April 29, 2012

Looking At The Brighter Side

Hi friends! Am glad that I had the time to catch up with my blogs today.  I was having an irregular schedule the past few days and there's just a lot of new things coming up at work as we are very near to our opening date.  Had the chance to chat with my kids via skype last night.  The talk was pleasant though some of the things we've discussed had given me a bit of stress.  There are quite a few things left unsettled at home and this had just add up to my list of worries.  My project on my other house (replacement of the entire roofing) has not yet been completed as of this stage.  Oh boy! The contractor had just fallen behind the schedule.  This has resulted to some minor problems with my tenant as she was complaining about the disturbance and minor damages on her things.  This has given her the opportunity to be be neglectful in paying her rental fees.  Well she is for years now and she has found another lame excuse to do it again this time.  It wasn't my fault, though. I've made it clear with the contractor to have it done within a month but he has extended the project for almost 2 months now, of course, citing a hundred excuses.  This has given me a lot of stress lately.  I'm a very organized person and always plan things ahead and it somehow frustrates me when things never fall into places, as planned.  My budget was affected and have to reconsider my immediate plans.  Also, some unexpected expenses has been coming up and I have to rearrange my budget and "saving plan".  Apart from this, I'm getting more stressful situations at work.  I would say that my life had rotated 360 degrees if compared to how it was few years ago.  I have a very demanding Boss now.  He's a workaholic and a bit of perfectionist.  Thanks God, I'm coping up with his standard.  I've been working with a lot of Bosses before of various nationalities and I would say that this thing is not new to me.  I've experienced the worst of the worst and this somehow has given me an advantage compared to my colleagues.

Looking at the brighter side, I am greatly challenged with my current job and this serves as my adrenalin booster since day one.  Financially, I'm better off now as I have a regular payment schedule which allows me to have worked on a "fixed budget".  I also had the chance to reinvent myself and to get back to where I used to be ..... challenged, inspired, responsible, enthusiastic and result oriented.  I'm getting busier now.  Am glad that I haven't neglected on my blogging activities.  I might not be updating my blogs as often as how I did it before but it's safe to say that I'm still never behind the schedule.  As what was mentioned on my other post on my main blog, it pays to be busy....because it means that you are productive and have a stable job and that you are capable of working.  Somehow, it's great to look at the brighter side of things.  It keeps us motivated and stops us from giving up.

Am glad that I became more prayerful now.  If there are things that's not coming my way, I always asked God for guidance.  God has been my constant adviser and He has so far given me sound advises.  How I managed to do it? Through prayers!  I always asked for signs when He means YES or NO.  Somehow, it works for me.

Prayers are powerful and during our gloomiest days, GOD has always the answer to make us understand things in the right perspective.

I thank GOD for that!

Have a blessed Sunday!

April 25, 2012

Beef Caldereta

Do you know that this famous Filipino dish always reminds me of my daughter? Yes! Beef Caldereta is Mika's all time favorite. This dish reminds me of so many happy moments every time I go back home to take my vacation. My daughter would always ask me to cook this for her. I always take a quick trip to Monterey Meat Shop to buy some caldereta cuts for Mikz. I would normally cook a kilo of beef chunks in a thick caldereta sauce and my daughter would have this for her "ulam" for 2 consecutive days and she still never had enough of it. I remembered the last time when we had a trip to Vietnam. Mika never ordered anything but beef. That's how much she loves beef. good for her, bad for my pocket (lol). In here, I still got the chance to cook caldereta at times and every time I cook this dish, I never failed to remember my dear daughter and sigh! OMG! I'm terribly missing her! :(

April 22, 2012

Picnik Is Gone!

Was a bit sad with the closing of Picnik. This awesome website had formally closed down it's operations last April 19. I felt a bit upset coz I love this site so much. It's very easy to use and I'm loving all it's features. In fact I managed to design some of my personal photos using picnik and I just loved it!
Now that Picnik is gone, I have to look for another photo editing site which I still don't have any at the moment. I hope there will be better alternative for Picnik. How about you guys? Any idea?

April 15, 2012

It's My Day Off!

It's my day off today but I can't do much because of this Cambodian New Year. Do you know that every year when Khmers (that's how Cambodians are called)are celebrating their new year, they have this tradition of throwing water to each passer by. It reminded me of San Juan in the Philippines. But this one by Khmers is a bit different because after they had thrown water on you, they will put powder on your face (sort of baby powder)and because your face is already wet, it would be quite sticky and hard to remove. That is so because they put a lot on you. Well, luckily that I don't experience it yet from my 4 years plus in Cambodia. My friends and colleagues just told me about it. Because of this, I can't go out on my day off even just going to the market to buy some foods. Pity me, I just have to stay in my room and be contented on what's left in my stock. Also because, I worried that most of the shops and stores are closed because of the celebration. So here I am, just sitting in front of my laptop checking on my blogs and waiting for my kids to online so I could have a chat with them. It's my day off today and I just spend it in a very simple way (hehe). It's too noisy outside! There was this very loud music outside which can very well hear even inside my room. Oh! I wanted to shout, "Give me a break!" But what to do? I'm in their country and I have to live with it. Hehe. It's okay, I understand that this is a part of their culture. I have to adjust myself to it. Anyway, I would like to wish you all a blessed Sunday and hope that all of you is having a great week end!


