December 27, 2012

Setting Up A Buffet Table

As my family loves to organize simple parties at home, I thought of getting few tips for setting up a buffet table.  We don't have much problems in food decorations as hubby already taught us with some of the basics but what I'm interested to know is table skirting.  I've seen a few from the parties that I've attended and I find table skirting a little bit complicated and time consuming, too.  I've seen a number of table linens that comes with  matching table skirts which can be purchased from malls.  So after you purchase those, the next thing that you have to know is how to put these on the buffet table.

Well, it may not be easy as it may seemed, as we have to remember that table cloth shall be placed on the buffet table in such a way that it won't slip when you set up the food.  Good thing that there are now table skirt clips.  These can hold the table cloth and table skirts in place.  These come in various sizes and shapes and has excellent grip retention. So if you are planning of hosting a party at home or you are in a catering business, look here for table skirt clips.  

It will surely make your job easier!

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