May 11, 2012

Going Through The Tough Times....

It's been a while since I've written down some personal thoughts on this blog. Today, I suddenly felt like writing another one. I guess it's very timely since I'm feeling gloomy the past few days. I'm exactly on my 2nd month in this place where I am now.... with my new job. There was a sudden shift of moods over the past few days, maybe because we are on the "setting up" stage and everything seems to be a mess. Needless to say, I'm going through the tough times. This thing is not new to me, I suppose, since I'd been working all my life and I've experienced both the thrills and adversities of being in the corporate world. I've worked with people of different nationalities, different age groups and people of various cultures and attitudes. There were times when I experienced being on the top, likewise feeling very low. I could not exactly count the number of days that I cried and the number of days that I rejoiced.

Just recently, I'm having some negative emotions. I'm too pressured at work. I'm beginning to lose my morale and zest over work. I have a very demanding Boss (hope he wouldn't be able to read this). He's a good example of a workaholic. Sometimes, I'm thinking that he is just being so passionate about his job but sometimes, I also think that he's over reacting. I could no longer consider myself an active blogger since I'm not able to write often on my blogs. I seldom blog hop, too. I just can't have enough time for everything. I feel so disgusted. Well, it wasn't the case the first time I came here. Sad to say, things are starting to change. I work longer hours now and not having enough time for myself. I felt so sad that I'm not able to send more messages to my kids the way I used to do before. Sometimes, I fall asleep while still having my working clothes on because I just feel so tired.

Sometimes, I'm thinking if I would still be able to cope up with everything. Moving along I got this message....

"Never give up in whatever you believe in, whatever you aim, in the things you have prayed for...and most of all, never stop trusting God. For great things happen when we almost feel like giving up".

During the tough times of my life, there's always something there to remind me to pick up those pieces and start all over again. I prayed to God to bring me to where I am now and I have to simply trust His decision. I'm still looking forward to solving all my problems. Work concerns, family concerns and other problems that's coming up one after the other.

I need a break! I want to regain back my energy but I'm not sure where these things would lead me to. I just have to keep on trusting! I know my FAITH will save me.



  1. it's good that you wrote down your feelings here. at least you had an outlet to release those pent up emotions - that's one good benefit of blogging.

    nothing in this world that can not be overcome by prayers :) good luck sis

  2. Just write your thoughts and feelings. We're here to cheer you up. Kering Keri mo yan. About my song promise, di ko pa maharap. Quite busy din Ako these days. Have been going around for retreats and church busyness. Mabait si Lord. Rest Ako now. I pray that you always keep trusting. The Lord will never forsake you Krizzy! God bless!

  3. cheer up and hold on to that faith!

  4. I'm not sure if this will give you comfort but we all have down moments when it comes to blogging. Our priorities change and blogging all of a sudden becomes last. It's ok. It's a love-hate relationship all bloggers have with their blogs.

    And I think you're a bit burned out. Try and spend 2-3 hours of alone time each week, I find that getting my nails done does the trick.

    it's ok just stay calm. The storm shall pass and waves will let up eventually. It won't always push you down :)


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