April 11, 2012


April 13 marks my first month in this company. I came here last March 12 and started coming to work on March 13. Within that one month period, so many things happened and I would say, so many things had changed in an instant. I have found new friends, get used to a new dwelling place, had seen a new town in Cambodia, a new environment, had been in Bangkok even for an overnight stay, met my new Boss, uses Thai Baht for the first time and uses Cambodian Riels again to purchase foods and stuff. The best part is I'm able to start anew. I remembered the first time I came here in Cambodia, that was more than four years ago. I was having mixed emotions that time. it's my first time to work in another country and stay away from my family. I have no idea what would be my life here. I'm not even sure if I could stand eating different foods, living in a different place, mixing with local people, speaking a different language and living in a culture which is definitely not my own. My first few months were a struggle, trying to adjust to my new life and environment. Everything did not come so easily. I had a culture shock and a had a hard time getting along with my new colleagues and staff. Needless to say, my first time working in another country did not seem to be favorable. I worked with people of strong personality and a tough heart. Those kind of people who are always waiting for you to commit mistakes. Those pessimists who would always see an ink spot in a pretty picture and a broken window pane in a palace. There were times that I felt like giving up. But the fighter in me prevails and staying where I am had been a very tough decision. I wanted to prove myself to everybody and prove my worth as a person. I believe in a saying that, "You could never put a good man down". I think that I have made a right decision. Hadn't been for my strong personality, I wouldn't be where I am now. Life is full of tricks and challenges and it's up to us to withstand the test of times. I'm still a human though. There were times when I cried non stop at night, having self pity and blamed myself for everything that's going through my life. Sometimes when I feel very down I would tell myself, "Okay lang, pwede namang umiyak eh" (it's okay, it's free to cry anyway). I have learned a lot of things on the process and I'm proud to say that I'm learning a lot.

Now I realized that the journey to life cannot always be traveled using a smooth road. There are lots of rough roads in between. But I also came into a realization that though life's journey cannot be traveled smoothly as there are lots of rough roads along the way which can be symbolized by life's so many challenges and hardships, fear not, cause you can always make a detour. :)

In this life we always have to be smart. Well...that's the essence of living and the beauty of surviving.


April 8, 2012

Cebu Pacific's Super Sale

Just got the advisory from Cebu Pacific on their current promo fare, "The Hunt Is Over". This is a zero fare to almost all Philippine destinations and a super sale promo for some international destinations. Zero fare is on for some selected Philippine destinations while great discounts awaits those who wish to grab a promo seat to some international destinations. Seats for Clark to Hongkong and Macau are up for grab at P899 and P999 respectively. Clark o Bangkok is P1,299, Manila to Kota Kinabalu at P1,499 and Kalibo to Hongkong at P2,499. Promo is ON until April 09, 2012 for travels from November 01 to December 15,2012.

Interested? Log on to Cebu Pacific's website and book the flight of your choice.

April 3, 2012

A Busy Weekend!

I was having a hectic schedule last weekend. We were released from work in the afternoon of Saturday. Our Boss allowed us to have a half day off after our salary was released in the morning. My staff and friends have decided to go for shopping to buy some personal stuff and groceries. Initially, we just wanted to go to the market located at the boarder of Thailand but unfortunately, after we get there, the market was closed and it's too late for us to know that it only opens every mornings of Wednesday and Saturday. Too bad, but we don't have much choice. Since we've already spent considerable time having our passports stamped at the immigration of both Cambodia and Thailand, we all decided to just rent a van and proceed to the nearest mall near the boarder, about one hour drive from our place. There were ten of us, so we just shared for the rental fee amounting to THB1,800, so each of us shared THB180 for the van rental. We had limited time, the driver just agreed to wait for us until we've finished our shopping which lasted for about 2 hours and a half. We wanted to stay longer but we didn't have enough time. It's almost 3PM when we left the boarder so we have to be back at least by 7PM.

Well, since it's my first time to go there, I felt a bit excited and while still seated inside the van on our way there, I was already trying to figure out what the place actually looks like and I also tried to make a list f the things that I need to buy. Some of them had already been to that place and they said that goods there are quite cheap especially the grocery items. We were able to arrive there at exactly 4PM and after everybody agreed that we have to be at the main entrance from 6PM to 6:30PM, some had immediately decided to start shopping while some, including me had decided to have a quick lunch. I was really starving at that time and I always tell my friends that I don't have enough energy to shop unless I could be recharged by putting something on my empty stomach.

After that quick meal, we didn't waste any time. Off we go and proceed with our shopping galore. it was a nice experience for all of us. We had a limited time so we tried to make our shopping as quick as possible and made sure that we got everything we need.

In the end, we still manage to complete our shopping. It was a very tiring day but all of us really enjoyed our trip.
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