November 17, 2012

Outdoor Water Features At Wat Po

Whenever I visit a place, I always look forward to seeing gardens with all those luscious greens.  I really adore nature so much.  It gives me some peace and relaxation. During my recent visit to Wat Po at Bangkok, I happened to see lots of Outdoor Water Features inside the compound. Apart from the amazing sculptures which can be found at the temples and the buildings unique architecture, what caught my attention were the lovely gardens and mini water falls on almost every corner of the huge lot.

Apart from being an outdoor decor which can instantly add beauty to your surroundings, water fountains also have soothing sounds of the flowing water which can bring stress relief and relaxation.  When used indoors, it can act as humidifiers in your homes.  Water fountains also act as an ionic air purifier and less costly than installing an air purifier.

The many benefits of outdoor and indoor water features had caused me to install one in my own home and I never regret having it  as it becomes the focal point of interest and admiration of our visitors and friends.

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