February 13, 2013

Pittsburgh and Minneapolis: Great Vacation, Smaller Expense

America offer some of the greatest vacation cities in the world. American cities are designed to be accessible to travelers, and the long history of tourism in the United States ensures that those who wish to vacation domestically will have a number of options available. In addition, many cities make a substantial portion of their income through tourism, and most will take extra steps to ensure that vacationers have a great time. However, vacationing to a major city can be expensive, and the most popular vacation destinations tend to incur the highest costs. Fortunately, there are some other options available that provide equally entertaining trips at a lower cost. Two cities to consider are Pittsburgh and Minneapolis.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nestled in Appalachia, Pittsburgh is located in one of the most scenic parts of the United States. Surrounded by coal mining towns, Pittsburgh grew up around the steel making industry. Through the decades, Pittsburgh grew to become the second-largest city in Pennsylvania, but it retains an identity unique from that of the Northeast. Situated at the nexus of the Northeast, the Midwest and the South, Pittsburgh has a unique identity that truly embodies Americana.

However, Pittsburgh struggled while the steel industry in America faltered. As a result, much of Pittsburgh's urban environment decayed, and many felt that the city was doomed. In response, city planners and residents took great strides to reforming the city as a contemporary, attractive place to both live and visit. As a result, Pittsburgh is widely hailed for having the most attractive skyline and urban life for a city of its size.

Travelers will find a wealth of museums to visit and, depending on the season, some the best sports teams in the United States. Additionally, Pittsburgh takes its Appalachian roots seriously, and visitors can learn much about part of the United States that few know about. Those who enjoy the outdoors will find plenty of opportunities in Pittsburgh, and its proximity to the Northeast, South and the Midwest makes it a drivable location that will take travelers across beautiful highways.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

With a population close to that of Seattle, Minneapolis is perhaps the most under recognized major metropolitan area in the United States. Further, few people know much about Minnesota aside from its frosty winters. However, travelers will find a vibrant, exciting city that seems to fuse the Midwest with the sensibilities of the West Coast.

While Detroit has long been regarded as the second city of the Midwest, Minneapolis has overtaken it in economic and cultural terms. In addition, Minneapolis has been established as a major business center. With the second highest number of theaters per capita in the United States, Minneapolis is a great destination for those who wish to enjoy the theater. In addition, the Walker Art Center is considered one of the top five modern art museums in the United States. Paired with the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis is one of the heavyweights in terms of American art.

Further, Minneapolis has been named the best biking city in the United States by several magazines, and it is home to more boats per capita than any other city in the United States. While winter may be harsh for some travelers, those who enjoy cross-country skiing will find Minneapolis to be a great destination. Of course, it bears mentioning that Minneapolis is a mere nine miles from St. Paul, a classic Midwestern city that harkens back to the industrial roots of the Midwest.

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  1. They do offer interest points for tourists and that is what I love about the USA. There is something for everyone. ;-)


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