June 25, 2012

Philippines Is World's Best Country In Business English!

I got this captured image from the face book wall of a Filipino friend in Vietnam who is involved in an English Language School.  I felt surprised and overwhelmed being a Filipino after reading this. I met this Filipino friend when out of boredom from my previous job, I tried to source for a part time teaching job in Vietnam since I am staying in the Cambodia-Vietnam boarder and Ho Chi Min City is only an hour ride from my place of work.  My queries were immediately responded and since then, I have maintained a professional relationship with that school with an intention to build up a network within the Filipino community. 

Before I worked abroad, I was thinking that Philippines does not really offer a high quality education because I've seen a number of protests from the student sector trying to pursue an upgrade in our current educational system.  I'm not so sure about all these but when I first came here in Cambodia to work, I had the chance to meet a lot of people from different countries in South East Asia and I am proud to say that Filipinos are by far the most advanced in as far as proficiency in the English language is concerned.  Do you know that in International schools in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, they never offer any teaching job to our neighboring countries in South east Asia.  Their job ads would read, "English Teachers Wanted: Native Speakers and Filipinos ONLY!"  Doesn't it sound so good?

Now that Philippines was named first in the world in Business English proficiency, I'm pretty sure that Filipinos will have lot more opportunities working abroad.  Well, it's nice to know that amidst all the problems confronting the country, there is still another reason to celebrate. This only proves that we still managed to be upfront as far as human resources is concerned and it will be expected that more and more Filipinos will be seeking for jobs abroad.  I do hope that our government will take this in consideration and uplift the living standard of our own teachers in the Philippines.  We might have a brain drain soon.  This is precisely the reason why despite of the fact that teaching is my passion, I have chosen to join the corporate field in search for a higher paying job.

Anyway, this is still a good news for all Filipinos as we will be more competitive more than ever and this means high paying jobs for our countrymen in the years to come.

June 21, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy!

This is the first ever meme hosted from the BC Blogger's community and sure that I won't let this pass without joining.  Thanks to Sanna of Woman Scribbles for hosting this week's interesting topic.

I'm pretty sure that most of us have different sets of things that make us happy and here is mine:

Photo Credit :  sl-designs.com
  • watching sunset
  • seeing beautiful gardens with lots of greens
  • having a view of my own home garden while listening to the sound of the water from our man made mini water falls
  • Having a sip from a cup of my favorite cappucino
  • Having a slice of Mango cake from Red Ribbon during tea time.
  • watching movies with the whole family
  • getting a massage especially the "thai massage"
  • Going for a body scrub
  • my kids getting good grades in school
  • movie marathon at home with kids and having some midnight snack
  • blogging
  • Receiving "pasalubong"
  • receiving the fruits of my labor during my "salary day"
  • laughing with my work mates
  • cooking my favorite dish
  • Having coke and pizza while listening to my favorite live band
 Oh well....this might not be the complete list but these are mostly the basic things that really makes me happy.

What's yours?

June 16, 2012

Nature Trip

Hi friends! To give a breather from my last two posts about Cambodia, let me share with you some fascinating views of Vietnam.  I used to stay at the Cambodia - Vietnam boarder before I transferred here to Thailand boarder, so Saigon or Hoh Chi Min City in Vietnam is one place that I truly heart! This has been my favorite travel destination every time I'm free from work.  There are lots of exciting places in Saigon that I will truly miss now that I've already move on to a new place here in Cambodia.

Following are some of our "nature trips" in Saigon:

June 11, 2012

Visiting Cambodia

Cambodia 2010 Pictures, Images and Photos
I was overwhelmed that my last post on "What I Like And Dislike About Cambodia" arouse the interest of my co bloggers to see the place.  Many had expressed their interest to visit the country and make it a part of their "must see" destinations.  Well...to assist them in their plans to visit Cambodia someday, I've decided to dedicate this post in giving some useful information about what can you expect to see here.

