March 19, 2012


During the day of my flight when I'm doing a last minute checking on my luggages, my son Edmar and daughter Mikz handed me a small printed brown paper bag. I didn't open it until I've reached my new place in Cambodia. I was not able to open it the first day I arrived here since I was very tired and busy fixing up my new room. However, on my second day, I recalled about that brown paper bag and checked on it's content. It was a cute pink notebook with a pink pen and pink rosary. There was also a thank you card. As I opened the card, I saw the messages of my two kids and both of them had expressed their appreciation for all the happy moments we've shared during my vacation. They said thank you for all my sacrifices and for doing everything for them and for their future. For a Mom like me, the only consolation I got is to get appreciated for all the hard work that I'm doing for the family. For being appreciated for all the love, care and affection that I've been giving them all through the years. These maybe just a very simple memento but for me, the fact that my kids had taken extra effort to buy me such stuff and write down "thank you" messages in a cute and colorful "thank you" card really makes a difference.

You're welcome kids! I would certainly do everything for the both of you even if it would mean countless sacrifices.

That's how much I love you!


  1. Such thoughtful and very sweet kids you have!

  2. Oh! So sweet ng mga kids mo Krizzy! God bless you and may your kids stay sweet as they are forever!!!

  3. Ang sweet naman ng mga kids mo sis... It's a good thing na kahit malayo ka they appreciate and understand everything...

  4. Super na-touched ang mommy Krizza, I'm sure :') Katutuwa naman ang iyong mga anak. Very thoughtful and appreciative. Naiintindihan nila ang sacrifices mo to be away from them to provide and support all their needs ^^ Pati ako nainspire at naluha ata ng konti dito :')

    Oist, may bago kang meme diyan na jinojoin, di ka nag-i-invite. LOL.

    Musta pala ang bagong work mo, Kriz? Di ka naman hirap sa adjustments?

  5. very sweet and thoughtful naman nila Edmar and Mikz, nakakatouch,ibig sabihin lang nyan lahat po ng sacrifices na ginawa nyo para sa kanila naiintindihan nila!...simple things na binibigay or sinasabi satin ng kids natin nakakapawi ng pagod and really can touch our heart!...naluha me while reading kc nakarelate din me,i love it!


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