February 27, 2013

Party Preparations

I've mentioned on one of my previous posts that we are set to hold a party at home and I was discussing it with my son few days ago.  I told him that I want the event to be memorable and special and I wanted to organize a mini program.  I checked with him on where we can rent a sound system and he told me that there is one shop that he knows where we can rent lights and sounds. Actually, I only wanted to have a simple one.  It's not really a very big party after all, but I just wanted to have some forms of entertainment. I don't expect to get a very complete set of sound system with an exciting celestion vintage 30.  Just the basic one will do.

I love organizing parties and when I do, I always try to keep it simple but fun.  I actually had lots of ideas in my mind now but I'm also preoccupied with so many things at the moment that I have almost taken it for granted.  I wish I have more time.   Anyway, I still few more weeks before the big day and I'm having high hopes that it would turn out to be a nice one.

February 23, 2013

Organizing Kids Stationery Items

One of my favorite bonding activity with the kids is organizing their personal stuff.  It has been a family tradition that every summer break, we have to sort out school supplies lying everywhere in the house.  My kids know that what I hate most is clutter. In fact, once they get hold of my flight details back home, they would already start organizing everything in the house.  That's one thing I like about my kids most, they don't want to disappoint their Mom and even if I'm working away from home, my house is still well maintained.  I am happy that I was able to instill discipline to my kids.  I really believe that Moms can greatly influence their children.  What I love to do, my kids love to do, as well.  I love decorating and organizing and they both love it, too.   

From my last vacation, I've seen that my daughter has too many writing and art tools. She keeps it in a cabinet in the room which we designate to house all those school supplies and craft materials.  But I noticed that no matter how we arranged it, everything gets messed up when they are trying to find something in that cabinet especially those small items
                        photo source

such as colored pencils, pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, staple wires, etc. So the moment I saw this picture online, I told myself that it is a better way to organize those stuff.  It could save time too as those small items can easily be found.  You don't have to dig on those piles of things inside the cabinet and it's easy to return the items too to where these should be kept.  

I will certainly make one like this when I get back home. 

You could try this, too. :)

February 17, 2013

Random Plans

We are already past mid of February and few more weeks, I'm all set for my next home leave!  I would admit, I'm pretty much excited with my forthcoming vacation not only because we will be a complete family then, but also because I have lots of plans and things to do.  I have some other projects which I would not reveal at this time, as I'm still a bit disorganized at this stage.  I have initiated some projects though like the renovation of our dirty kitchen and others are underway and I'm pretty much optimistic that all things will fall into place, as planned. I am full of optimism as I had a good start this 2013.  My projects are all kicking in and I have great opportunities coming in both online and offline.  

Part of my plan is to hold a BBQ garden party at home with all those grilled sea foods that I truly missed.  Roasted pig (lechon) with all those bottled pickles and "ensaladas" and all other stuff that I don't use to have while I'm here at the Kingdom of Cambodia.  This, I promised to my kids in lieu of the graduation.  This will be our "mini reunion", too.  I'm just so excited about it.  I already asked hubby (who is also on vacation now) and my son to start preparing the venue of our party.  Our vacant lot adjacent to our house had not received much attention for the past two years and it needs some "revamp".  I told them to repaint the fence and covered the floors with stones.   I would like to have a garden party where I could let my creative juices flowing while I decorate the venue.  Blame it to my home blog, I'm just addicted to decorating (lol).

A simple yet refreshing outdoor set up will do.  How about this one here below?

                           Source: romancingthehomeltd.blogspot.com via Parade of on Pinterest

I'm looking forward to more creative ideas hopefully before that event.  I would like the party to be intimate, simple but fun!

I will be sharing you more updates on my projects on my next posts.

Thanks for the visit!  Ciao!

February 13, 2013

Pittsburgh and Minneapolis: Great Vacation, Smaller Expense

America offer some of the greatest vacation cities in the world. American cities are designed to be accessible to travelers, and the long history of tourism in the United States ensures that those who wish to vacation domestically will have a number of options available. In addition, many cities make a substantial portion of their income through tourism, and most will take extra steps to ensure that vacationers have a great time. However, vacationing to a major city can be expensive, and the most popular vacation destinations tend to incur the highest costs. Fortunately, there are some other options available that provide equally entertaining trips at a lower cost. Two cities to consider are Pittsburgh and Minneapolis.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nestled in Appalachia, Pittsburgh is located in one of the most scenic parts of the United States. Surrounded by coal mining towns, Pittsburgh grew up around the steel making industry. Through the decades, Pittsburgh grew to become the second-largest city in Pennsylvania, but it retains an identity unique from that of the Northeast. Situated at the nexus of the Northeast, the Midwest and the South, Pittsburgh has a unique identity that truly embodies Americana.

However, Pittsburgh struggled while the steel industry in America faltered. As a result, much of Pittsburgh's urban environment decayed, and many felt that the city was doomed. In response, city planners and residents took great strides to reforming the city as a contemporary, attractive place to both live and visit. As a result, Pittsburgh is widely hailed for having the most attractive skyline and urban life for a city of its size.

Travelers will find a wealth of museums to visit and, depending on the season, some the best sports teams in the United States. Additionally, Pittsburgh takes its Appalachian roots seriously, and visitors can learn much about part of the United States that few know about. Those who enjoy the outdoors will find plenty of opportunities in Pittsburgh, and its proximity to the Northeast, South and the Midwest makes it a drivable location that will take travelers across beautiful highways.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

With a population close to that of Seattle, Minneapolis is perhaps the most under recognized major metropolitan area in the United States. Further, few people know much about Minnesota aside from its frosty winters. However, travelers will find a vibrant, exciting city that seems to fuse the Midwest with the sensibilities of the West Coast.

