February 12, 2013

Yoga Accessories

Since I'd been reading a lot of health articles from various blogs, I was really very inspired to pursue my yoga lessons.  This is apart from going for a healthy diet and taking some health supplements.  Anyway, for health supplements, I just take either fish oil capsules or Vitamin E.  I am taking ENAT brand and so far I have no complaints about it.

I am continually watching some training videos for my yoga lessons and I discovered a lot of yoga positions.  If you just watch it, you will find it a bit easy but the feeling will no longer be the same when you started doing it by yourself.  Yoga incorporates a lot of accessories in doing their stretching techniques and one of which is the use of yoga ball.  I've learned that a yoga ball is a versatile and fun exercise tool.  No wonder I've seen a lot from fitness classes and rehab centers.  What I like most about using a yoga ball is it's ability to help you come up with a firmer and stronger abdomen, butt and back.  The most exciting part about using a yoga ball is you can use it anywhere, even within the comforts of your own homes.  By doing so, you'll have more control of your time and positions.  I'm also looking into using other yoga accessories but I think yoga ball is just nice for a start.

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