April 15, 2012

It's My Day Off!

It's my day off today but I can't do much because of this Cambodian New Year. Do you know that every year when Khmers (that's how Cambodians are called)are celebrating their new year, they have this tradition of throwing water to each passer by. It reminded me of San Juan in the Philippines. But this one by Khmers is a bit different because after they had thrown water on you, they will put powder on your face (sort of baby powder)and because your face is already wet, it would be quite sticky and hard to remove. That is so because they put a lot on you. Well, luckily that I don't experience it yet from my 4 years plus in Cambodia. My friends and colleagues just told me about it. Because of this, I can't go out on my day off even just going to the market to buy some foods. Pity me, I just have to stay in my room and be contented on what's left in my stock. Also because, I worried that most of the shops and stores are closed because of the celebration. So here I am, just sitting in front of my laptop checking on my blogs and waiting for my kids to online so I could have a chat with them. It's my day off today and I just spend it in a very simple way (hehe). It's too noisy outside! There was this very loud music outside which can very well hear even inside my room. Oh! I wanted to shout, "Give me a break!" But what to do? I'm in their country and I have to live with it. Hehe. It's okay, I understand that this is a part of their culture. I have to adjust myself to it. Anyway, I would like to wish you all a blessed Sunday and hope that all of you is having a great week end!



  1. Oo nga no, parang fiesta ng San Juan sa'tin, kaya lang diyan may kalakip na libreng face powder. Hehe! Kung ako din siguro mag stay na lang ako sa loob ng bahay :D At least, nakapahinga ka kahit paano, Kriz, and naka catch up din with blogging and online tasks ;)

  2. Sis parang nag comment ako sa post na ito ah... Nawala ba?

    A Blessed Sunday. Sorry ha minsanan na lang ang dalaw...


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