While Detroit has long been regarded as the second city of the Midwest, Minneapolis has overtaken it in economic and cultural terms. In addition, Minneapolis has been established as a major business center. With the second highest number of theaters per capita in the United States, Minneapolis is a great destination for those who wish to enjoy the theater. In addition, the Walker Art Center is considered one of the top five modern art museums in the United States. Paired with the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis is one of the heavyweights in terms of American art.

Further, Minneapolis has been named the best biking city in the United States by several magazines, and it is home to more boats per capita than any other city in the United States. While winter may be harsh for some travelers, those who enjoy cross-country skiing will find Minneapolis to be a great destination. Of course, it bears mentioning that Minneapolis is a mere nine miles from St. Paul, a classic Midwestern city that harkens back to the industrial roots of the Midwest.

Kevin Caldwell wrote this article for www.hotelcirclehotels.com . Kevin built hotelcirclhotels.com to help people who visit Hotel Circle in San Diego easily find an affordable hotel.  

February 12, 2013

Souvenir Gifts

One of the hardest part when celebrating an important occasion or welcoming a friend or a special guest is coming up with a unique gift idea that will truly be appreciated.  Of course, you want to give something of value and would lasts for a life time.  There are lots of shops online that can offer you a customized gift for your friends and loved ones.  I've sen some and I could find some good ones like gold eagle coins.

This gold eagle coin is the mot widely purchased gold coin in America as this could be a valued possession.  It is a legal tender and made with 22K gold.  These gold coins come in four denominations and comes with different set of price.  It may not be that cheap but it will surely last a lifetime.  It's also good as a collector's item and might increase it's value over years.  A lot of coin collectors would definitely be interested to have one of those.  However if your intended gift recipient is not much into collecting souvenir items, there are still lots of other options to choose from that comes with a lesser price tag.  But before choosing a unique gift, just make a little research first on the personality of the recipient so you would be assured that you can come up with a well appreciated present.  It's surely a nice feeling to make someone else happy. :)

Free Printables To Help You Get Organized

                       Source: creativideeworkshop.com via Helen on Pinterest

Since getting organized is my main goal, I am always on a look out for better organization tips and this does not only pertain to how I arranged my personal stuff at home and my work space but is it also on how I organize my daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Good thing that there are lots of useful things that we can scout online to make things possible.

Just came across this pretty and cool printables which includes a calendar, weely and monthly planner as well as as a shopping list. I think this is a good way to keep us organized.

You can download this for free. Just visit this site.

So let's all start getting organized!


Yoga Accessories

Since I'd been reading a lot of health articles from various blogs, I was really very inspired to pursue my yoga lessons.  This is apart from going for a healthy diet and taking some health supplements.  Anyway, for health supplements, I just take either fish oil capsules or Vitamin E.  I am taking ENAT brand and so far I have no complaints about it.

I am continually watching some training videos for my yoga lessons and I discovered a lot of yoga positions.  If you just watch it, you will find it a bit easy but the feeling will no longer be the same when you started doing it by yourself.  Yoga incorporates a lot of accessories in doing their stretching techniques and one of which is the use of yoga ball.  I've learned that a yoga ball is a versatile and fun exercise tool.  No wonder I've seen a lot from fitness classes and rehab centers.  What I like most about using a yoga ball is it's ability to help you come up with a firmer and stronger abdomen, butt and back.  The most exciting part about using a yoga ball is you can use it anywhere, even within the comforts of your own homes.  By doing so, you'll have more control of your time and positions.  I'm also looking into using other yoga accessories but I think yoga ball is just nice for a start.

February 11, 2013

Customized Balloons

                                     Source: nashville.wedding101.net 

I found this beautiful customized party balloons and I'm very pleased with it. This was made possible using light weight fabrics of pastel colors. Cute!

I know that it would not be economical to have all the party balloons wrapped with fabrics but if you just want to accentuate your buffet table, this can be a good idea. Also, you can use it as a part of the birthday package gift, so a few pieces will do. I'm sure that whoever will be the recipient of this will be delighted. :)

February 7, 2013

Worship Furniture

Whenever I take my home leave, my family and I used to attend to a Sunday Mass in a chapel located inside the city's freeport zone.  The chapel is just of a modest size and it is fully air conditioned thus, it is really very convenient for the church goers.  What I like most about that chapel is the garden surrounding the building.  It's so airy and everything looks fresh as it was made to appear like a holy garden.  Really like the set up.  The church management made it that way to accommodate more church goers as the building itself can only hold a limited number of people.  Additional chairs were provided to the chapel's ground for the increasing number of church goers.  Given the opportunity, I would like to donate a number of metal church chair for the chapel.  Something that's simple but comfortable.  It would be good to be a part of the growing community of church goers and having contributed something for the overall welfare of the the church members will be a great feeling.  

February 5, 2013

Collecting Positive Thoughts In A Jar

  Source: fabuloushomeblog.com via Krizza on Pinterest

I never thought of this idea.  Pinterest gets really exciting!   Since, it's just the beginning of the year, I just thought of doing this activity for myself.  The idea is to get an empty jar that you can recycle, decorate it the way you want it to be.  Put some yarns or ribbons or just put anything that can make your jar looks exciting.

This jar can be filled with happy thoughts and happy memories by writing some positive thoughts or good things that happened to you this year.  I will drop a piece of note every time something good happens to me or something came up that made me feel blessed and happy. 

Well...I would certainly start one right now and I hope that I can fill my jar with all the positive thoughts and memories for this year.  I hope it can be full by the end of the year.  I would open it on either Christmas Day or perhaps on New Year's Eve to recall all those good things that happened to me the whole year.

I'm sure this is going to be exciting! :)
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