ko. Pampahappy mo dito sa Pinas habang andito ka. Wait kita dun and rest well. Kakailanganin mo yan para suungin ang bagong hamon sa new workplace mo.

  2. I am glad you're now back home safe and sound, Krizz. Pasensya di ako madalas nakakasilip sa 3 blogs mo. Na busy din ako at work and I had a bad cold since the weekend. Can't bloghop that much too.

    You take your sweet time. Savor each and every loving moment with fam. Minsanan lang yan.

    Love and hugs!

  3. Welcome home sis... I'm happy to know that you arrived safely. Siguro ang saya ng mga kids mo lalo na si Mikz dahil sa puppy nya...

    Take your sweet time kasi diba 2 weeks lang ang bakasyon mo. Pahinga ka talaga para makabawi agad.

    Medyo na busy ako lately kasi nasa ospital ang papa ko lalabas na bukas tapos pinsan ko naman na ako din ang nag aasikaso sa lahat.Ok lang, kaya to...hehehe

  4. Hi ate Krizza. Sobrang daming changes in your life for the past weeks. I know sobrang pagod ka :) Hoping for the best for you and your family. Rest ka muna and enjoy your vacay :) Natawa ako sa line na "fully recovered" Good luck sa new work ah! Keep us updated! :)

  5. Enjoy your stay sa Pinas, Kriz! Sige lang pa-spa ka ng bongga diyan, kelangan mo yan ;) Hope you feel better soon. Na-e-excite na din ako for you sa bagong job mo ;) Ingat lagi, and say "hi" to Mikz :D


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