October 11, 2012

Birthday Gift

My son's birthday is fast approaching.  It's going to be next week.  I'm planning to give him a little celebration with just us and few of his close friends.  He actually requested to make a simple one for him this year.  Maybe I'm just going to prepare some usual dishes for his friends.  I'm not yet sure though on what I am going to prepare for him as we haven't finalized everything yet.  As for the birthday gift, I guess there's nothing that could excite him more.  I had given him a number of "pasalubongs" when I arrived home and he almost had everything that he needs. I almost thought of buying him sidi boots but I finally dropped the idea as I'm sure that he's not going to wear it anyway. No, not at this time.

But at any rate, whatever I would give him, I'm pretty sure that he will surely appreciate.  He's a very simple and nice boy and he never considered himself a "spoiled brat". 

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday to your son sis!

    I'm pretty sure magiging busy ka naman.Kahit nasa bahay ha may moolah pa rin dito :)


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