February 20, 2012

Wrapping Up!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last post here and I feel that I have to do a lot of catching up whenever I go back online full swing. As of the moment, I am still terribly busy. Packing things like clothes and other personal stuff which had accumulated for years is not that easy. I only pre booked my baggage allowance to a maximum of 30 kilos and with this amount, I could only afford to pack 70% of my clothes, shoes and other personal things. Most of my other stuff will be left behind. I've decided to just distribute these to friends. Also, even if I can increase the baggage allowance, it would no longer be convenient for me to handle extra luggage. How I wish I have more than two hands to carry everything back.

As of the moment, I still have a couple of days to go to settle everything. I'm done with my two way flight bookings, hotel booking and other personal concerns. I have to move very fast as I am running out of time. I've already prepared and organized my activities upon reaching home. I hope everything will turn out right...as planned and scheduled.

I may not be so visible in the next few days but I will try to be online when time permits to at least check my emails and make a quick visit to my online buddies. I know my blog pals will understand me with this hectic schedule.

I hope to be able to make another post here before I take my flight back to the Philippines. Just had a small dinner with some friends tonight to wish them well and say good bye. I still have other friends that I have to catch up with but I'm not sure if I would still have the time.

Have to pause from here....I had a long day today and I really feel so tired and sleepy.

See you around!


  1. Hi Krizza, Keep us posted, okay? Hope you're not stressing yourself too much there with packing and stuff. Enjoy your Pinas vacay! hugs :)

    1. HI KM! Yup, I will! Thank u so much!Will keep u guys posted soon!

      Hugs back to u dear! :)

  2. Hi! I'm going to visit Phnom Penh soon. I'm just wondering where is the best high tea in PP and how much is it? Thanks!:)


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