August 14, 2012

Body Essentials

If you are frequenting my blogs, then you should know that I am a person who loves to go for massage, especially the deep tissue massage.  For someone like me, who is both busy at work, day and night, a relaxing and soothing body massage works best for me.  I used to get a Thai massage regularly once or twice a month, depending on my schedule, and it always gives me a feeling of renewed skin and muscles.  The only problem with Thai massage is that it is a dry massage as masseur usually focuses on body stretching in some yoga positions.  I am thinking of getting an oil massage at times alternating it with the usual Thai massage that I used to get on a regular basis.  For this, I would be needing some essential oils that would work best for my skin.  I found some great variants of massage oils from EdenFantasys.  I especially like the Donna massage Oil which has fruity and citrus scent.  How would you like to get a relaxing body massage that leaves you feeling good with a skin that's feeling smooth and fresh, as well?  Aside from that, it leaves you with a sweet scent that's fully satisfying.

This massage oil is only one of the many body and beauty products that Edenfantasys has to offer.  I would love to try the different massage oil variants.  Not only that, they also have these body massagers which could also be good should you choose to just have your ow massage at home.

EdenFantasys also offers great discounts so it's worth to pay a visit to their site from time to time to grab those promos.  In that way, you would be able to get real good products at a very affordable price.

Personally, I wouldn't neglect caring for my personal health and wellness no matter how busy I am.  Feeling good is what makes us motivated to work, earn a living and interact with our family.  It is but necessary to pamper ourselves from time to time and it definitely gives long lasting results.

How about you, wouldn't you love to pamper yourselves, too?  



  1. I love massage too. Our company provides this service quarterly to all of its employees. My boyfriend and I love going to massage parlor every once in a while. After being harassed by loads of work plus tons of school works,I think I deserve them.

    1. Glad to hear that we have the same weakness, massage! It's really nice to get a massage after a hard day's work. It's very relaxing and good for health, too. Thanks for the visit Jonna!

  2. how i wish my husband know how to massage. Whenever I request one, he just tiptoed his fingers to my back, which gets me mad, hahaha.

  3. I really love massage... i agree with Yobabsy her husband is like mine... maybe men don't know how to massage

  4. It's been a while since I had spa and I think I really need it now. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Sometimes, we need to paper ourselves from very stressful days.


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