September 27, 2012

A Guitar For My Daughter?

I was quite pleased with how my daughter performs in school recently and she has been cultivating her talents in arts.  She just told me that her group might be joining another school competition for video making and editing and she’s just so excited about it.  Meanwhile, I was thinking if my daughter had also pursued her passion for music.  She does not sing but she loves to play guitar.  During my last vacation, she had shown me some of her learned musical pieces.  In fairness, she’s quite good considering that she does not have any formal lessons in guitar.   Sometimes, I feel  like I wanted to motivate her more by buying her a decent guitar from Lovepedal Eternity guitar center, perhaps?  But nope, I’m sure that she would say No for now.  That is because she has other priorities now.

Anyway, whatever my daughter’s passion is, I am just more than willing to support her.  I wanted her to believe in herself and put her best efforts forward to achieve whatever her ambitions are. That’s the least that a mother could do. :)


  1. She's really fortunate to have a very supportive mom like you. Continue nurturing and encouraging her in her passions.

  2. awww guitars!!! <3<3<3 hurray for supportive mommies!!

  3. I have read that it is better to focus on what our child is good at. This a great way to encourage your daughter, thumbs up mom. We are also planning to buy a piano for our 2-year old son. He loves music so we are cultivating it too.

  4. Really nice for children to have skills they can pull out when needed like singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument.

  5. Your child is always optimistic because she has a very supportive mom!


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