October 11, 2012

Checking For Some Household Items And Tools

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to drop by at Japan Home Center with my son to check for some household items needed in the house.  One thing good about Japan Home Center is that their prices are only either Php88 or Php66. Cool! Out per shih tzu has always been a priority in buying things.  No doubt that Lucio is already the undisputed "darling" in the house. (lol)

We had purchased a big bottle of shampoo for him, a pack of flavored chewable bones, an absorbent dog towel and a new pair of feeding dish.  Lucky Lucio! :) We are also on a look out for some basic tools needed in the house but we could only find a limited supply in that shop as far as tools is concerned.  I thought it is something similar to the Free port Exchange where there is a section for car accessories as well as a section for home supplies like the basic tools, screws, door knobs, hinges, and even flat washers.  Sometimes, I feel that it is better to go to a one stop shop to get all the items that we need without going through a lot of stores thereby saving your time and effort.

Anyway, we went to Japan Home Center because my son wanted to show me around the newly constructed mall at Subic Bay Free port Zone.  I also got curious as I haven't visited the place yet so I just followed my son's suggestion.  As expected we did not went home empty handed.  We were able to get some basic stuff for the house.  I used to check on our storage cabinet every time I'm back home to see if there's anything there that I need to replenish.  This is one of my typical day at home.  

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