January 22, 2013

Staff Party

Our company had just sponsored a grand staff party last  January 16. I was on duty that time and wasn't able to witness the party though. But I heard that there are lots of foods and drinks and that lots of exciting prizes await the lucky draw winners. They put up a big stage near to our housing unit.  There were songs and dances and I could hear the loudness of the sound until inside my bedroom. I wonder if the party organizers made use of classic presonus mixers. Too bad that I have to jump to morning shift the following day and falling asleep is very hard with the strong sound system playing disco music late at night until wee hours in the morning. We didn't join the party actually as we will be having a separate party for our department probably by next month.  I hope that it would turn out to be a nice celebration and I hope that I would be on morning shift as well, so I could attend and enjoy the party and fun. We need it once in a while to relax and unwind as we are working here most of the time. 

1 comment:

  1. Im sure u will be having fun on ur party! Wait ko yang story soon.


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