October 12, 2012

Instant Voice Over Booth

One thing nice about having a vacation at home is that I had the opportunity to watch all the videos created by my daughter for her school projects as well as those that she has entered into competitions.  I feel happy that she's doing very well in this field and I wanted to support her by letting her pursue what she has started.  I actually thought of having an instant voice over booth in the house that she can use for the voice over and dubbing.  I think this can be fabricated by just creating a small space and cover it with wall panels, then install a soundproofing foam.  I think this can be bought in music shops or can be ordered online.      

I feel blessed to have talented children.  As a parent, we always wanted to see our children happy and fulfilled. I believe that it is very important for parents to give their children a moral support.  This way, they would feel inspired to pursue their ambitions knowing that in the midst of success or failure, there is always someone who will be there to cheer them up when they succeed and a hand to lift them up when they failed.    

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