November 30, 2012

Planning A Business

After many years of working in a corporate world, I'm now beginning to feel the urge to get out from the rat race.  I would admit, I should have thought of this long time ago but things are kind of complicated when you are trying so hard to build your future as well as that of your family.  There are so many priorities that we have to consider, building a house of your own, the education of your children, fulfilling the needs of your family and your entire household as well as putting up some investments for the future.  Well, I wouldn't say that I regret being in the corporate world for many years.  In fact, this has opened a lot of doors for me for better and greater opportunities

Now, I'm thinking of entering a different world.  I want to have a change of environment.  To earn a living without putting much pressure to myself and without having to undergo a lot of stressful situations dealing with some difficult staff and colleagues. Most of all, facing an ever demanding Boss.  One day, I just felt that I wanted to put up my own business, the one that I really love to do and to work at home near to my family. But since, I never had any experience running a business, I'm having second thoughts.  What if I do not succeed?  What if things didn't fall into place?  Would I regret my decision?  According to the experts, marketing your business is one of the most difficult part in running your business.  Although there are lots of options to choose from, it's undeniably true that marketing costs will really take a big percentage of your capital.  In that case, would I just go for cheap flyer printing?  Will it make a difference?  Will it help me produce great results?  These are all the questions that I have to take into consideration before I finally decide to push through with my plan.  

Anyway, as most people say, "no guts, no glory".  I always pray for God's guidance. I believe that everything happens in God's time.  For now, I will just continue to save for my future plans. If it's God's will, then things will happen at the right place and time. :)

November 29, 2012

Gift Ideas For A Traveler

Talking about gifts, it suddenly crossed my mind on what would be the ideal gifts for a traveler.  After going through several trips within the country and abroad, I want to consider myself a traveler, and I vowed to be one.  I really feel great and excited every time I discover a new place and learn about other people's culture.  This is the reason why a visit to a museum and a number of historical places is always on top of my list.  It might be boring for some, but for me, I find it really interesting.  So going back to the topic, what do you think would be a best gift for a traveler?

I found some suggestions from an online site and I was surprised that there's a lot of gift ideas for a traveler.  One of which is Mens Fedora Hats. A traveler always like to visit and explore the place that he has visited day and night, so it's a must to have a hat or two, right?  Others are Travel Bags, Digital Luggage Scale, Camping Tent, Laptop Sleeping Bag, Travel Games Set, Map Luggage Tag, Passport Holder, Shoe Kit Bag, Travelogue Notebook, Wash Bag, Baseball Cap, etc.  Wow! it seemed like endless. I think I would need to buy some for myself as I always love to travel. (lol)

Well, if you have a friend or family member who loves to travel, perhaps you could choose from any of the gift suggestions above.  It's nice to keep a piece or two especially that Christmas is fast approaching.

Ciao for now! It's time for online shopping!

November 28, 2012

Hello December!

Another month has ended and we are now approaching the merry month of December.  I''m sure that a lot of people are now busy planning for their holiday trips and organizing their annual Christmas parties in schools, offices and even at home.  Pity me!  I wouldn't have the privilege to experience partying this year.  Well,  I have long accepted the fact that my home leave is over and I have to spend the rest of the year working.  It's okay, at least I was able to have a grand vacation in the Philippines and at Bangkok last October until early part of November.  In fact, until now I still have a hang over. :)

What are my plans for this month?  Honestly none as of the moment and perhaps there wouldn't be any.  I don't know yet.  Maybe just going to Chantaburi, Thailand to buy some groceries and lots of foods stock that I can keep in my room for another month (lol).  I wish, I could do some baking or cooking new dishes just to enhance my knowledge in cooking.

Well, whatever it is, I'll keep you posted.  Now it's getting late and I'm feeling really sleepy.
Till then....

November 26, 2012

Laptop Stand

I think it's about time to get a proper table for my laptop! I was browsing online when I happened to see some cute designs of laptop computer carts.  The one on the photo above is my personal choice.  I like the idea that is compact and movable.  It has wheels so it's easy to drag anywhere in your room or even in the house.  It has an ideal size that can accommodate most of the modern laptop computers.  It also comes with a fixed stable side surface that can hold your mouse, mouse pad and some documents at hand.  It's reversible and can be placed either on the left or on the right hand side.

I used to place my laptop on the dining table where I normally do my things online since I usually wanted to have a glass of drink while doing my work especially the hot beverages.  Sometimes, I also placed it on bed or on my dresser inside my bedroom.  So, I think that it's a good idea to have a laptop cart to permanently hold my laptop in place.  This can be ordered online for $58.

What do you think? 

Tuk-Tuk : Thailand's Pride

One of the most commonly used transportation during our one week stay at Bangkok is Thailand's traditional Tuk-Tuk.  This is 3 wheeled vehicle just like our very own tricycle.  But I guess, it would be better if we will be using the same in the Philippines, right?  I mean, it's more comfortable for the driver and the passengers, as well.  It's wider and a 3 seater.

Actually, this Tuk-Tuk is no longer new to me as Cambodia also uses this as one of their means of transportation.  I always see tourists riding on a Tuk-Tuk every time they tour the city of Phnom Penh.  In Bangkok, we usually rely on the Tuk-Tuk especially during rush hour as it's a bit hard to get a taxi and some more this is convenient if you are just traveling short distance.

