April 29, 2012

Looking At The Brighter Side

Hi friends! Am glad that I had the time to catch up with my blogs today.  I was having an irregular schedule the past few days and there's just a lot of new things coming up at work as we are very near to our opening date.  Had the chance to chat with my kids via skype last night.  The talk was pleasant though some of the things we've discussed had given me a bit of stress.  There are quite a few things left unsettled at home and this had just add up to my list of worries.  My project on my other house (replacement of the entire roofing) has not yet been completed as of this stage.  Oh boy! The contractor had just fallen behind the schedule.  This has resulted to some minor problems with my tenant as she was complaining about the disturbance and minor damages on her things.  This has given her the opportunity to be be neglectful in paying her rental fees.  Well she is for years now and she has found another lame excuse to do it again this time.  It wasn't my fault, though. I've made it clear with the contractor to have it done within a month but he has extended the project for almost 2 months now, of course, citing a hundred excuses.  This has given me a lot of stress lately.  I'm a very organized person and always plan things ahead and it somehow frustrates me when things never fall into places, as planned.  My budget was affected and have to reconsider my immediate plans.  Also, some unexpected expenses has been coming up and I have to rearrange my budget and "saving plan".  Apart from this, I'm getting more stressful situations at work.  I would say that my life had rotated 360 degrees if compared to how it was few years ago.  I have a very demanding Boss now.  He's a workaholic and a bit of perfectionist.  Thanks God, I'm coping up with his standard.  I've been working with a lot of Bosses before of various nationalities and I would say that this thing is not new to me.  I've experienced the worst of the worst and this somehow has given me an advantage compared to my colleagues.

Looking at the brighter side, I am greatly challenged with my current job and this serves as my adrenalin booster since day one.  Financially, I'm better off now as I have a regular payment schedule which allows me to have worked on a "fixed budget".  I also had the chance to reinvent myself and to get back to where I used to be ..... challenged, inspired, responsible, enthusiastic and result oriented.  I'm getting busier now.  Am glad that I haven't neglected on my blogging activities.  I might not be updating my blogs as often as how I did it before but it's safe to say that I'm still never behind the schedule.  As what was mentioned on my other post on my main blog, it pays to be busy....because it means that you are productive and have a stable job and that you are capable of working.  Somehow, it's great to look at the brighter side of things.  It keeps us motivated and stops us from giving up.

Am glad that I became more prayerful now.  If there are things that's not coming my way, I always asked God for guidance.  God has been my constant adviser and He has so far given me sound advises.  How I managed to do it? Through prayers!  I always asked for signs when He means YES or NO.  Somehow, it works for me.

Prayers are powerful and during our gloomiest days, GOD has always the answer to make us understand things in the right perspective.

I thank GOD for that!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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