November 29, 2012

Gift Ideas For A Traveler

Talking about gifts, it suddenly crossed my mind on what would be the ideal gifts for a traveler.  After going through several trips within the country and abroad, I want to consider myself a traveler, and I vowed to be one.  I really feel great and excited every time I discover a new place and learn about other people's culture.  This is the reason why a visit to a museum and a number of historical places is always on top of my list.  It might be boring for some, but for me, I find it really interesting.  So going back to the topic, what do you think would be a best gift for a traveler?

I found some suggestions from an online site and I was surprised that there's a lot of gift ideas for a traveler.  One of which is Mens Fedora Hats. A traveler always like to visit and explore the place that he has visited day and night, so it's a must to have a hat or two, right?  Others are Travel Bags, Digital Luggage Scale, Camping Tent, Laptop Sleeping Bag, Travel Games Set, Map Luggage Tag, Passport Holder, Shoe Kit Bag, Travelogue Notebook, Wash Bag, Baseball Cap, etc.  Wow! it seemed like endless. I think I would need to buy some for myself as I always love to travel. (lol)

Well, if you have a friend or family member who loves to travel, perhaps you could choose from any of the gift suggestions above.  It's nice to keep a piece or two especially that Christmas is fast approaching.

Ciao for now! It's time for online shopping!

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