January 6, 2013

Post Party Updates

My daughter had just celebrated her birthday last January 4, a day after she was discharged from the hospital.  We are thankful that despite the unexpected sickness that she got days before the new year, she was still able to celebrate her birthday at home with a small party attended by her close friends.  It so happened that our house helper also celebrates her birthday on the same day, thus my son asked her to just invite her children to come over and join the simple celebration of Mika.  Needless to say, the simple party turned out to be a good one.  Everybody enjoyed the scrumptious foods prepared by my son and Ate Elsa.  They had a BBQ party and it was done outdoors.  I just thought that it would be nice if we could have some patio cushions in place at our terrace so that the visitors will feel more comfortable and at ease.  Anyway, they also had fun grilling their own meats and hot dogs in the garden.

After the dinner and never ending chit chats, they watched DVD movies in the living room and decided to call it a night by 10 PM.  I am glad that despite her untimely illness, my daughter was still able to enjoy and celebrate her birthday.  My worries were lessened and I felt very thankful that we were able to let this difficulty passed off and accept things the way they are. 


  1. Belated happy birthday to your daughter. Thank God she's okay and had enjoyed her day. Just keep on praying, anything is possible. God bless you and your family.

  2. Belated happy birthday to your daughter. Hoping good health for her. :)

  3. Well, its not about how simple or grand the party is, its always about the fun and memories. Belated happy birthday to your daughter too :)

  4. Belated happy birthday to your daughter! I am glad she's ok.

  5. belated happy birthday to your daughter,. my son will be turning 8 before the end of the month and I honestly not sure if I can treat him and his classmate on that day I am facing financial difficulties as of this moment.. -Singlemom Reviews


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