November 28, 2012

Hello December!

Another month has ended and we are now approaching the merry month of December.  I''m sure that a lot of people are now busy planning for their holiday trips and organizing their annual Christmas parties in schools, offices and even at home.  Pity me!  I wouldn't have the privilege to experience partying this year.  Well,  I have long accepted the fact that my home leave is over and I have to spend the rest of the year working.  It's okay, at least I was able to have a grand vacation in the Philippines and at Bangkok last October until early part of November.  In fact, until now I still have a hang over. :)

What are my plans for this month?  Honestly none as of the moment and perhaps there wouldn't be any.  I don't know yet.  Maybe just going to Chantaburi, Thailand to buy some groceries and lots of foods stock that I can keep in my room for another month (lol).  I wish, I could do some baking or cooking new dishes just to enhance my knowledge in cooking.

Well, whatever it is, I'll keep you posted.  Now it's getting late and I'm feeling really sleepy.
Till then....

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