October 10, 2012

Thanking God For A Safe Trip!

I was very happy with how my flight went through.  I've never encountered any hassles of any form since I left my apartment in Cambodia until I reached Siem Riep Airport.  Everything went through as scheduled.  Even my taxi ride from my work place to the airport was a bit faster than usual.  I'm really thankful that I didn't encounter any problems along the way, considering that it was my first time to travel to Siem Riep.  I didn't know the taxi driver at all and I was praying really hard while inside the taxi and thanks God,  I had a safe road trip to the airport considering that it was raining that time.  My check in process in the airport was also fast and smooth.  In fact, I still had the time to roam around to check on it's facilities and to even take my dinner at one of the restaurants.  I reached Manila as scheduled and everything went through smoothly until I reached my house.

Back home, I was able to had a good lunch especially prepared for me by my son and our house helper, Ate Elsa.  I actually requested them to cook for me "beef nilaga" and "inihaw na bangus".  It was really a nice lunch on my first day at home.  My son also bought for me my favorite mango cake from Red Ribbon which I took later on for my "afternoon high tea".

I just feel very blessed and thankful that God was with me all the way in my prayers as I travel from my place of work back to my home country and to my own home sweet home.  Thanks also to my friends and colleagues who wished me a safe and happy trip. :)

I can't thank God enough. :)   

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