November 19, 2012


My 21 days vacation in the Philippines were not solely spent on shopping, going around, partying and having fun watching movies, I also make it a point to look after my house.  What needs to be fixed, cleaned and organized.  I guess, I have said it a number of times in the past that I hate clutters.  I'm not saying that I am a super organized person but I make it a point that everything in the house are properly kept and stored and that everything is in proper order.

I'm sure most Moms would agree that the thing that we hate most is finding something that we urgently need at a particular time but we couldn't find where this thing was stored and we ended up wasting the whole afternoon searching for it where in fact we can avoid such thing from happening should we had been a little bit more organized.   I didn't have the luxury of time to do everything that needs to be done during my short vacation but at least I've managed to purchase some storage bins to start getting organized.  I always declutter the house every time I'm home and those that were sitting on the cabinets and shelves for a long time are being sorted out and my relatives and house helper were normally the recipients of some "hand me downs" such as clothes, shirts, books, toys, bags and shoes.  I am in fact "hitting two birds in one stone".  I get to organize the house, and at the same I can help others by giving these things that might still be of use to them.

I wouldn't stop there.  I would be planning for more organization activities at home on my next vacation.

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  1. That's so generous of you, Krizz. Suerte ng mga househelps mo, hehehe!

    At my end, it's my cousins and nieces (daughters of my cousins) who are the primary beneficiaries. This coming December, marami na namang matutuwa. I am going to unload my cabinet of clothings and apparels. Parang ukay-ukay lang, LOL!


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