March 30, 2012

BC Bloggers Is Back!


I was actually thinking of having this site join the BC Bloggers. Good thing that when I tried to open my inbox today, I've seen this email from Mommy Paula announcing that BC Bloggers is back. . Thus, I still able to get this chance. BC Bloggers is a community which tends to let bloggers help one another by exchanging links in one simple step.

So if you have a new blog which you would like to be a part of this community, now is your chance to join.

Just log on to for more information on how to join.

March 27, 2012

Earth Hour Celebration

Makati City hosts world's biggest "Earth Hour Celebration". Makati City partners with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Ayala Land, Inc., and the Makati Commercial Estate Association, Inc. (MACEA), as it sets the stage for Earth Hour 2012—the world’s largest environmental movement.


Date: March 31, Saturday

Time: 6:00PM

Venue: Ayala Triangle Gardens Fountain Area

March 26, 2012

Lucio Was Dewormed!

During my chat session with my daughter last Saturday afternoon, I was informed that Lucio was brought to his Vet for the scheduled deworming. Lucio was completely checked up and was given the schedule for his succeeding visits to the Vet for his deworming and anti rabies vaccines. I also get the chance to see Lucio on webcam and my God, he has grown very fast. He's quite big already and looks healthier making him even more adorable. I miss our little puppy.

I never regret buying Lucio. He's such a darling. I could see how both my son and daughter enjoy his company especially Mikz. In fairness, I could see that they are responsible enough as I could very well see how they take good care of Lucio. From feeding him to cleaning his popoo. Lucio is always with them when they are in the house. Playing with him has become their favorite past time. Oh well...getting him for Mikz is worth the wait.

March 19, 2012


During the day of my flight when I'm doing a last minute checking on my luggages, my son Edmar and daughter Mikz handed me a small printed brown paper bag. I didn't open it until I've reached my new place in Cambodia. I was not able to open it the first day I arrived here since I was very tired and busy fixing up my new room. However, on my second day, I recalled about that brown paper bag and checked on it's content. It was a cute pink notebook with a pink pen and pink rosary. There was also a thank you card. As I opened the card, I saw the messages of my two kids and both of them had expressed their appreciation for all the happy moments we've shared during my vacation. They said thank you for all my sacrifices and for doing everything for them and for their future. For a Mom like me, the only consolation I got is to get appreciated for all the hard work that I'm doing for the family. For being appreciated for all the love, care and affection that I've been giving them all through the years. These maybe just a very simple memento but for me, the fact that my kids had taken extra effort to buy me such stuff and write down "thank you" messages in a cute and colorful "thank you" card really makes a difference.

You're welcome kids! I would certainly do everything for the both of you even if it would mean countless sacrifices.

That's how much I love you!

March 16, 2012

Mom's Birthday at Gerry's Grill

Last March 02, I was able to treat the whole family for a movie and dinner at Gerry's Grill. It was my Mom's birthday actually and it so happened that I was home for vacation so I wanted to make her feel special on her birthday. Luckily that she loved the idea. My Mom is always lazy to go out. She preferred to stay in the house. But this time, It wasn't difficult for me to convince her. So off we go to watch John Loyd and Angel Locsin's movie, "Unofficially Yours".

After watching the movie, we went to the nearby Gerry's Grill for our not so late dinner. We had the following dishes:

I missed the third dish, "tinomok" which is very similar to "laing" except that inside the taro leaves, they put some ground meat. It's yummy!

My Mom complained that she was so full that night and can't get up from her seat. (lol) Actually she wants to limit herself eating sandwich or salad for dinner. But since, it was her birthday, I did ask her to take rice and have a taste of Gerry's Grill special dishes.

We had fun that night and the kids had enjoyed the foods, as well. This is one of the best things that I had on my last vacation, to be with my Mom on her special day.

Belated Happy Birthday Mom!

My share for :


March 14, 2012

Lucio Went To Church!

Last Sunday which was actually the actual day of my flight, I still managed to bond with the family by attending the morning mass and having lunch at Coco Lime afterwards. My flight was at 9:30 PM, so I have to leave at around 3PM from the house so I could be at the airport at least 2 hrs before my flight. Of course, my daughter Mikz brought her Baby Lucio. It seems like we are all treating him like human. We even brought his feeding bottle and place Lucio in a cute pink bag. As expected his "cuteness" captured the hearts of many. The people behind us in the church cannot control to touch his thick fur. He was so behaved. He just slept until the mass ended. I wonder if he prayed. (lol)

Isn't he cute? What do you think?

March 9, 2012

Delicious Carrot Cake

One fine afternoon when kids were at school, Mom and our house helper Ate Elsa were both taking an afternoon nap, I suddenly felt the urge to bake a carrot cake for our afternoon snack. Actually this is my second time to bake a carrot cake but the first time I did it, my son Edmar assisted me. This time I did it all by myself and I'm very proud of it. I know it's not that perfect yet but my Mom and Ate Elsa liked it so much. I really love to learn baking cakes but I just have a limited time to focus on this at this time. Anyway, I hope that I could learn more next time.

Here is my carrot cake...

Shredded carrots and raisins were mixed into the cake mixture and I topped it with vanilla frosting and Hersheys chocolate bits.

Yummy! :)
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