September 26, 2012

Dirty Ice Cream : Thailand Style!

On my way back to Cambodia, while waiting for the van service, I chanced upon this dirty ice cream cart in front of the transport station.  This Thai guy seems to have a lot of regular customers in this area as I suddenly saw a number of people rushing to his cart as soon he stay foot on the parking area.

My curiosity drove me to try one.  A small cup costs about THB10 or PHP15 (in our own currency).  There are toppings to choose from: sweetened nata de coco, sweet rice cake, sweetened beans.  I opted for nata de coco.  The taste is not very far from our own version of dirty ice cream.  But it's far better than those that I've tried in Cambodia.

I think the idea of having the ice cream cart on wheels is a better option compared to our traditional ice cram cart in the Philippines. It wouldn't be so tiring for the vendor to walk around and push the cart the whole day.

What do you think? :)

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