December 7, 2012

Random Thoughts On A Friday

I didn't realize that today is already Friday. Time flies really so fast  Well, blame it to blogging. This has taken much of my free time (lol).  But kidding aside, I love the fact that I'm always busy.  Because of this, I do not have time to worry about things, to feel sad about being alone and to feel boring working away from home.  Before I discovered blogging, I really don't want to stay in my room after work as I really can feel the emptiness within me.  I have books to read and DVD's to watch, okay... but these couldn't last for long.  That's why for an OFW like me, blogging has really helped me a lot to enjoy things and meet other people even when I'm alone in my room.

Sometimes, I'm thinking...what would my life be if I have a different profession? What if I'm a Chemist,  holding all those test sieves the whole day?  What if I'm a Nurse?  A Doctor? A lawyer? or a plain housewife and mother? Would my life be that exciting?

Honestly, I don't have regrets being in my current situation.  Sometimes, it's really a tough job but I also get good rewards having a good pay,  and  being able to provide more than enough to my family. But every good thing comes with a sacrifice and in my case, that's being away from home and family.  Anyway, I still consider myself luckier, in the sense that I am able to be home and see my family around twice a year, the least, compared to others who just come home every two years.  Anyway, I had already drawn my plans for the future and it's just a matter of time. 

God has been really good to me and I hope to be able to repay Him back in my own little ways and in the right time.


  1. Hello my friend how are U,happy blogging and keep in touch.

  2. Good to know that at least you are being happy with your situation.

    Take care always sis.


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