February 27, 2013

Party Preparations

I've mentioned on one of my previous posts that we are set to hold a party at home and I was discussing it with my son few days ago.  I told him that I want the event to be memorable and special and I wanted to organize a mini program.  I checked with him on where we can rent a sound system and he told me that there is one shop that he knows where we can rent lights and sounds. Actually, I only wanted to have a simple one.  It's not really a very big party after all, but I just wanted to have some forms of entertainment. I don't expect to get a very complete set of sound system with an exciting celestion vintage 30.  Just the basic one will do.

I love organizing parties and when I do, I always try to keep it simple but fun.  I actually had lots of ideas in my mind now but I'm also preoccupied with so many things at the moment that I have almost taken it for granted.  I wish I have more time.   Anyway, I still few more weeks before the big day and I'm having high hopes that it would turn out to be a nice one.

1 comment:

  1. Yey! I can just imagine how fun it would be! So, when are you coming and when is this party happening? Aattend ako. Sana!


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