December 13, 2012

City Fiesta

December 30 marks the annual celebration of the city fiesta in my hometown. Too bad that I'm not there this season to witness the festivities.  The best thing that I look forward to during the traditional celebration of our City Fiesta is the colorful parade participated by all sectors in the community.  You will get to see lots of colorful costumes, street dancing and nicely decorated floats.  Around the neighborhood, you can also hear the traditional marching band with all those trumpets and drums while you get entertained with the performances of their cute majorettes. You will really feel that festival mode. I never get to see those brass instruments being played on a regular basis, so seeing that once a year really excites me. 

Children are also all over the streets either watching the marching band or participating in the games prepared by leaders of the barangay.  

I remembered that December has always been the most expensive month in our city as all the celebrations fall into that month.  That's why every family is working hard the whole year to prepare for this merry month of December. Hayysss..I'm missing a lot of happenings this month.  But as a working Mom who is looking after the welfare of the family, I have to do a little bit of sacrifice.

I know that one day, I will be enjoying completely all the fruits of my labor.

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