July 29, 2012

Beautiful Monday

Today is everyone's favorite day! The reason is pretty obvious! it's pay day! (lol) I guess this is only the consolation of all the people in the working sector. No matter how inevitable things are during the entire month period in the work place, there's always something to look up to, and that's reaping the fruits of your labor.

This day also marks the beginning of my plan to save for the upcoming projects that's coming in the next three months. My forthcoming home leave, our planned vacation and paying off for the balance of a lot.  I'm not so sure about how things are going for the coming months but I'm quite positive that things will fall into places.

Well apart from the fact that it's payday, today is also my day off, so I guess that's double the fun! I can work on some things online, tidy up my room and go for some grocery shopping for my personal needs.  I hope this day will turn out to be a good day for me.

July 25, 2012

Preparing For Our Holiday Vacation

Since I am just new to Thailand after just having stayed at the Thai border for only 5 months now, I get very excited in getting myself familiar with the place.  I haven't got the chance to explore Bangkok, though.  Had been there for just one day last March and although I have already visited the nearby town of Chantaburi which is just one hour ride from my work place a couple of times, I guess, I still have lots of things to explore.  I am currently in a look out for some good accommodations at Bangkok in preparation for our October vacation.  I already promised my kids that I will bring them to Bangkok during the school break and I should fulfill that promise.

As what I normally do during our trips, I think I will still stick to booking our accommodations through Agoda. From there, I could get some great discounts and I would also be getting "points" which I could use for my future bookings.  I love the idea that I am able to see some photos of the hotels and could read some reviews from the other travelers where I could get more information about the place.  I was a member of Agoda for more than 2 years now and I'm enjoying the perks of being an Agoda member.  I also love the idea that I could pay for my booking online using my paypal account which is safer and more convenient for me.

I haven't figured out though at this stage where we would finally stay.  I want to choose the hotel which is conveniently located so we could make the most of our trip.  I have a number of options now and I'm still trying to figure out which one will be best for our requirements.

I'm getting excited day by day!  

July 17, 2012

Olay Total Effects Plus Touch Of Foundation

During my recent visit to Chantaburi Thailand, I had the opportunity to shop for my skin care products.  I was actually looking for a good facial moisturizer that I could apply to my face daily as my skin tends to dry fast as I almost stayed 24 hrs in an air conditioned room.  Our office also has always been very cold and it tends to dry up my skin faster.  While looking at the skin care products line on the shelf at the mall, this Oil of Olay total effects moisturizer with touch of foundation called my attention.  Well..I've been a fan of Oil of Olay products for years now as my husband always buy this brand for my facial moisturizing cream and he always bring home several jars for my few months use every time he gets back home for his vacation. 

I just started using this particular brand last Saturday and just for few times of application, I am already convinced that this product is a good steal.  At first few applications, I can see that the dark spots on my face is beginning to fade and it gives you a fresh look all day.  I especially like that it's natural looking and comes with a very light texture.  It's easy to apply and gives me just the right amount of coverage with a built in moisturizer.  The light touch of foundation evens out my skin tone.  You can have it alone on your face or apply a little bit of powder after putting on a small amount of moisturizer.  I think, I'm going to stick with this product.

Have you tried this yet? 

July 15, 2012

Walang Hanggan TV Series

If there's one thing that entertains me every weekday nights apart from blogging and doing some online tasks, it's watching my favorite Tagalog series, "Walang Hanggan".  This drama series is top billed by veteran actors and actresses in the likes of Susan Roces, Helen Gamboa, Dawn Zulueta, Richard  Gomez and the appearance of their young counter parts in the likes of Coco Martin and Julia Montes.  I've started watching this "teleserye" when I was vacationing in the Philippines where I would normally watch "teleserye" after dinner with the kids and my Mom.  I don't know but this "Walang Hanggan" series has a certain appeal to me.  Maybe because of the actors and actresses remarkable portrayal of their roles.

Call it "kababawan" or anything of that sort, but following this series helps me a lot to ease my boredom being in a foreign land away from home and family.  Whenever I watch this, I felt like I'm home (lol).  Maybe that is a psychological effect because watching TV programs at night after taking dinner is usually my bonding time with my kids.  That is, if they are not busy with school projects and home works, of course.

