June 21, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy!

This is the first ever meme hosted from the BC Blogger's community and sure that I won't let this pass without joining.  Thanks to Sanna of Woman Scribbles for hosting this week's interesting topic.

I'm pretty sure that most of us have different sets of things that make us happy and here is mine:

Photo Credit :  sl-designs.com
  • watching sunset
  • seeing beautiful gardens with lots of greens
  • having a view of my own home garden while listening to the sound of the water from our man made mini water falls
  • Having a sip from a cup of my favorite cappucino
  • Having a slice of Mango cake from Red Ribbon during tea time.
  • watching movies with the whole family
  • getting a massage especially the "thai massage"
  • Going for a body scrub
  • my kids getting good grades in school
  • movie marathon at home with kids and having some midnight snack
  • blogging
  • Receiving "pasalubong"
  • receiving the fruits of my labor during my "salary day"
  • laughing with my work mates
  • cooking my favorite dish
  • Having coke and pizza while listening to my favorite live band
 Oh well....this might not be the complete list but these are mostly the basic things that really makes me happy.

What's yours?


  1. There are a lot of simple things that make me happy too. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing this sis.

  2. Im craving that Mango cake from Red Ribbon:)I also miss working. Im on a one year maternity leave.
    God bless sis!

  3. I gotta try that mango cake! :-) Thanks for a wonderful suggestion. I also love laughing with my office mates...in fact, I don't remember a day that we didn't laugh.

  4. It must really feel good to hear the sound of the water falling from your own man-made waterfall... I wish to have that too when I have my own home. Happy weekend :D

    Let's follow each other? I'm now you're follower :)

  5. Coffee for me is the best! Well, of course aside from family and friends. Haha!

  6. you've a nice list here, mine is up at http://www.pinaysinglemomsnook.info/bc-bloggers-meme-things-that-make-you-happy/

  7. i like pasalubong too. my mom used to give us pasalubong whenever we were at home. missed those times.

  8. Simple things can make us really happy especially if shared with loved ones.


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