Riding on a Tuk-Tuk enabled us to embrace more of the Thai's culture and I would say, we really have loads of fun!

November 19, 2012


My 21 days vacation in the Philippines were not solely spent on shopping, going around, partying and having fun watching movies, I also make it a point to look after my house.  What needs to be fixed, cleaned and organized.  I guess, I have said it a number of times in the past that I hate clutters.  I'm not saying that I am a super organized person but I make it a point that everything in the house are properly kept and stored and that everything is in proper order.

I'm sure most Moms would agree that the thing that we hate most is finding something that we urgently need at a particular time but we couldn't find where this thing was stored and we ended up wasting the whole afternoon searching for it where in fact we can avoid such thing from happening should we had been a little bit more organized.   I didn't have the luxury of time to do everything that needs to be done during my short vacation but at least I've managed to purchase some storage bins to start getting organized.  I always declutter the house every time I'm home and those that were sitting on the cabinets and shelves for a long time are being sorted out and my relatives and house helper were normally the recipients of some "hand me downs" such as clothes, shirts, books, toys, bags and shoes.  I am in fact "hitting two birds in one stone".  I get to organize the house, and at the same I can help others by giving these things that might still be of use to them.

I wouldn't stop there.  I would be planning for more organization activities at home on my next vacation.

November 18, 2012

Stir Fried Chicken With Cashew Nuts

Stir Fried Chicken With Cashew Nuts and Dried Pepper

One of the many things that my family is so engaged with is foods! Having a husband Chef, experimenting on delectable dishes has always been a worthwhile experience.  On our recent trip to Bangkok, one of our objectives is to try lots of Thai dishes as appreciating Thai foods is one good way of understanding Thai culture.  

Walking around the MBK mall area, we spotted this restaurant serving both Thai and Chinese dishes.  They do serve roasted ducks, too.  Looking at the menu, I suddenly felt attracted with Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew nuts and dried pepper. So without thinking much, I straight away order this dish.  My son Edmar tried their version of Hainanese chicken and my daughter Mika opted to try a small order of roasted duck.

Roasted Duck

The Hainanese chicken doesn't look so appealing to me.  Some  more, it comes with a very small serving.  So among the three dishes that we ordered, the stir fried chicken with cashew nuts was a stand out.  I came to know later that this dish which I truly loved is a very common Thai dish and very easy to prepare, too.  As I wanted to try cooking it myself, I have scouted for it's recipe.  If you are interested too, you can check the recipe here.

Should I add that the prices of foods in that restaurant wasn't too bad at all.  I paid THB380 (around $13) for the 3 dishes plus 2 orders of soft drinks.  I want to add that I like their steam rice, too. Perfectly cooked!

If you happen to visit Bangkok, this restaurant is just situated right in front of the over pass opposite MBK mall.

Please stay tune for more of our Bangkok adventures.


November 17, 2012

Outdoor Water Features At Wat Po

Whenever I visit a place, I always look forward to seeing gardens with all those luscious greens.  I really adore nature so much.  It gives me some peace and relaxation. During my recent visit to Wat Po at Bangkok, I happened to see lots of Outdoor Water Features inside the compound. Apart from the amazing sculptures which can be found at the temples and the buildings unique architecture, what caught my attention were the lovely gardens and mini water falls on almost every corner of the huge lot.

Apart from being an outdoor decor which can instantly add beauty to your surroundings, water fountains also have soothing sounds of the flowing water which can bring stress relief and relaxation.  When used indoors, it can act as humidifiers in your homes.  Water fountains also act as an ionic air purifier and less costly than installing an air purifier.

The many benefits of outdoor and indoor water features had caused me to install one in my own home and I never regret having it  as it becomes the focal point of interest and admiration of our visitors and friends.

November 6, 2012

My Month Long Vacation Is Offically Over!

My month long vacation inclusive of my home vacation in the Philippines and our one week tour at Bangkok, Thailand is officially over.  I'm back to work since yesterday. Sad...but this should be the real thing!  I have so many happy memories from my vacation and I've really enjoyed a lot.  I feel so sad when I sent my kids to the airport to have their flight back to the Philippines while I have to stay another night in Thailand before I proceed to my work place in Cambodia.  I was teary eyed when I bid goodbye to the kids.  I've seen the same thing from them, too.  Maybe we had so much fun and bonding for that entire week.  Actually, we spent more time together when we were in Bangkok as we were literally together 24 hrs a day. We all sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time, too.  

I realized that what they say is true, spending quality time together really made up for the lost times.  Though I'm a bit sad now as I still have the "hang over" of the well spent vacation,  my only consolation is that I was able to make my kids really happy.  That could very well seen from their faces each day that we're together.  We really had loads of fun! 

I am thankful to God for making this possible.  For allowing me to have that much needed rest and vacation and to be with the people that I truly love.  I also feel blessed that we have the resources to have a nice vacation in our chosen destination each year.  That's truly a blessing! But wherever we spent our vacation, be it at home or elsewhere, the most important thing is we are together.  Hopefully, my husband could join us for next year's vacation.

28 days is not so long but it has given me the opportunity to have more stories, to tell and share to my friends and readers.  I hope that you would come back again to hear more of the stories of our vacation and adventures which I will be posting soon once I'm done with all my pending things at work.

See you then! Ciao!
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