Now, I think Walang Hanggan is beginning to be exciting again with the introduction of a new character in the person of Jean Bonifacio (Ms. Eula Valdez).  Knowing Eula's caliber in acting especially in portraying challenging roles in a "teleserye" will even make the story of "Walang Hanggan" more interesting.

I'm sure some of the mommies out there could relate to me in watching "teleseryes".  I guess very few Moms would tell that they are not into this "teleserye" thing.  I'm getting more excited to follow "Walang Hanggan" but I just watch the replays since we don't have TFC channel here in my place.  Besides, I work in shifts, so the best option is to really watch the replays.

Okay...I have to pause for now, It's time to watch another episode.


July 9, 2012

My Latest Craving!

I wonder if there's egg tarts at KFC outlets in the Philippines coz during my last vacation in the Philippines. Hmm...that was late February of this year, I tried to check from one KFC outlet if they have egg tarts and they said they don't have. Sad! My first time to have egg tarts from KFC was in Hoh Chi Min City Vietnam.  In the mall where  I used to go during my off days, I always buy 2 boxes of egg tarts to be brought back to my place of work near the border.  When I had the chance to go to Phnom Penh in Cambodia, I immediately went to KFC outlet but to my dismay, they don't have it either.  Could it be that only Vietnam KFC outlets are serving these very tasty egg tarts? 

Yummy Egg tarts from KFC

Well...I was wrong! These yummy egg tarts are also available on KFC outlets in Thailand. I was in Thailand for 3 times already and my last two visits there enabled me to bring home 2 boxes of egg tarts.  If only I'm not scared that these egg tarts might not withstand long storage, I should have probably bought 4 boxes each time. (lol)  I love to have it with a fresh cup of cappucino.  Really yummy!

July 2, 2012

In Search For Best Hair Care Products

Over the last couple of months, I've noticed that I'm having a hair fall. Well...it's not that serious yet to make me jump out from where I'm seated but it worries me a bit.  I've learned that as we grow older, we have more chances of getting a "hair fall".  But apart from this, hair fall can be caused by too much stress, improper hair care, under nourishment or scalp disorders.  Since, I really wanted to put a stop to my hair problems, I tried to examine the causes of my hair fall.
I think that shampooing my hair daily would definitely take it's natural moisture but on some days, I can't help but washing my hair even if means on successive days.  I try to remedy this by applying some oil in my hair before I go to bed so at least the moisture effect of the oil would penetrate my scalp just before washing it the next morning.
I often take a warm shower.  I've read from some books and magazines that washing your hair with hot or warm water can dry out your hair and make it appear to be dull.  Now, I'm trying to adjust the temperature of the water heater when I'm about to wash or rinse my hair and adjust it again to warm if I have to take a body wash. 
I went to Chantaburi Thailand last week during my off day and I did try to scout for some best hair care products.  My search lead me to buy the following hair care products:

I've seen this reactive tonic and after reading the pamphlet inside the package, I decided to buy it.  It's a tonic water hair spray which promised to reduce hair fall and generates new hair growth.  This can be applied directly to the scalp immediately after or in between shampooing.  It can be massage to the scalp using for about 3 minutes using your finger tip pressure technique.  It is recommended to use this everyday and continue the treatment 2 to 3 times per week to avoid recurrence of hair loss.
So far, I've just started using this so I could not make any direct statements yet as to how effective this product in reducing hair fall.
I also bought this Dove hair therapy serum which boasts of it's micro moisture serum that reduces hair damage and hair fall and to instantly protect hair from friction due to frequent brushing. I used to apply this to my wet hair for an instant shine and silky smooth appearance.

Just the same, still have to observe it for at least a month to notice any changes in my hair condition.

Probably, I'll also get a professional glossing treatment when I go back to Philippines for a vacation few months from now.  I also learn that drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruits and protein rich foods like fish and boiled eggs would help.

They say that our hair is our crowning glory so we must exert extra efforts to really take good care of it.  I just hope that I'm on the right path.  I want to regain my thick and healthy hair.
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