When I first came here in 2007, Cebu Pacific flights are not available yet and I used to fly with Philippine Air Lines whenever I go back home in the Philippines.  Philippine Airlines fare is quite expensive, normally $450 for a two way ticket.  Good thing that Cebu Pacific open flights to Hoh Chi Min City, Vietnam or more popularly known as Saigon.  Since then, I always fly via Cebu Pacific as they are offering very affordable fares.  Before Cebu Pacific, there is no direct flight to Cambodia, so our only option is to get here via Saigon, Bangkok or Malaysia if you are taking the Air Asia flight from Clark, but this is more inconvenient since you have to take two legs of flight.  April of this year, Cebu Pacific again, has opened a direct flight to Cambodia via Siem Riep and this made all the Filipinos staying in Cambodia happier as there are more options available and more convenient.

This is a good news for those who would like to visit Cambodia for a tour.  Why did I say so?  Because normally, people are visiting Cambodia because of it's famous Angkor Wat.  This is Cambodia's pride and many people from Asia and western countries are so eager to have a glimpse of the legendary "Angkor Wat". Angkor Wat is located right on Siem Riep so it would be cheaper and easier to visit the place now that Cebu Pacific has a direct flight to Siem Riep Cambodia.

Around 4 hours travel by bus from Siem Riep, you will have the chance to visit the country's capital Phnom Penh and have a tour of the Royal Palace and the National Museum.  Around Phnom Penh, there are lots of must see places like the newly opened cinema, various and exciting restaurants and be delighted to go for a traditional Khmer massage on numerous spas around the city.  Accommodation will never be a problem as there are lots of hotels and  guest houses around the area on both Siem Riep and Phnom Penh that will suit your budget. You will also never go home empty handed as there are lots of souvenir items available on their famous Central Market and Russian Market where you can buy lots of silks which is the trademark of Cambodia.  Other souvenir items are also available for a cheap price.  You just have to haggle the price with the friendly stall owners and you are sure to get some bargains which most Filipinos loved.

I might be posting more of the exciting places in Cambodia on my future posts, so please stay tuned.

Have a great week!

June 4, 2012

What I like and Dislike About Cambodia

When I first stepped on the Cambodia soil 5 years ago, I was clueless.  I barely know anything about this country and it's people.  What I heard from my friends and ex colleagues is that this country is underdeveloped, well...as compared to it's neighboring countries in South East Asia.  I already had that idea that the place is not as modernized as other Asian countries particularly as far as education and infrastructures are concerned.

True enough, when I arrived here 5 years ago, I have seen that the roads are not fully developed.  Only a small fraction of the country's people speak and understand English.  It was a struggle to communicate during my first few months.  I had that experience of going to the market hoping to buy some personal stuff that I need in my room which the company provides me but I ended up going back to my housing unit with nothing.  It's because nobody understands me. Sigh!

But I see how Cambodia progressed year after year.  The roads had been developed very fast.  Sooner than what I expected.  Many new businesses had opened up and the tourism industry had soared into great heights.  Cambodia now is one of the favorite destination of travelers particularly those from the Western side.  Many investors are coming to Cambodia to put up businesses and some of the investment costs millions of dollars.  I was thinking that these businessmen will not put up such great amount of money if they haven't seen the potential in the area.

Needless to say, Cambodia had rise up from the grounds after that nightmare from the Khmer rouge.

There are so many plus and minuses about this country and I want to share with you some.  Let me begin with the things that I love about this country.

  • People here are really into veggies and for me that's great. 
  • People here have high regards for foreigners and they treat them with a great amount of hospitality.
  • People here are simple and so are their lives.
  • This country is blessed having no incidents of earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, etc.  In short they are free from any calamity.  Maybe this has something to do with the country's geographical location.
  • They love festivals and this can evidently shown by a number of holidays in a calendar year 

Now let me go to what I don't like about Cambodia.

  • I don't understand why they have to celebrate weddings for three days.  When they hold weddings, they hold it mostly on the streets where detachable large canopies are installed adorned with lavish decorations.
  • When they have functions, they will play a very strong sound system with an irritating music enough to break your ear drum and make you unable to sleep.
  • They wear a pair of pajamas even outside the streets and to them, this is a common thing.
  • They put a special ingredient on their dishes from which the smell can spread out enough for the whole village to know what is the dish for the day.
  • Women love to put strong make up during parties and wear those thick fake eyelashes. 

Overall, the country is still a good place to stay.  It's safe, people are warm and hospitable, the cost of living is not so high and they provide ample opportunities for employment.

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