November 30, 2012

Planning A Business

After many years of working in a corporate world, I'm now beginning to feel the urge to get out from the rat race.  I would admit, I should have thought of this long time ago but things are kind of complicated when you are trying so hard to build your future as well as that of your family.  There are so many priorities that we have to consider, building a house of your own, the education of your children, fulfilling the needs of your family and your entire household as well as putting up some investments for the future.  Well, I wouldn't say that I regret being in the corporate world for many years.  In fact, this has opened a lot of doors for me for better and greater opportunities

Now, I'm thinking of entering a different world.  I want to have a change of environment.  To earn a living without putting much pressure to myself and without having to undergo a lot of stressful situations dealing with some difficult staff and colleagues. Most of all, facing an ever demanding Boss.  One day, I just felt that I wanted to put up my own business, the one that I really love to do and to work at home near to my family. But since, I never had any experience running a business, I'm having second thoughts.  What if I do not succeed?  What if things didn't fall into place?  Would I regret my decision?  According to the experts, marketing your business is one of the most difficult part in running your business.  Although there are lots of options to choose from, it's undeniably true that marketing costs will really take a big percentage of your capital.  In that case, would I just go for cheap flyer printing?  Will it make a difference?  Will it help me produce great results?  These are all the questions that I have to take into consideration before I finally decide to push through with my plan.  

Anyway, as most people say, "no guts, no glory".  I always pray for God's guidance. I believe that everything happens in God's time.  For now, I will just continue to save for my future plans. If it's God's will, then things will happen at the right place and time. :)

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  1. been thinking about the same thing for a while now.. business, I mean.. :D

    a visit from kimmy!


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