February 7, 2013

Worship Furniture

Whenever I take my home leave, my family and I used to attend to a Sunday Mass in a chapel located inside the city's freeport zone.  The chapel is just of a modest size and it is fully air conditioned thus, it is really very convenient for the church goers.  What I like most about that chapel is the garden surrounding the building.  It's so airy and everything looks fresh as it was made to appear like a holy garden.  Really like the set up.  The church management made it that way to accommodate more church goers as the building itself can only hold a limited number of people.  Additional chairs were provided to the chapel's ground for the increasing number of church goers.  Given the opportunity, I would like to donate a number of metal church chair for the chapel.  Something that's simple but comfortable.  It would be good to be a part of the growing community of church goers and having contributed something for the overall welfare of the the church members will be a great feeling.  

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