March 26, 2012

Lucio Was Dewormed!

During my chat session with my daughter last Saturday afternoon, I was informed that Lucio was brought to his Vet for the scheduled deworming. Lucio was completely checked up and was given the schedule for his succeeding visits to the Vet for his deworming and anti rabies vaccines. I also get the chance to see Lucio on webcam and my God, he has grown very fast. He's quite big already and looks healthier making him even more adorable. I miss our little puppy.

I never regret buying Lucio. He's such a darling. I could see how both my son and daughter enjoy his company especially Mikz. In fairness, I could see that they are responsible enough as I could very well see how they take good care of Lucio. From feeding him to cleaning his popoo. Lucio is always with them when they are in the house. Playing with him has become their favorite past time. Oh well...getting him for Mikz is worth the wait.


  1. Cute talaga ng puppy niyo ate kriz. May mata pala siya, ngayon ko lang nakita, hehe.

  2. Lucio is very lovable. Parang younger sibling lang nina Mikz si Lucio...

    Sorry sa madalang na dalaw sis... medyo busy lang offline...

  3. Yay, dewormed na si Lucio!!

  4. oh, such a cute doggy si lucio. At very good na nadeworm din sya. Maganda un tlga sa health nya para mas masigla!

    Miss you Krizzy. Dalaw ka sa happy post ko ah?


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