November 6, 2012

My Month Long Vacation Is Offically Over!

My month long vacation inclusive of my home vacation in the Philippines and our one week tour at Bangkok, Thailand is officially over.  I'm back to work since yesterday. Sad...but this should be the real thing!  I have so many happy memories from my vacation and I've really enjoyed a lot.  I feel so sad when I sent my kids to the airport to have their flight back to the Philippines while I have to stay another night in Thailand before I proceed to my work place in Cambodia.  I was teary eyed when I bid goodbye to the kids.  I've seen the same thing from them, too.  Maybe we had so much fun and bonding for that entire week.  Actually, we spent more time together when we were in Bangkok as we were literally together 24 hrs a day. We all sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time, too.  

I realized that what they say is true, spending quality time together really made up for the lost times.  Though I'm a bit sad now as I still have the "hang over" of the well spent vacation,  my only consolation is that I was able to make my kids really happy.  That could very well seen from their faces each day that we're together.  We really had loads of fun! 

I am thankful to God for making this possible.  For allowing me to have that much needed rest and vacation and to be with the people that I truly love.  I also feel blessed that we have the resources to have a nice vacation in our chosen destination each year.  That's truly a blessing! But wherever we spent our vacation, be it at home or elsewhere, the most important thing is we are together.  Hopefully, my husband could join us for next year's vacation.

28 days is not so long but it has given me the opportunity to have more stories, to tell and share to my friends and readers.  I hope that you would come back again to hear more of the stories of our vacation and adventures which I will be posting soon once I'm done with all my pending things at work.

See you then! Ciao!


  1. Glad that you were able to have your vacation. I agree on quality over quantity. That would make more memories. =)

  2. Naluha ako kasi naiimagine ko yung paalamanan sa airport. This made me wish na sana sooner makabasa nako ng post na di ka na aalis at magsstay na for good with your kids. Hopefully soon talaga para happy na lalo. Thank God pa din at you had a blast with your kids! Napakabuti ni Lord na nag-enjoy kayong mag-iina.

    God bless you sis!

  3. It's good to know that you enjoyed your vacation sis. Kahit na maiksi lang ang importante sulit na sulit ang panahon ninyo habang nasa bakasyon.

    I'm excited to hear all those stories. Sigurado ngayon banat ka na naman ulit sa work :)

    Salamat sa dalaw sa mga blogs ko ha :)


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