September 26, 2012

What To Bring Home?

I'll be back home within the next two weeks and since it has been a Philippine tradition to bring home some gifts to family and relatives, I am thinking of what would be the best souvenir gifts that I would bring home for the male members in the family.  Before, I used to buy shirts and caps for my elder brothers but it would be boring if you keep on buying same old stuff all the time.  I was thinking if alec bradley cigars would be a perfect replacement from the usual stuff that I buy.  Well, most of them are smokers and  a few of my male relatives love to drink, thus I suddenly thought of buying quality cigars or liquor.

Anyway, whatever that I would bring, I'm sure that they will be delighted to get it.  After all, bringing home some souvenirs is just a way of getting in touch with relatives in a most simple and thoughtful ways.  I used to get excited before whenever I receive "pasalubongs" too.  It's in the culture and it's just difficult to get away from it especially if you see the lovely smiles in their faces after receiving their gifts.  That's a wonderful feeling for me, too! 

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