December 25, 2012

Celebrating Christmas

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Contrary to how many families celebrated Christmas in the Philippines, mine is just a very plain and simple one.  I was away from home and was working on a Christmas Day.  Nonetheless, I was still able to celebrate Christmas eve by having a simple gathering with my staff and colleagues.  Some of our staff had prepared a simple Christmas dinner and our Boss organized a small and funny lucky draw for the staff.  I was working afternoon shift then, that's why I arrived at the venue of our Christmas party past 11 PM (Cambodia time).  We ate, we dance and had fun that lasted for two hours.  They were actually having the party since 8PM, so we just try to cut it off past 1 AM to allow those staff working on morning shift to catch up with their sleep.  Before I sleep, I was able to read all the Christmas greetings coming from my kids, hubby and some friends.  This is enough to keep me going.

The following day, December 25, I was able to chat with my two kids and my Mom via skype for more than 2 hours.  It was a warm conversation.  I was able to see the happy faces of my family while they are showing to me the gifts that they got during our traditional exchange gift.  My son told me that they also bought a gift for me which they will hand over to me when I go back home next March.  Thank you dears for not forgetting Mom!  They also prepared the usual foods that we cook during Christmas like spaghetti, "buko pandan", fried chicken, shanghai lumpia, dumpling and cake.

Knowing that my kids continue to do our Christmas traditions made me feel better.  I was able to convince myself that, "they can manage" and I am very happy to know that.

Hopefully this coming new year celebration, I can be with them live via skype as I will be on day off on December 31st.

I am very thankful with the advent of technology that it allows OFW's like us to connect with our families wherever we are and continue to extend those warm greetings in any part of the world.  Now, working abroad is not as hard as before.  Thank you so much to the so many advantages that the world wide web could offer. 

Until the new years eve....looking forward to another day of celebration with my family via the internet.

How did you celebrate yours?

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  1. Merry Christmas sa iyo Sis.

    It's good to know na kahit malayo ka updated ka sa mga pangyayari sa mga kids mo sa Pinas.

    Here's a Christmas hug for you! ;)


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