April 25, 2012

Beef Caldereta

Do you know that this famous Filipino dish always reminds me of my daughter? Yes! Beef Caldereta is Mika's all time favorite. This dish reminds me of so many happy moments every time I go back home to take my vacation. My daughter would always ask me to cook this for her. I always take a quick trip to Monterey Meat Shop to buy some caldereta cuts for Mikz. I would normally cook a kilo of beef chunks in a thick caldereta sauce and my daughter would have this for her "ulam" for 2 consecutive days and she still never had enough of it. I remembered the last time when we had a trip to Vietnam. Mika never ordered anything but beef. That's how much she loves beef. good for her, bad for my pocket (lol). In here, I still got the chance to cook caldereta at times and every time I cook this dish, I never failed to remember my dear daughter and sigh! OMG! I'm terribly missing her! :(


  1. Sarap! Sigurado nami-miss din ni Mikz ikaw at ang luto mong ito Sis...

    Careful lang, just watched the news about a disease on beef na galing ng US...

  2. Masarap nga naman talaga ang caldereta noh miks? Wag Lang madalas though coz it takes 3 days before matunaw ng husto sa tiyan ang karne ng Baka. Regards!

  3. wow sarap!!! Pareho pala kami ng favorite ni mika now ko lang nalaman, request ko din yan lagi sa nanay ko...pero now na Mom na me ako na din ang nagluluto for her given the chance na makapunta sya samin!


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